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Things To Know When Dating A Bookworm

As some of you will probably already be aware of, I recently got engaged. There are many reasons why my fiancé is the guy I know I want to marry. One reason that I feel you will all understand is this: He completely supports my bookworm ways, even though he doesn't understand them at all! It was a long road though, and he's been with me for nine years now and is completely used to all the weird things I do. But it wasn't always that way. So I started thinking about all the bookworm-type things I do, that I find completely normal, that others might not understand. So, here you go. If you're thinking about dating a bookworm, here's a few things you should be aware of.

1. You will endure endless conversations about books.

Yes, we will want to discuss all of the books with you. And, no, it won't matter that you have never read it, or haven't heard of it, or don't even care. We are going to want to discuss it, especially if we are away from the internet and people who actually care. 

2. You will be taken along to every film adaptation of ever.

If a film adaptation is coming out, chances are that we are going to want to see it. Either we have already read the book and need to see if they do it well. Or we saw the trailer, which has made us want to read the book... And then of course we will need to see the movie to see if they did it well. 

3. You will be talked to throughout the entirety of said adaptation

Not only will we want to drag you along to see all the film adaptations with us. We will then expect you to listen throughout as we moan about every little thing that they changed, left out or completely ruined. 

No, we don't!

4. You will be responsible for providing snacks and drinks.

Us bookworms like to sit for long periods of time, with our noses stuck in a book! That is just what we do. But we will completely forget about the fact that we need these two vital things to survive. Bring them to us, or risk having a dead bookworm on your hands! 

5. You'll need to understand the real meaning of a 'Netflix binge'

Yes, sometimes this will mean us lounging around together, watching episode after episode. But, at other times, this will mean that you watch, while we read. Okay, we might occasionally glance at the screen. Mostly we will just pester you with questions of 'Who's that?', 'What's happening?', 'Did I miss something?'

6. You'll be dragged into every bookshop.

Don't even try to wrap your head around why, just know that if we see a bookshop then we are going to go in. Yes, sometimes that will involve over twenty minutes of browsing that might result in zero purchases. Other times this might mean we purchase more books than you will think it is possible to read in a year. 

(This is basically me in a bookshop!)
*Also... if you haven't seen Black Books, you're missing out!

7. You're basically a pack mule.

There will be times where it feels like you are only here to be the carrier of books. We will buy massive amounts of books, so many that our bookworm arms won't be able to carry them all. That is where you come in! You get the joyous task of carting around our beautiful bookish purchases!

8. You will be called upon as our plus one to bookish events.

Bookish events are wonderful and they call to us bookworms. Signings, talks, conventions, meet ups. These are all great and we will want to go... but who wants to go alone! Not me. I am a shy, introverted, anxiety ridden bookworm. I need a plus one for back up! So be aware that you might be dragged along to all your bookworms bookish events. You

9. You'll need to understand the importance of bookshelves.

This is very important: Bookshelves are like a bookworm's babies. We love and adore them. We gaze at them adoringly. We dress them up nice and pretty. You need to remember the basics here: No touchy! No judgey! We want our very own library and you should support us in this endeavour. 

10. You'll need to deal with sudden mood changes.

Our mood could change very quickly, and this will be caused by entirely fictional events. Some character we love might die, and we will be devastated. We will need love, support and time to grieve. Never say 'But it's just a book!', unless you want to get throat punched. The author may entirely screw us over, we will be angry and need to vent. Listen and pretend to understand. 

11. You'll need to get familiar with the postman.

You'll probably end up knowing the guy by name because he will be stopping by a lot to drop off all our bookish mail. Yes, the amount of book mail we receive will seem endless. 

Most importantly:

12. Understand a bookworm is a bookworm for life!

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm. We are never going to chance, so you will need to get used to it. Don't worry though, you will learn to love it! 

Your turn guys, what do you think it is important for someone to know about your bookworm ways? Do you agree with the things I have listed? 


  1. Love this post :) My husband is not a reader at all, and he has been amazing putting up with my quirky bookish ways for the last 14+ years lol. Yesterday we rented the new Goosebumps movie, with Jack Black, and my poor husband sat through it while me and my kids squealed and shouted at all the book references in the movie (even a cameo appearance by R.L. Stine!). My husband had absolutely no idea what we were going on about, but he suffered through it a good sport!

  2. Ha ha I absolutely love this because it is so true! And congrats on your engagement!!

  3. This is so true! Even now, my family is slowly adjusting to the bookworm infested life and are finding it difficult. Especially the bookmail and book buying habit, although my younger sister who is a semi-bookworm gets the most booktalk! But when you find a significant other who learns all these things... keep him!

  4. This is so true! I'm so glad my boyfriend is super nice, like he'll let me rambling about books, and he actually listens to them! He pays attention and even ask some questions! And he actually want to try to read books! I recently made him read Six of Crows and he absolutely love it! Isn't it the best when people understand your bookish need? *sighs contently*

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  5. I love everything about this post! I speak to everyone about books and my friends are sick to death of hearing about books but I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY XD

  6. Oh my gosh, the talking through adaptations you force them to go to is so me. I didn't even realize until I read it. Poor boyfriend. Though it does work in his favour for the Netflix binge cause then he can watch what he wants. That is, unless there's a TV adaptation I want to see, then all bets are off

  7. I loved numbers 7 and 10 best, and on number 11, I totally relate. Every time I get a new book in the mail, I come in and announce "Look! I got another book!" :)
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal - Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

  8. Number 10 is so real. I am so thankful my boyfriend puts up with my bookish tirades! Great list!

  9. To add to number 8, at conventions, you will be asked to wait in a specific line, while I go to another booth/exhibit/signing.

    Haha, I do this with my husband all the time! It was extremely useful at BEA14 and BEA15. I had schedules for each of us. I sometimes feel bad about it, but he's said that he doesn't mind doing it. Score! haha.

    - Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

  10. THIS IS SO FANTASTIC. XD And clearly your fiance is just epic since he's got all this knowledge down. ;D But this list works for friends (or family) of bookworms too...because omg, they just need to learn to ACCEPT THE BOOKWORM WAY OF LIFE. We need shelves! Frequent bookshop trips! Snacks! Quiet to concentrate on our books! ALL THE THINGS. *nods sagely*

  11. I love this post! You're so right on every single one, and I snorted on a few. Man, I've missed commenting on blogs, I'm so sorry I've been slacking, I miss you! I'll never find someone willing to suffer my book readings..

  12. This is SO TRUE! I can totally see myself in here XD Being a bookworm is hard work, and support is needed from all friends and family: it's their job to accept the bookworm after all! *nods*

    Beatirce @ Book for Thought

  13. Congratulations on your engagement! I absolutely love this post however i don't have to worry as my fiance just happens to be a bigger reader than me!!

  14. This is great! All the truth in one post! :D
    I'd also add that I love books more than people and that I might compare you to some of my top book boyfriends. Lol. Also it'll be an unspoken rule that any gift you're giving me is a book or book related. That's the way to a booknerds heart. Not jewelry or flowers. Gross.

  15. LOL! Oh I have no words to express my love for this post ♥ None. I resonated with every single one of these facts so I will no doubt read this to my boyfriend as soon as he gets home :D Sharing this on Twitter so my friends can find and read this if they haven't already! FANTASTIC post^^

  16. Haha this is spot on! Especially number 3

  17. Love this post!

    Especially the movie adaptation and talking through the entire thing lol

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road


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