Films for Thoughts on Thursday: The Fault in Our Stars Review

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This weeks movie review will be for:

The Fault in Our Stars

Crazy fangirls... Don't spear me!
Okay, fangirls, please don't hunt me down and kill/hurt/maim me! I wanted to love this movie, I really did. The trailer looked wonderful and the extended one even got me to have tears in my eyes, so I was really hopeful that this would be a really great adaptation. To be fair, I think it was a good adaptation but I don't think it was that great a movie. It wasn't bad, it wasn't horrifically awful or terribly acted or any of those things, it was just lacking the same kind of emotion that I felt from the book - on the reread that is, first time I read it I didn't even tear up or enjoy it all that much.

As I said, I thought that this was actually a really great adaptation of the book. They changed parts and left certain parts of the story out because it translated better onto screen that way. But, sadly, the second half of the film just didn't work that well for me. We began the movie with Hazel telling us how you have a choice in how you tell sad stories. She says that this won't sugar-coat her and Gus's story, it's not going to be like those horrid romcom movies. Now that stays true for the first half of the movie but then it turns into the exact kind of movie we were promised that it wasn't. From the use of music to the crying together on a bench... I felt like I was watching a really bad Nicholas Sparks adaptation (Not The Notebook, we like The Notebook... more like Dear John or something!).

When anyone clapped/whooped/shouted out.
Something I have to comment on is that after seeing this movie I was almost ashamed to have a vagina. Seriously, the girls in this movie were just absolutely embarrassing and made me mortified that I was one of them. They cheered, clapped, laughed, sobbed or whooped at EVERY. SCENE! It was just ridiculous. I could not stop laughing because it was just absurd to me. The hotel scene, if you have read the book then you will know what I mean, elicited so much clapping and whooping that I wanted to crawl inside myself to escape the whole thing. I paid money to see this movie, so kindly shut the fuck up so I can actually hear it. Thanks!

Now, to make this easier for myself and to avoid to many long paragraphs, I want to try and just list the things I either liked or disliked about this movie. So, here it goes.

Barney Stinson How I Met Your Mother animated GIF
What I Liked

Isaac. Isaac. ISAAC! I mean, come on, clearly the best acted, most hilarious character in the whole movie. He was amazing and I would change nothing about his character. I think Nat Wolff did a fantastic job in the role and I found him really believable as the character of Isaac. He definitely captured all those hilarious Isaac moments from the book.

The destroying trophies scene: H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! The whole thing worked so well and I was actually laughing for all the right reasons during that part of the film. Everything about that scene made me smile. Isaac's complete meltdown moments, Augustus's complete lack of caring about his room getting trashed and Hazel's face of just *what the fuck is going on right now!*

The humour: To a certain degree, they kept a lot of humour and funny moments from the book that I really enjoyed. A movie like this needs that kind of comic relief to stop it from getting to cheesy. The movie did well at this during the first half.

The first half of the film: Just the whole first half in general was really well done and I really enjoyed it. It did a brilliant job of introducing the characters. Hazel had a similar personality to the character in the book, and I do like Shailene Woodley, but she was lacking something. Augustus had a great introduction because they got his rather creepy, stalker staring perfected and I could not stop laughing at it. If I was Hazel I would have suggested he could be an axe murderer too. They introduced her parents and I actually really loved the casting for that, both did a fantastic job. 

Laura Dern as Hazel's mother: She did a fantastic job and I was sad she didn't have more moments in this. She did such a fantastic job and I thought she was just perfect for the role. 

What I Disliked

No Caroline: I can sort of understand why the decided to leave that aspect of the story out but it still annoyed me. I found that a really fascinating part of the story, that Gus would just stay with someone because they were sick even if they were a total bitch. Caroline and what happened with her was a huge part of Hazel's reluctance to be with Augustus and I always felt it was important to the story. Apparently not.

