Weekly Recap: YALC & London Comic Con

I have had such a hectic month, which is why I haven't really blogged much during that time (who am I kidding, I've been a useless blogger all year!). At end of last month and start of this one I got to have a week and half off work, and it was amazing. I loved every single minute of it and really didn't want to go back to work. During this time I went to London Film and Comic Con and YALC (Young Adult Literary Convention) for the third year in a row with the fiance. It was absolutely brilliant, but completely terrible for my bank account. 

Image result for yalcYALC just seems to get bigger and better every year and I loved every second of it. This year I had the chance to meet Maggie Stiefvater and V.E.Schwab, and they were both so lovely. I got sick on the day that Schwab was signing and I had to go home and missed it. Luckily, I posted about missing it on my Instagram and she saw it and let me know she'd be doing an impromptu signing the next day. So I still got to meet her and get all my books signed. Maggie Stiefvater had a talk, where she spoke about how she used to do portraits before she started writing books, and about one specific incident with an ugly baby. I was howling with laughter, she is absolutely hilarious.

My best friend and his boyfriend also came Comic Con, so we all got to hang out and shop the stalls together. As well as going out for lunch and Pokemon hunting, as LFCC was during the time where the world had gone Pokemon crazy, or at least we had. We also all spent far too much money. I bought a ton of books at YALC, but I also bought so many Funko Pop figures and some artwork whilst I was there too.

Other than Comic Con, I have gotten very behind on blogging and I haven't been reading a lot either. I have been busy with other things, plus I got into a very big reading slump and it has not been pleasant. I have been proud of the fact that I have stuck to my Instagram and still post twice a day. I'm loving Instagram and am hosting another challenge for September and I can't wait.

I did manage to get in a reread of Queen of Shadows, ready for when Empire of Storms releases. I was so grateful for past Charnell, who did the reread last year for Queen of Shadows and wrote up a chapter by chapter recap of the first three books. It saved me having to reread every single one. And I even wrote up a chapter by chapter recap of Queen of Shadows this time, so if you want a recap on any book in the series then you can find that here.

Okay, my haul for August is actually insane, I can admit that. It is of such epic proportions that the makeshift table I use for my bookstagram photos ended up collapsing under the weight of it. That is a sign of a rather huge haul! And this is probably the biggest monthly haul I have ever had, as it tops 70 books. That is because I bought so many on offer at YALC, but then also got a ton free there as well as a ton sent to me by publishers - Penguin sent me two sets of the 7 book Lorien Legacies series, which really bumped the haul up and gave me the chance to do a giveaway!

I completely understand how insane this looks, I will accept that. In my defence... Books were super cheap at YALC and I have no self control. I also managed to get 3 copies of Nevernight, as I got one at YALC and then two came in subscription boxes. I read and reviewed The Cursed Child and was really torn about it. I loved that it transported me back to a world I loved but the story itself was ridiculous and riddled with plot holes, and will never be canon for me. I managed to get a bunch of these signed at YALC and am excited to read them all. 

I received so many amazing books from publishers and whilst I was at YALC. I am super excited for Heartless, which I did a swap for, and A Torch Against the Night.

I am currently reading Frost Like Night and really enjoying it, which is good as I really didn't enjoy the second book in the series.


  1. I went to YALC as well. I loved every second of it!

  2. I would love to go to something like that! What a haul!

  3. WHOA!!! That's the haul of awesomeness!! LOL! Hope you enjoy all the fantastic reads!!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Omgggg SO AWESOME that you met Schwab and Stiefvater. ONLY THE TWO BEST AUTHORS OF EVER I THINK. *flails wildly for you* And that is a lot of books.😂 But that means a lot of upcoming awesome!! I just bought Nevernight too and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival. EEEEP. And the MemoryBook is amazing. Total recommend. ;) I'm also glad you're liking Frost Like Night better, because I hated the 2nd book so much I thought I might not even bother with the 3rd. Buuuut. This convinces me. PLUS I MIGHT AS WELL BECAUSE CLOSURE. *nods*

    I'm glad the YALC was so amazing and you had a great time this month!! :D

  5. I don't even know... where to start with this haul. I saw you got the Noughts and Crosses graphic novel though, and did you hear that it is FINALLY GOING TO BE A TELLY SHOW? I can't wait to watch this whole series play out. And yay for YALC! I really wanted to go but I was abroad in another country at the time so :(

  6. Awesome haul!
    I'm glad you enjoyed YALC. I met Victoria Schwab too and she was lovely.
    So jealous of all your Funkos :)

    Jess @ A Book Addict's Bookshelves

  7. So many books! Amazing! Glad you hear you had such a good time at YALC. Maggie Stiefvater gave a talk in a library not to far from me recently, but the library didn't publicise her talk until the day after. Queue me crying forever ;)

  8. Awesome massive haul! Enjoy ;-)

  9. YALC sounds great. And the books you hauled home are exciting. Looking forward to your reviews.

  10. THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL HAUL. Oh my gosh that is so freaking beautiful and it definitely sounds like Comic Con was amazing and so much fun! But don't feel guilty my hauls get pretty crazy too. Yay for more books!


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