Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone: The Review

Time Between Us
Tamara Ireland Stone

Publisher: Random House
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When Anna is taking her usual running route round her schools track, she sees a guy about her age staring down from the bleachers, smiling at her like he knows her. Once she makes it back round the track he has already vanished and she has no clue who he is. When she goes to school and the new boy turns out to be the mysterious guy from the track, Anna is intrigued. But Bennett Cooper acts like he has never seen Anna before, like he wasn't at the track even though she knows he was there. Anna is immediately intrigued by Bennett and begins to spend more and more time with him. Anna soon comes to realise there is more to Bennett than meets the eye and when she realises he has the ability to time travel she realises their relationship just got a whole lot more complicated. Especially since Bennett has come from 2012, a whole sixteen years away from where Anna is in 1995. Will Bennett be able to find a way to make it work, a way to stay?

I loved the whole concept of this book, I absolutely loved The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and have always been looking for another amazing time travel romance. I really adored Time Between Us and am really happy I can jump straight in to the sequel Time After Time (review coming soon!)

The romance in this book seemed really real to me. There was none of the stupid insta-love you see so much in romance. You know, where the characters are around each other for all of two seconds and are already head-over-heels in love with one another. No, this has real romance. Where it takes time and getting to know one another. Where you can still find fault in a person, even if it is just the length of their hair. I loved that about this book, that they made the romance realistic (if you take out the time travel that ).

Anna. Where can I start with Anna? I found her to be a really strong character, she had her goals - she wants to get a scholarship through her running and she wants to travel the world one day. I really rooted for her the whole book, I wanted her to get everything she wanted. But most importantly, I really wanted her to get Bennett.  Bennett, a romantic male lead that I can really root for. He is trying so hard to be there for Anna and you feel like he really, really does care for her. 

This book handled the time travel storyline really well, as it can lead to lots of unanswered questions. But I was satisfied with this part of the storyline, there wasn't too much of an explanation which I actually preferred. Too much explanation on how the time travel works can usually just lead to too many ways you can poke holes in it. 

I am really glad that there is a sequel as when I finished reading it I needed to know what came next. I still needed to know more about Anna and Bennett's story and what happens to both of them. This book was really great and I highly recommend it to all who are fans of romance or just looking for a good young adult book to get stuck into. 

4/5 Stars

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