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Weekly Recap: Awesome Graphic Novel Steals My Heart!

My Saga feels summed up in gif form!
Hello, peoples of the internet, how has your week been? Mine has been long and boring, as I have just been working - and work is never fun. Why I can't be paid to just sit around and read all day is beyond me. But, alas, I have yet to make that dream a reality. I have been trying to keep up with my reading, despite working a lot and being inexplicably  tired. My newest obsession has quickly become Saga, the graphic novel series. It is actually incredible and AMAZING and speaks to my very soul. The characters are becoming my favourite things in the entire universe, as they are hilarious and make me laugh so much. I read the first one and immediately went online and bought the next two in the series - I would have bought them all if I wasn't super broke! They came and I literally jumped up and down with excitement... And then proceeded to read both straight away. I NEED MORE!!!

The other thing I have been concentrating on this week is my Instagram account. I don't know if you guys have realised it yet but, I am obsessed with Instagram and can't seem to get enough of it. I love taking bookish photos and checking out everyone else's. Thanks to Amanda, at Nellie and Co., I decided to start using Later to schedule my posts, which makes it so much easier. BUT you only get a certain number a month and I need more - but I am cheap and won't be upgrading and paying for it, pfft! But yes, fellow book obsessed people, if you have Instagram and take wonderful bookish photos then come check me out HERE - so I can come drool over all your photos.

Saga: Volume Two & Saga: Volume Three 

These both get 5/5 from me because they were just soooooo good. I want to hunt down more graphic novels after reading these, but worry none will live up to the awesomeness that is this series. I LOVE the characters, mostly because they are absolutely hilarious! I mean, you can't be these lines:

"That is the best book I've ever read."
"McHenry, my entire outlook on existence has just been permanently altered. Please read this so I'll have someone to talk about it with?"

"Honestly, this squeamishness about bloodshed is most unbecoming."

I just love this series and the characters so much it hurts. I am literally counting down the days till payday, just so I can buy the next two volumes and pre-order the 6th one too. I NEED THEM!!! I highly recommend this series, it was sooooo good. 

The Outliers (The Outliers, Book 1) Follow Me Back

The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight: I didn't love this one. It sounded quite interesting but proved to be quite a long, drawn out read. The cover screams fantasy to me for some reason, but it isn't. It's like a thriller type read, with the main characters best friend going missing and her trying to find her. The main problem is that the blurb of the book gives away the whole main plot twist - something you don't find out till over 400 pages in. So the shock factor is kind of gone, and instead you spend the whole time you're reading wondering when that aspect will come into play. NOT FUN! 

Follow Me Back by Nicci Cloke: I actually enjoyed this one more, which is another book about a girl going missing. I thought this one was done better and kept up the mystery element as it went on. It was more fun to read and the writing style worked for me. 


  1. I keep hearing great things about the Saga graphic novels! I'm not a big graphic novel person, but I got two for my birthday so if I end up enjoying those I will definitely be picking up Saga. I LOVE you're Instagram account. You're pictures are just beautiful and I always love seeing what you post! <3

  2. I'm glad you've been able to fall in love with the Saga graphic novel series. I know a lot of readers have as well, which is why I want to try them so badly. I just need to obtain them! I went to the library last week (I NEVER go, it's because I have too many already at home to read but a friend dragged me along) and I left with five graphic novels. I never knew so many of my favourite reads were translated into graphic novels!

  3. I really love it when I get a book or series that I just totally love and get fully emersed in it! It sounds like Saga has done this to you! I'm not really a graphic novel reader so I haven't heard of this but I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  4. Oh nice! Those are new to me ones. My graphic novels that I read generally end up being ones adapted from books I've read! LOL! Though I do still keep meaning to read the iZombie one since I like the show so much! Happy Reading!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Ooh I keep hearing amazing things about SAGA! I don't really read graphic novels (because they're so expensive!!!) but when I do I usually really enjoyed it! Maybe it's time to start saving up to buy SAGA haha! x

  6. Saga is so great. I need the next one to come out soon. I love Lying Cat. Your photos are really awesome. Hope you get to read the rest of Saga soon.

  7. Ohhh, I have vaguely heard of Saga and this makes me want to know more! :D YAY FOR INSTAGRAM. Your photos are all so magnificent. :') I seriously need to do a photoshoot but it WON'T STOP RAINING. *cries* That's the only problem with can't procrastinate while the sun is shining. 😂

  8. I actually never heard of Saga since I'm not really a fan of graphic novel, but it sounds interesting! And yes, I'm also obsessed with bookish photos right now (though I'm really sucks at taking it) and yours look really beautiful. Definitely will check it now :)

  9. I've heard of Saga enough to think that I probably do want to read it one day. I really want to explore the graphic novel genre. I love your instagram account-- so much pretty <3 Those quotes are great!
    Shanti @ Virtually Read

  10. I am forever hearing about Saga. I read a lot of manga when I was younger, and so I'm pumped about this graphic novel. I have it sitting on my Kindle, I keep putting it off because I want to read it on my iPad where I can see all the colours. You've given me another push to get on it.

  11. Yes! Welcome to the Saga party. They are literally my favourite things. And the wait on vol 6 has been excruciating.
    You should definitely check out Rat Queens. It's a bunch of kick ass ladies with loose morals. The 3rd vol was just released. And Nimona, it's a stand alone anti hero fantasy tale with a sassy shape changer. Soooooo good!

  12. I want Follow Me Back!! I hadn't seen it before but it sounds so interesting!!
    Work is bad. Obviously someone should pay us to read. I'd be rich in a week haha
    I already follow your Instagram! Mine is lattenightsbooks :)
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews


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