The audience: They all SUCKED! I don't need you shouting out every five seconds. I don't need you clapping at ridiculous moments. I don't need you cheering when two utterly fictional characters make out. Shut the absolute hell up! There are some people who came to WATCH a movie, not commentate it. If you go see the movie then I beg you to not be one of THOSE PEOPLE! By which I mean absolutely rude and completely uncaring about anyone else's cinema experience. You're permitted to sob as loud as you want, that is to be expected! Laughing and crying are two things I find acceptable in movies. But all the shouting out just grates on me so much. That kind of thing doesn't bother me as much at the start and end of films when you're at a midnight showing or if it's the last in a movie series. But, seriously people, calm the hell down and don't embarrass yourselves. 

No real tears: I wanted to sob, I really did. I even bought a pack of tissues especially because I was so sure that this movie would make me cry. I did have a few tears at one point but there was never a moment where I was really overcome with emotion. The movie went too cheesy for my liking, I just couldn't handle it. I am usually such a crier at sad films, but I just had a few tears and that was it. That actually really disappointed me, I sobbed at the trailer so I wanted the movie to make me sob like mental. 

Lack of book jokes: Where were all of Gus's hilarious jokes about Isaac and the losing of his sight. I feel the movie producers got too scared to joke about it. But, that was a brilliant part of the book and showed the kind of friendship that Gus and Isaac had. With true friends you can joke about anything and that was the case with those characters in the book. They had obviously learnt from the saying that if you don't laugh about it then you'll cry about it. They used a few jokes but I feel they left out most of them.

Ansel Elgort's crying: He is not a believable crier. Every time he cried I started laughing. He just always looked like he was trying so hard to cry, like really straining to get those tears out. The petrol station scene had me laughing so hard that I was actually scared the girls behind me would attack, after they had their sobbing under control, obviously.

The Anne Frank House scene: On my reread, I really loved this scene in the book and it was the first point in the book that I cried a little bit. I just loved Hazel's determination to get up all those stairs and get to the top. I loved that she realised that her cancer, in comparison to other types of suffering, was something she could deal with and work through and she was determined to do it. That was nowhere to be found in the movie. Instead I barely felt anything at that scene, other than that it was a kiss scene.

No weeping father: I was really, really happy with the casting of Hazel's parents. I was actually pretty sad that they changed the father so much. In the book he is always such a sobbing wreck and I really wanted to see that on screen. They might have been clever to cut it out because it would look a bit odd if he was crying all the time, but it makes sense. He's living everyday knowing that someday soon he's going to lose his daughter. Of course you'd be crying all the time.

6/10 Butterflies

It's not terrible but this is in no way an amazing movie. I have seen romances that weren't anywhere near as cheesy and were a lot more believable. It warns you that it won't sugar-coat the story or turn it into a romcom type story and then it does just that. The acting was quite well done and I enjoyed the characters, but it didn't get many tears from me. I laughed more at this movie than I cried, and not at the moments where you should be laughing. (I blame the Ansel tears!)

Next Week:

The one that teaches girls they have to wear make-up and dress a certain way for boys to like them!

I have been meaning to take part in both of the following memes for a while now, so its nice to finally be able to get to them. I will be taking part in Reading is Fun Again's Thoughtful Thursday and Okay, Let's Read's  Thursday Thoughts, picking between them or doing both topics each week.

Your Book of Choice

What is your book of choice? Romance? Horror? Thriller? Mystery? Coming-of-age? Feel free to be as specific or broad as possible.

Since I have started blogging I haven't really read much adult fiction, something I used to read quite a bit of. I love young adult and that is now what I read, pretty much 99% of the time. I would say that my favourite genre is dystopian and I much prefer dystopian series to a standalone. I read and absolutely loved the Under the Never Sky series when I read it this year, such a brilliant series. I have also read some really brilliant contemporaries recently; like The Truth About Alice and The Distance Between Us, and I am reading more and more of those at the minute. 

Rating System

Do you use a star rating system when you read/review book? What are your opinions on star ratings systems? Are there any other forms of rating books that you use? How do you think rating systems could be improved? Along the same line, do you see any problems with the way Goodreads' rating systems work?

I do, I use a 5 Butterflies rating for books and 10 Butterflies rating for movie reviews. I think it works to show what you really thought of the book when you have to rate it. My rating system makes me critically look at the book I've read and my own thoughts on it. I don't have a rating system explanation on my blog for some reason, but aren't they pretty obvious.

