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Sleepless by Tracey Ward (Bird of Stone #1): Review - Blog Tour & Giveaway

Sleepless (Bird of Stone, #1)
Title: Sleepless
Author: Tracey Ward
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My name is Alex Mills and I have a superpower.
Don't be jealous, it sucks. I can't control it. My mind is a mutinous SOB that takes over when I go to sleep. I'm just a girl trying to get some shut eye while it decides to throw a rager that can land me just about anywhere in the world.
The base of the Eiffel Tower.
The shore on the coast of Ireland.
The third baseline at Wrigley Field.
Sounds exciting and fun right? Wrong. My not so superpower is unpredictable, uncontrollable and annoying as hell. It's also how I met Nick.
Every cloud has a silver lining. Nick is mine.
Nick is extraordinary as well. He can't feel fear. Never has, never will. It's worked out for him as a PJ in the Air Force, one of the most dangerous jobs in the military, but where it's not helpful is with his social skills. Nick is cold, distant and apathetic.
He's also my hero. And if he's to be believed, I'm his.
I first met him when he died and that wasn't even the weirdest moment of our relationship. Neither is this moment here and now, trapped together in an island prison on the Behring Sea. It's a long, strange story between his death and this prison. One full of sheep, docks, Jabberwocks and a very special stone. I could tell it to you if you'd like to hear it. I've got time... (Goodreads summary.)

This book begins in such an amazing way that it gripped me from the very beginning. There aren't many ways to start a book that are better than 'The first time I saw her, I was dead.'. I really didn't know what to expect from this book, and if it wasn't for the fact that I received a copy for free, I might not have read it at all. I am so unbelievably glad that I did; this was my surprise read of the year. But I will say that it is much more adult than young adult.

At twenty, Alex is still trying to get a grip and an understanding on her ability to Slip; if she dreams of a place then she wakes up there. She has no control over it, or how long it takes for her to Slip back home. When she saves a man from drowning, only to watch him disappear minutes later, she doesn't know what to think. It's even stranger when she keeps finding herself in his dreams, having conversations with him and then falling for him. But Nick doesn't understand what Alex can do, in fact, he's pretty sure she's just a figment of his imagination and Alex isn't quite sure what he will do when he realises the truth.

This was such a pleasant surprise of a read, and so utterly unique to anything I have read before. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but ended up falling in love with the story, the characters and the rather beautiful romance. I was also fascinated by Nick's training for the Air Force Pararescue; something I knew absolutely nothing about before reading this book. Those parts of the story were so different but so interesting and when I realised the authors husband is in the military, it made perfect sense. It seems to real and detailed, you just know the author knows what she is talking about.

Nick and Alex had such wonderful moments in this; their relationship isn't awful insta-love that I have come to expect from books. Tracey Ward does an amazing job of showing how a relationship can grow, how two complete strangers can come to know and love one another with everything that they have. She can convey passion, chemistry, longing and love in just a few short sentences. Their relationship had me hooked and I became so fully invested in it that I sat up till four in the morning reading this. Plus it also gave me some wonderful, funny secondary characters that I adored as well.

It takes some surprising turns, shocked me at times and had me tearing up so bad at one point. I wasn't sure what to expect from one page to the next, but I just knew I had to see what was going to happen. The last third of the book seemed very different, and at times very, very weird/strange but I kind of loved it. The ending, my god, the ending! It was so abrupt that I was close to actually screaming at my kindle. I need to know what happens next, I need more of Nick and Alex, I need more of Tracey Ward's amazing writing.

4.5/5 Stars

 A unique, wonderful book that has such a real and beautiful love story.
Hard to decide between a 4.5 or a 5, but that abrupt end did kill me

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*I received this book for free as part of a book tour, in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. I hate those abrupt endings too! I have lowered book ratings as well for a sudden ending.


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