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I'm In The Minority When It Comes to These Characters

It's time for Top Ten Tuesday and this week I am doing last weeks topic, as I missed it and think it's way more interesting to do than my Spring TBR.

Characters I Loathe That Others Love & Those I Love That Others Loathe

I Loathe

Tris Prior

Oh, Tris, it started off so well. There you were in book one, a short girl like myself, who makes a ton of brave decisions. You aren't the heroine who starts off super amazing, you had to fight hard to earn your spot in Dauntless. I liked you, a lot. But then came book two, and you started to get super annoying and make awful decisions that had me so frustrated. I don't even want to get started on how you turned out in book three, by the halfway point of that book I was praying for someone to just kill you, so I no longer had to deal with you. 

girls the mortal instruments tmi clary fray isabelle lightwoodClary Fray

I'm not sure why anyone likes Clary, but this is coming from someone who is only on book two of The Mortal Instruments series. Maybe she improves over time, but frankly I don't think I am going to warm to her any time soon. She is another one of those whiny, useless female characters, who just frustrate the hell out of me. I just wish that she actually thought through anything before making a decision. So far, I totally dislike her as a character. 

the mortal instruments jamie campbell bower tmiedit jcbedit jace herondaleJace Wayland

Yup, I don't like Jace, at all. Again, I am only two books in. Does he ever get less annoying and stop trying so hard to be the most sarcastic human being ever? Some authors manage to make their characters hilariously snarky, and it is beyond awesome - I love the snark. But, poor Jace, he just tries far too hard. And he is another character that annoys me because of their utterly poor decision making. And I'm also not a fan of the whole broody, woe-is-me kind of attitude that he has. Him and Clary deserve each other, they are both as annoying and stupid as each other. 

The Darkling

I feel like he is a character that probably divides opinion. But so many reviews I have seen of these books has involved some intense loving for this character. I have never got it and will never get it. I hated him as a character. The guys a grade A arsehole, and an utter dick to Alina. How anyone could ever actually ship them as a couple, I will never know. He's one of those characters that I spend the books just begging for someone to hurry up and kill them.

Edward Cullen / Christian Grey / Travis Maddox

Basically any and every awful, controlling guy who an author tries to turn into some desirable love interest. Nope. I am never going to like the kind of male character that tries to control the person they are with. These characters are possessive and demanding. They'll tell their partners what they can wear or who they can talk to. They are dickheads, not something to be swooned over or lusted after. 

Bella, being utterly useless.
Bella Swan / Anastasia Steele / Abby Abernathy

Well, if we're going to have the awful, controlling guys, we have to have the horrible women who just bend over and take it. Noooope! I want female characters who don't let some guy push them around, tell them who they can see, where they can go, what they can wear. That is just utterly ridiculous and I hate seeing these characters fall in love with these guys, and act like they are the most amazing thing in the history of the universe. Noooooo. 


Cath & Levi

I know Fangirl seems to be every persons favourite book, but I didn't like it. I especially didn't like Cath or Levi. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I really thought I'd connect with Cath, but I just didn't. She wasn't just shy and anxious, she was also soooo immature. At times it felt like she had the mind of a five year old, rather than a young adult in their first year of college. Plus, she was just such a boring character. Levi is just a super boring guy, who confused me as I never saw what he saw in Cath. 

 I Love

Manon Blackbeak

See, I feel like people are finally starting to warm up to Manon in Queen of Shadows. She seemed to get a whole lot of hate in Heir of Fire though. I love Manon, her chapters are my favourite things. I just adore her and her finally getting feelings, like some Grinch type creature. She's hilarious and takes absolutely no shit, and gives absolutely no fucks. She could also give Celaena a run for her money and that excites me. I totally adore Manon and can't wait to see how her story continues in the next book. 

Sansa Stark

I'll never understand why more people don't love Sansa. She changes so much over the course of that series. I love her character development, it's perfection. She was only a child when she met Joffrey, and totally taken in by the idea of marrying a Prince, and getting to become Queen. And then she had a very big wakeup call when she realised it wasn't the fairytale she'd been imagining. She has to be so smart throughout the series, as she tries to avoid getting killed by almost everybody. I just adore her for her bravery, her resilience and ability to survive so much. I do admit it takes a while to warm to her, she is beyond frustrating in the first book. But she grows and I love her for it. 

