Films for Thoughts on Thursday: The Equalizer

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This weeks movie review will be for:

The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a movie that I probably wouldn't have ended up going to see at the cinema if it wasn't for my boyfriend. He'd seen the trailer and liked the look of the film and wanted to go. I watched the trailer and thought it looked okay, we both like Denzel Washington as an actor, so we ended up going to see it the next day. By the end of the film, we both agreed that it was entertaining but it wasn't an amazing movie and it's not something we'd watch again.

Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a man with a mysterious past who has moved on with his life and tried to start over. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with Teri, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, who was forced into prostitution from a young age and works for the Russian mafia. When Teri winds up in the hospital because of them, Robert knows he must take action. But the consequences of this are that Robert now has the Russian mob after him and they will stop at nothing to find and kill him.

I wouldn't say this movie was bad, it really wasn't. It was actually really enjoyable to watch, but it had a few issues. The main one is that it has a very slow start, something I wasn't expecting when you consider the trailer. The trailer makes it seem like a very action-packed film that jumps straight into the action, which isn't the case for the film. This is so you can get to know the characters, especially Robert, which isn't a bad thing but it did get a little boring. I was just sitting there waiting for the action sequences to happen, which isn't usually like me.

It felt like they didn't really know how to tell the story. It jumps from one thing to the next and you start to feel a little lost, wondering what the point of it all is, It's the kind of story that you have seen before and probably seen done better. Guy decides to act like the knight in shining armour, exacting vigilante justice to those who deserve it. It has all the action scenes and death you'd expect, some of which were really bloody and gruesome. I am not good with bloody and gruesome, blood and me don't mix. I'm fine with my own but anything else is not good, even the fake movie stuff. Even typing the word makes my wrists all tingly, so you can imagine how bad I was during this film. I'd say there are only really two big action scenes in this movie and they're the two that you sort of see in the trailer. They are well done, but it feels like the movie needed more of them.

Denzel Washington is probably what makes this movie, that doesn't really surprise me though. He's great in absolutely everything I have seen him in. I enjoyed him in this movie and I also really did like the ending. But I was left wondering how the hell he got away with it all. This is an entertaining movie that's not without it's problems, but it's enjoyable overall.

6/10 Butterflies

This movie isn't bad, it just has a fair number of issues. It's entertaining and has some really great action sequences. It is slow in the beginning but the action definitely picks up around the middle part of the film. It's a movie that I am glad I saw, but it's not one I'd buy on DVD so I could watch it again. If you're into these kinds of films then I would recommend it. 

Next weeks review is for:
The Maze Runner

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  1. I am surprised this wasn't more action packed as well. Thanks for the warning! Maybe I will be able to enjoy it more being prepared for the slower start.

    1. It was very slow and lacking the action that the advert promised, which always sucks!

  2. Oh those trailers can be so tricky! I'm with ya on Denzel. I think I've enjoyed all of the ones I've seen him in.

  3. Hmm, I have seen the trailer for this one but wasn't too intent on going and seeing it. I like the idea of it and all, and I do love a good action packed movie. But this sounds like one I am going to pass up. I should go and check out some Denzel Washington movies by the sound of this though!

    I hope you like the Maze Runner as a movie more than the book ^^ It does have a pretty slow start too, though.

    1. He is good in everything he does. I think Man on Fire is a better movie than this, which also sees him trying to take revenge for something done to a girl. I loved that movie when I first saw it.

      Me too! I haven't seen it yet, I've been ill! Really hope I can get out and see it before Thursday.

  4. Oh my dad got me watching Denzel Washington movies. I really like them! I like the one where his son's has heart problems so he holds up a hospital to try and get help. The train one...gah, what's it called? Unstoppable? THAT is also cool (but mostly because: Chris Pine). *ahem* I hadn't even heard of this one but I'm telling my dad about it. xD

    1. Yes! I loved those two as well. And I really enjoyed Man on Fire as well :)


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