1/5 - I hated it! I wish I was smart enough to event a time machine to go back in time and warn myself never to read it.
2/5 - Did not like it. It wasn't horrifically awful but I won't be recommending it. Not a good book.
3/5 - This book was okay but had a lot of issues. It was enjoyable enough but nothing special.
4/5 - I really enjoyed this book but I had a few issues with it that stopped it getting 5/5
5/5 - Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Will recommend it until I am blue in the face. 

I really like star ratings and I prefer reading reviews that have a rating system. That way I know for sure what they thought of the book. My problem with reviews that don't have one is that sometimes they don't make it completely clear how they felt about the book. They'll state things they liked or disliked, one moment you think they enjoy it and the next you think maybe they really hated it. A rating system shows you exactly what they thought about it and I find them really useful when reading a review.

Goodreads rating system is rubbish! It needs half star ratings!!! Sometimes a book just isn't good enough to reach a 5 star rating, but it's not a 4 either. Or a book is undeserving of a 1 but you don't want to let it off by giving it no rating, there needs to be a 0.5 for books like Allegiant. 

So, for me, ratings systems are the way to go! I prefer the straightforward ones that just give it a score out of 5 or 10. The ones that split it into different categories are the ones I actually find less helpful, but I'm not 100% sure why. 

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  1. You know, it's sad, because in a way, I did like The Fault in Our Stars, I just couldn't help but think it wasn't what I expected. Sometimes you never realise just how books would look on screen until they're on screen and it's kind of sad because it's a nice book, but a really, well, disappointing film in a way. I agree with Ansel, he- wasn't my Gus, and I couldn't really root for them because they looked like an odd couple, but there were things I LOVED and I did cry at the end, absolute mess, whoops! Book of Choice, it's slowly become contemporary, however I do still love my fantasy stuff, and rating system, I agree, goodreads would be better if it had half stars, but I understand why not. Great review and post! :D

    1. Thank you! I know, it wasn't a terrible film but I just felt disappointed. Ansel wasn't my Gus either. He just didn't completely work for me, especially the fact that he couldn't cry convincingly. Contemporary is slowing becoming my Book of Choice it seems, I can't get enough of them.

  2. I am so very nervous I won't like the movie that instead of seeing it in theaters, I think I am going to wait until it hits DVD. That way I don't have to put up with the audience making comments. ;)

    I do use a rating system with 5 stars and half stars down. I do wish Goodreads used something similar because sometimes a book isn't as cut and dry as a full star rating. I don't know of a better way to do it really but I have seen some very creative ways of others doing it that seems to work for them. I have seen where some rate each part of the book separately. Like the cover, the plot, then the over all feel of the book. For me, that is just too much work.

    1. Haha, I recommend that. I thought it was okay, just not what I was expecting. The trailer brought out more emotion in me than the film.

      It seems like too much work for me too, the more complicated the rating system then the less I like it. I do think they should have half stars.

  3. I lucked out and had a theater will a small amount of people, only laughing/sniffling. I wish they had kept Caroline as well, and the Dad crying all the time.

    1. I know, I sort of understand why they left her out but it still really bugged me.

  4. That's one for some reason I had no interesting reading or watching. Weird how that happens sometimes. Sorry to hear it wasn't quite as good as the book.

    1. Thanks, it wasn't a terrible film but it was pretty disappointing.

  5. OMG I hated the audience I was with, too! UGH. There were some grown-ups there laughing at them and I felt ashamed. Also, Ansel Elgort's crying. It wasn't believable for me either.

    1. Me and my boyfriend laughed at our audience a lot too, it got a tad too pathetic.

  6. My audience was ok, but it annoyed me that no one laughed at the funny moments. I totally agree about the absence of Caroline, she should have been in it because it also explained why Gus stared at her so much. I also didn't like how they explained the book, it wasn't done very well. They didn't explain what actually happens in the book and its characters resulting in the meaning of its importance to be totally lost :(
    Overall I loved it but those two things would've made it so perfect!

    1. I laughed at the funny moments and my audience was good for that. I missed Caroline, didn't like her character in the book but she was an important character that needed to be mentioned. Was sad that it was left out.

  7. I had to skip your TFIOS review because...*sobs a little* I still haven't seen it. I doubt I'll see it now until it comes out on DVD. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? But it has. SO. I can't read anything about the movie...hehe.

