Musing Mondays #2

This is a weekly meme hosted by shouldbereading, which is where you can post your musings of the week. 

This week the main muse was: 
What do you do when life gets in the way, and you just don’t have much time to read? Do you complain? Do you accept it? Do you do everything in your power to make time to read? Share your thoughts!

I personally always try to make time for reading. Whether it is on my lunchbreak, in the bath, before bed or whenever. I just hate if I go a day without reading, especially if I am halfway through reading a book that I am loving. Then I can't seem to get enough and all I do is read, read, read until I finish. 
I am 84 books into my goal of 100 this year so I am pretty happy with how much time I am finding to read.

13522285 This week I am also musing the fact I forgot to mention that the wonderful Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider, that I reviewed last week, is also known by a different name - The Beginning of Everything. Which also means that it also comes with another cover and I must admit I think I love it more than the Severed Heads, Broken Hearts cover!  *Gasp* I know!                                              But also the fact I forgot to mention how I loved how the book kept referencing The Great Gatsby, a book that I read and adored this year. I loved where Ezra is staring out his window and across the park hoping to see Cassidy flash her light on and off to him. I just loved how it matched so perfectly with the many times in the Great Gatsby where Jay stands on his dock and looks out across the water hoping to catch a glimps of Daisy's light.


This week I am reading Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone. I am almost done and luckily have the sequel Time After Time waiting for me already. I will be posting a review of Time Between Us soon, so check back in for that.

Crazy Library Story No.2

So this week I have a story about a customer who had his bag 'stolen'. This story, to this day, still makes me laugh as much as it did when it first happened. I was doing extra time at a different library and obviously  with my luck  I had to get the crazy drunk library user.

So I am standing behind the counter when this middle-aged grey haired man comes stumbling towards me and shouts at me that his bag has been stolen and I best 'call the f***ing police'. Now the senior who I am working with that night is obviously not very happy with this man swearing at us and tells him if he wants to report it stolen he must go phone them himself or walk down to the police station. It soon becomes clear that he has been in before, is a regular nuisance there and is usually always inebriated. Which I soon realise as he gets closer to me and I can smell alcohol on him so badly I'm almost gagging.

He reiterates the fact his bag and belongings were stolen from right next to him as he sat there on the computer. But as he is swearing and being aggressive (threatening to hit a father with his two young children) we demand he leaves. He becomes very aggravated and verbally aggressive; calling us more swear words than I even think I know. He finally gives up and stumbles out and as he turns around I see a giant (and I mean giant) bottle of vodka hanging out of his jogging bottom pocket. 

Not two minutes later someone from the computer room comes out carrying loads of paper and some pens and tells us the man had left them behind. We check the CCTV to see what happened to his 'stolen' bag and what we discovered still makes me laugh. He is sitting with all his belongings at a computer when he gets up to go to the toilet. When he stumbles back he heads to a different table, sits down and then gets up and knocks over a computer screen in anger and then he marches/stumbles out to the desk. 

So as it transpires this borrower who was adamant that us 'stupid b***hes' best call the police to report his bag stolen had actually been sooooooooo drunk that in the space of the two minutes he was in the bathroom he had forgotten where he had been sitting.

I grudgingly went after him and gave him back his belongings but I was really loathe to do it.

Hope you enjoyed my little musing and that if you ever get a moody librarian serve you one day that you realise it might just be because they had to deal with someone like the person above.

Next weeks crazy library story is a good one, so check back next Monday !
Post your links to your own musings and I shall come check them out.


  1. Great story and very good of you to give him back his things!

  2. I love it when novels reference other books--especially if it's a book I've already read and enjoyed. It's like a little secret message!
    (Side note--I noticed that one of the books on your blog header is "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult--that's one of my very favorite books ever!)

    1. I am a Jodi Picoult addict; I own them all! I especially loved The Pact, it's such a great story!


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