Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Divergent #2): The Review

Veronica Roth
Title: Insurgent (Divergent #2)
Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher: Harper Collins
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Note: If you have not read Divergent yet and plan to then don't read this. Will contain spoilers of the first book. 

Tris is struggling to deal with the guilt she feels in the aftermath of the Erudite attack on the Abnegation. She has lost her parents and is responsible for the death of her friend Will, that knowledge is not easy to deal with. Those that were under simulation have to live with the knowledge that they killed innocent people. There is definite unrest between the factions, between those who want to fight against Jeanine Matthews and the Erudite and those who don't. If Tris and Four are going to take down Jeanine, then they need help and this is where the factionless come in. They will have to work together, factions and factionless alike in order to get back control of the city they love. But there are secrets that the Erudite will do anything to protect and Tris will be risking everything to uncover it. 

The sequel to Divergent, one of my all time favourite books, is packed with a lot more nail-biting action than it's predecessor. I find sequels can be very hit and miss, you have high expectations because you loved the first book and you don't want that love ruined by a horrible sequel. Thankfully Insurgent didn't disappoint me. But I like to give honest reviews, so I can't lie to you lovely people. And so, I must admit that I did not like this book as much as the first one. But not because it is a terrible book, I actually really enjoyed it but found some parts infuriating. 

Tris is struggling to deal with her grief and as such she is making reckless decisions. Now, I feel like maybe I should be able to sympathise with her but I really can't. Her parents both gave their lives for her and for the future of the city and she repays them by recklessly risking her own life whenever she can. But not only that but she takes it out on Four and if you have read my review of Divergent, I love Four! This was not acceptable in my mind and I kind of wanted to reach into the book and slap some sense in to her. So it does make a book harder to like when you spend so much of it infuriatingly angry at the main character.

Four is still my number one favourite character in this series. And he is also my favourite thing about this book. I just can't help but love him and it takes a lot for a romantic interest in a book to do this to me. But Veronica Roth struck gold here, Four is everything I could possibly ask for. But the poor guy, in this book he has to deal with a lot, especially from Tris even though he is doing all he can to help her. I really wish that we could have got Four's POV for at least some of the book, or even one or two chapters. I would have really loved to know what he was thinking and what was happening to him in more detail. I think that would have bee really great.

Jeanine Matthews is a perfect villain for this book. So cold and calculating; I loved it. Every good series needs a great villain! It's quite nice having someone to openly hate and hope bad things happen too. It's quite nice having someone else to be angry at other than Tris.

I worry my "Tris is so whiny!!!" parts of this review may put you off reading it but don't let it. I just want to be honest, otherwise there would be no point in me doing a review at all. This really was a great sequel and took the series somewhere I wasn't expecting. This book had me feeling so many different emotions, anger, sadness, shock; I loved it! It had those moments where I was scared to turn over the page because I worried what I might find. 

For anyone who read and loved Divergent make sure you read Insurgent, it's well worth it.

4/5 Stars

Now for Insurgent; I have managed to avoid all spoilers, YAY! My expectations are ridiculously low as everyone else seems either angry or upset. So maybe be prepared for a ranting, 1 star "I HATE YOU" review soon. Fingers crossed though.


  1. I definitely thought that Tris was whiny in this one as well. Unlike you, though, I've never liked Four since the beginning, lol.

    Christie @ Read by the Undead

    1. Heehee I'm really intrigued to know why? I can kind of see how he is a character you wouldn't like though, I was kind of shocked by how much I actually did like him as a character, especially more so on my rereads of the books.


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