    BUT ANYWAY. I absolutely agree that Goodreads needs more rating options. I get stumped a lot these days. Some books just aren't easy to rate. I'm always stuck needing a 3.5. And what DO I give it? A 4 or a 5? I feel like 3-star books are meh books too. Not awful, just not brilliant. x) Rating books is hard, honestly, really really hard.

    1. Me too! I feel that half ratings need to be on Goodreads! I NEEEEED THEM. I hate having to round up or down.

  8. I'm nervous to go see the movie! I loved the book so much. (Duh, just like everyone. Lol.) Maybe I'll try to go to a matinee, they always seem to have less people. ;)

  9. Supposedly, the more granular a rating system gets, the harder people find it to use because it requires so much extra thought -- that might be why you have trouble with the ones that split it down into categories. Sometimes it helps, like if you really enjoyed the story and you want to emphasise that the plot was five stars and the editing two stars, if there's some massive disconnect there -- but that's pretty much as easily done in the text of the review, so I don't bother.

    My problem with reviews that don't have one is that sometimes they don't make it completely clear how they felt about the book. They'll state things they liked or disliked, one moment you think they enjoy it and the next you think maybe they really hated it. A rating system shows you exactly what they thought about it and I find them really useful when reading a review.

    Huh, I didn't think about it like that. (My answer's here.) For me, I'd rather look at someone's pros and cons to get a balanced idea of everything they got out of a book, but you make a good point that sometimes it works to pull everything together. There's some books I've read that I want to critique massively, and do, but I'd still give them good ratings. Or books that are really fun, but they don't have that indefinable thing that would push them into brilliance.

    1. I like reading the reviews, and seeing what they liked and disliked but I think a rating makes their overall feelings for the book more clear, and I prefer that.

      I don't think half stars are that confusing, so I wish Goodreads would add them!!! :)

  10. Great review! I didn't read the book all the way through, so the Anne Frank House scene has been bugging me. I couldn't figure out why the redheaded woman kept torturing the poor girl by making her continue. I didn't get that there was determination there...the whole scene didn't really make sense to me except for the point that Anne Frank lived a short life and now lives on through her pictures and words. I know that's the point...but I think they should have made it a little clearer WHY she kept going up those stairs...instead it just was painful to watch.

    1. I know, I don't think that scene was that well done in the movie. I don't think they made it very clear as to why she kept going. I agree, that scene was pretty painful to watch.

  11. I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was well done because it did seem true to the book. How annoying that the audience was like that, that was not my experience at all, but I didn't see it opening day so the crowd was pretty low-key.

    I've been reading mostly YA for the last year or so and I still love it. I go back and forth as far as my favorite genre. Right now I'm really loving fantasy, but I also enjoy paranormal and dystopian (although I might be almost over dystopian).

    I go back and forth with having star ratings on my blog. I don't have them right now, but it would be easy to add because I do use Goodreads. And you're completely right, Goodreads should have 1/2 stars. I just round up. ~Pam

    1. I did see it opening day, so that was probably to be expected. I thought it was an okay film, but I found it quite disappointing at times.

      I seem to be reading a lot more contemporary right now, but I still love dystopian.

      I just find star ratings are really helpful. I definitely prefer half star ratings, Goodreads need them!

  12. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really want to. I hope that all of the cheering crowd is over by the time I go. ;-)

  13. I'm glad I read this because I wasn't intending to watch the movie. It's a shame when they cut some of the best humour out. That's what I remember most.

    I like star rating systems! It's simple and for the most part widely understood. I feel like giving a rating out of ten is too much, because a close group of numbers basically mean the same thing; eg. 2, 3 and 4 all mean crap, in varying degrees, and might as well be two out of five.

    As always, it's a pleasure to read your blog.

    1. The humour was my favourite part of the book, it was present in the movie but they cut some of the funniest jokes out.

      I find rating systems easy and star ratings are the easiest. But, I do out of 10 movie ratings for some reason. I don't seen any difference between a 6 or 7 when reviewing a book, but when it's a movie it seems like a huge difference, it's weird.

      Thank you!!! :)


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