Ron Weasley

My poor baby, Ron. I saw him on a lot of peoples hate lists last week, so wanted to give the poor boy some love. I adore Ron, I seriously do. I think it helps that he was played so perfectly by Rupert Grint in the film, that I find them hard to separate. I just loved him for his humour and how utterly and adorably useless he could be. 

Katniss Everdeen

Another strong and resilient person who survives things that would destroy most people. She gets a lot of stick for being unfeeling or having no emotion. NONSENSE!!! I've met very few characters who feel more. Katniss showed every emotion it's probably possible for a character to feel. She was able to form close bonds - especially with Rue. And she had such love for Peeta, even if she was blind to it at times. Katniss will always be one of my all time favourite female characters. 

Do you agree with any of my choices? Any that you disagree with? Who would make your list?


  1. I totally agree with your dislike of Cath and Levi. I was in my first year of university when I read Fangirl and I felt like it was so fake, especially Cath (seriously I was in almost the exact same boat as her- twin away from home, first year of school, anxiety and all) And I thought it was super unrealistic.
    My best friend and I were just talking the other day about how we both loved Manon, even though we were probably supposed to dislike her!

  2. I love Sansa! She's such a great character. Whenever anyone asks me who my favorite SoIaF character is and I say Sansa, they think I'm joking but she's honestly awesome.

  3. I am always more of a fan of Arya rather than Sansa, mainly because she's more desperate to live in the wild.
    but other wise, I am happy to say that I am a minority like you XD

  4. Yesss, Ron is my favourite Harry Potter character!! And I understand not connecting with Cath, I too suffer from anxiety but couldn't find it easy to connect with her. Great post xx

  5. please marry me xDDDDD we hate the same people XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!
    I don't really like katniss that much or sansa, because I hated mockinjay jajaja


  6. Yeah... we have a lot of contradicting ideas! I love Edward, The Darkling, Bella and also Tris <3 I liked Jace well enough but have mixed feelings about Clary. I didn't really care about her that much, and Tessa from the prequel series is a lot more interesting. I don't know many of the characters you love, but I'm not a fan of the Hunger Games in general (apart from Catching Fire) so it is sorta given that I'm not a fan of Katniss :/ And I'm not a fan of Sansa. I have only read book one though, so maybe she is still going to change and develop with time?

  7. I agree with your hate list, except for The Darkling! I know he's a jerk and just persuasive and semi-psycopath but I just can't explain why I loved him! I hate it when the main character made stupid decisions without thinking. And the controlling-alpha-male trend. JUST STOP IT ALREADY. Love your choices!❤

    tasya // the literary huntress

  8. My utter hate in books is the violent thug who thinks it's ok to try to assault or rape the female MC and she falls madly in love with him! HATE IT! I don't get why so many people love characters like Barrons who dragged the female MC around by her hair, assaulted her and wanted to kill her...yet he is on top of every list of hot book boyfriends???!!! No thanks!

  9. PEOPLE HATE RON?! WHAT IS THIS WORLD. I can't even. Although I think, like you, I have a hard time separating book and movie Ron and Rupert is just so amazing in that role <3 Clary and Jace do not get better. I adored that series from books 1-3. When book 4 came out and I had to do a re-read, I couldn't figure out why I had previously liked them so much. I really dislike them now. As for The Darkling, bleugh.

  10. Agh the Darkling, so with you there.

  11. I'm so with you on the Edward/Christian/Travis hate. I almost want to unfollow people that like Travis Maddox, that's how much I HATE him. And I did love Fangirl, but I can see why you feel that way about Cath. I was SUPER frustrated with her a lot of the time also. Like, just go to the freaking cafeteria!! You will live!!

