Kingdom of Ash Predictions

Kngdom of Ash is coming guys! Some people even have their copies early, so I am avoiding the internet as I don't want any spoilers - Tumblr and Twitter are basic no-go areas at this time. I just reread Empire of Storms though, and there was so much I had forgotten. It has made me even more scared and given myself some fears for the book. So I wanted to note down some of my thoughts, which are all probably wrong but I will do it anyway. This will mean spoilers for the series so far, so stay away.

1. Way More Death Than ACOWAR

I am just going to come out and say it, ACOWAR was disappointing in a lot of ways. The main ones being that Maas is incapable of killing her darlings - or she was there. And any character she did kill, was resurrected, making their death meaningless anyway. Maas, to me, is an author that gives in to fans and she does a lot of fan service. I don't think things work out how she planned from the beginning, I think she changes a lot due to fans. First, she got so many complaints about how almost the entirety of her cast and characters were white, even in a fantasy world spanning continents. The one important character of colour she had, she killed. So then when all that criticism really picked up, she finally added many people of colour in to ACOMAF. She then got many compaints because she paired off so many of her male and female characters, but seemed to have no LGBT+ characters of any description. That criticism got louder and louder and that year we got two LGBT+ characters in her books.

I feel all the criticism that she can't kill her characters will mean we get way more bloodshed in this book. But I still feel she won't be able to kill Aelin and Rowan, but I feel that is what should happen. I guess we will see.

2. Dorian Will Sacrifice Himself to Make the Lock

It was mentioned far too many times that both Dorian and Aelin can make the Lock. So either they find a loophole that means Maas once again has to kill NONE of her characters... OR one of them needs to go. I feel it should be Aelin and then Dorian rules. But... I feel Dorian will be the one who sacrifices himself in the end to win them the battle, giving some speech about how Adarlan/Terrasen needs Aelin and she's the leader they need. If this happens, I will be beyond mad. 

3. Manon Will Yield

Witches can use their immense power once, which will wreak complete devastation on their enemies but consumes and kills them. I'm calling it now, if Dorian dies creating the Lock then she will die doing this after to give them a chance to win and his sacrifice not be in vain. I really hope this is all wrong because Manon, Dorian, Elide, Lorcan, Chaol and Yesryn are the 6 characters I want to make it out of this alive. Plus Lysandra and Aedion. Basically, I will willingly sacrifice Aelin and Rowan if everyone else gets to live.

4. Kingsflame Will Bloom in the End

On my reread that stuck out to me so much, that tiny mention of how it bloomed during Orlon's reign and hasn't since. I think this book is going to end with it blooming on the battlefield after the final battle - which still makes me think Aelin is coming out of this alive. 

I don't really know what else I think will happen. I feel Tower of Dawn will also have many points but I haven't reread it and I don't know if I have any time to at this point. I am going to try my best and see how far I get today. What are your predictions for the series?


  1. I have a strong feeling something awesome is going to happen with Elide. Or something really bad. I just feel like there was so much of her in the last book for something to not happen to her.


      Watch this video Ashley made. I'm beginning to think that Dorian is a Valg demon now!


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