    I'm rereading HP for the first time right now, and I have to say I always liked Ron (and all the main good characters really), but in this reread I'm a little annoyed Ron. He's so moody!! And Harry is always making excuses/covering for him. They both definitely go through some annoying teenage boy years in this series :)

  12. I love Manon in the Throne of Glass series too! She is a favorite! I really loved Ron too so you aren't the only one!

  13. I liked Tris in Divergent but she annoyed the hell out of me in Insurgent.
    Clary was okay but I didn't like Jace at all.
    Don't even get me started on Bella.
    I feel so sorry for Sansa. She never gets a break.
    I like Ron and Katniss too :)

    Jess @ A Book Addict's Bookshelves

  14. I'll definitely stand with you on Sansa and Katniss. xD *hi fives* They made my "Love" list last week too! SANSA'S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS SOME OF THE BEST. Plus I think she stayed naive and venerable for so long because of Lady being killed. Maybe??? That's my theory anyway. A little part of Sansa died in that. *shrieks* AHHHEM.

    Tris annoyed me but I didn't hate her! And I think Bella being clumsy is actually relatable not awful...although I haven't seen the movies or anything and I've only read one book.

  15. Ooooh how I despise Travis Maddox! I don't know how I forgot to add him to my list. He's awful. I agree with pretty much all of these choices except for Darkling because I still haven't read that series yet. Great list and yes to Sansa Stark! I love her!

    -Jamie @TheRebelliousReader

  16. I also really did not like Clary! She was so annoying and never listen!

    Interestingly I didn't like Katniss by the third book, I hated her demeanour and the way she thought :/ But I did like her in the first two books.

    Oh my god, I love Mannon as well! I really love how she's starting to change and gain a code of ethics, it's really fun reading her chapters and seeing her slowly become good. Love, love, love the Throne of Glass series!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

  17. I love your comments about Tris. Haha. So true. And I agree 100% about the controlling guys and weak girls who take it. I cannot stand when co-dependent relationships are portrayed as loving in fiction. Ugh. Jealousy is not a good reason to control someone else. I can't stand it! I do have to disagree with Cath and Levi. I love that book - more for the twin dynamic between Cath and Wren because I am a twin, but I do think Levi is so sweet. Hooray for Ron. I love him too!

  18. I love Katniss and Sansa Stark!! Sansa never gets any love/appreciation. Poor girl has been through so much in her life. Gasp! How can you not like the Darkling?!?!?!? I totally understand the Tris hate. She can be quite annoying!! Great post!

  19. I totally agree with you! Katniss and Manon are the best! They're so badass and they don't care how everyone else sees them. Tris and Clary were the kind of character that tries too hard to be strong and independent, but actually, they spend 99% of their time pining over their love interest. *sighs*

  20. Yeah, you've got some really different thoughts on a lot of these characters than most of the world. :) But it never hurts to offer up a different opinion! Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier this week!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  21. I'm just about to start Allegiance. I wonder if I'll want someone to kill her by the time I'm finished? My TTT

  22. Great list! I actually like Movie Tris (never met Book Tris) and Movie Katniss, but don't care for Book Katniss (weird, I know). I feel like Jennifer gives Katniss more personality whereas Book Katniss is SO darn difficult to relate too. Again, I've not met Clary or Jace in their book form, but I don't much care for TV Show Clary, yet did like Lily Collins Clary, and it's reversed with Jace. I think I like TV Show Jace better. ;)

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland, Charnell. Visit anytime. :)

    1. You know what, I totally agree about book Katniss and movie Katniss. I remember reading The Hunger Games series and feeling like I couldn't relate to Katniss at all, it was something I was dreading when the movies came out. But Jennifer Lawrence was soo good at her job!

      Jordon @ Simply Adrift

  23. Hi - I agree with your choice of Katniss Everdeen. :)
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal - Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

  24. Trust me you are not alone with Jace and Clary. I hate them. And no, neither grow or change throughout the whole series. They are the same useless idiots.
    Aw I do love me some Cath and Levi. I could definitely relate with her.
    I love Ron. He was my first book boyfriend and will forever and always have my heart.
    I also think Katniss is absolutely kick ass and amazing. I don't get how people miss all her feelings. They are EVERYWHERE!


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