Kingdom of Ash Recap / Summary

While I am on my role for recaps, I may as well just add the final book now as I took notes whilst reading. Let me just say that this book didn't need to be 1,000 pages. Sarah J Maas adds in so many unnecessary scenes and wastes countless pages on boring inner monologues that add nothing. I am really disappointed. I was promised war and death... I got a copy of so much of Lord of the Rings, barely any death just some side characters Maas didn't care too much about and then every ship sailing and ending happily ever after. NOPE! I want a soul-crushing finale like Harry Potter, that makes me cry from beginning to end and makes me kind of hate the author but respect them too. A review is coming... It will not be good!

I also put my thoughts into this recap, as that is just what I have to do. I have a lot of feelings!

Heir of Fire
Queen of Shadows
Empire of Storms
Tower of Dawn

Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass, #7)
Kingdom of Ash

The Prince

Rowan still searching for Aelin, it has been months.

The Princess

Aelin is still being kept in the iron box, stored in a temple on a tiny island. They have been torturing her but she has refused to tell them anything.

Part One: Armies & Allies

Chapter 1: Aedion is reunited with the Bane, moving the troops from the armada to the Bane's camp in the Plain of Theralis. No one has noticed in two months that Lysandra is pretending to be Aelin, even though Aelin/Lysandra isn't using her fire power.

Aedion still refuses to talk to Lysandra, only does it when she is pretending to be Aelin so it helps to convince people. Six Valg appear through the mountain pass, they kill five and take one to interrogate for information.

They reach Allsbrook castle and they are reunited with Evangeline. Aedion receives a letter from Kyllian, one of his commanders, telling him Morath's troops have made landfall in Eldrys and have destroyed the city.

Chapter 2: Elide, Gavriel, Rowan and Lorcan are in a city near Doranelle. Rowan has found one of Maeve's commanders and is torturing him for information.

Chapter 3: Aelin has been left chained on a stone alter. Fenrys has been ordered to stay and watch in his wolf form, has to watch her be tortured every time. They give her food and water laced with iron so she can't use her powers. Maeve is torturing her and trying to convince her to swear the blood oath to Maeve.

Chapter 4: Manon, Dorian and the Thirteen are searching for the Crochan witches. Dorian is planning to seal the Wyrdgate, needs to find the last key and will then sacrifice himself to forge the Lock. Dorian uses Wyrdmarks to summon Gavin. Gavin doesn't want to reveal where the last key is because of what will happen to Elena. He finally tells him the third key is in Morath. He tells Dorian Damaris can guide him and he will know when he is ready to go to Morath. Dorian asks Gavin if he is human, Gavin says he can't answer that.

Chapter 5: Rowan and the others are getting conflicting information. One commander told them Maeve is in Doranelle, another said Akkadia. Rowan has a dream of Aelin pregnant, with their other children beside her. Rowan is determined to not let Aelin sacrifice herself to make the Lock.

Chapter 6: Chaol is still sailing for Erilea, doesn't know that Maeve has Aelin yet. Nesryn, Sartaq and Falkan are on a scouting mission - see villages burned by Morath. Yrene is pregnant.

Chapter 7: A white bear tries to attack Manon - it shifts, is the stygian spider Manon tricked in Heir of Fire. This is the same spider that took twenty years from Falkan, which is how she got his shifter power. Spider tells Manon it can lead her to the Crochans. Dorian has been practising his magic, can use many other things not just his ice - he now wonders if he can shapeshift. 

Chapter 8: Cairn takes Aelin to see Maeve, Aelin then realises they are actually in Doranelle. Maeve puts Mab's crown on Aelin and then makes her kneel on broken glass. Connall in his black wolf form, transforms to tell Fenrys that he is a disgrace.

Maeve reveals she knows that Lysandra is currently pretending to be Aelin. Maeve orders Connall to do something, he takes a knife and then she makes him plunge it into his own heart and kill himself. Aelin manages to cut Cairn and Maeve with a shard of glass - for a second Aelin sees Maeve's blood is black.

Chapter 9: Fenrys comes to remove the shards of glass from Aelin.

Chapter 10: Lysandra and their forces have met the legion Erawen marched through Eldrys. Erawen sent 5,000 soldiers but they manage to defeat them. Darrow has sent a message with Nox Owen to tell them to bring the army to meet him the next day. 

Chapter 11: Nesryn and Sartaq return to report on a 10,000 strong army that they have spotted. The army is marching to Aneille, Chaol's family home. They plan to march on Anielle and save them and then secure the Ferian Gap and march to Terrasen after that. Chaol and Yrene plan to ride ahead on a ruk and warn Aneille.

Chapter 12: Aelin feels her mother is with her, telling her to be brave and not to yield. Aelin fights back, hammering on the iron box and almost breaking it. This allows Rowan to feel a surge down the mating bond, the others feels the surge of power too. They realise Aelin is in Doranelle. Rowan says they need to lure Maeve away from Doranelle so they can sneak in and rescue Aelin.

Chapter 13: The spider has led Manon and the others to a camp of 75 Crochan witches. Glennis, the witch these Crochan answer to, is Manon's great-grandmother.

Chapter 14: An Ironteeth patrol has found Manon and the Crochans, it is two Yellowlegs covens. Dorian is almost eaten by a Wyvern, but turns his body to solid flame and burns through the wyvern. Manon swears she did not lead the Ironteeth to them, but Dorian knows she is lying - did it so they could save them and earn their trust.

Chapter 15: Glennis is Manon's father's grandmother, her father was called Tristan. Manon meets Bronwen, her cousin. Bronwen says the Crochan's will never recognise Manon as Queen. 

Dorian realises that the spiders are actually valg. Dorian tells Manon to speak with Glennis to figure out how to convince the Crochan's to join them. Glennis tells her that only a Crochan Queen can light the Flame of War, which is how they summon every witch to fight. They take the flame that has been kept burning for years to each Hearth in the various Crochan camps. Manon has to be accepted as Queen before she can do that. 

The Crochans are heading to Eyllwe, to help Crochan's that are there.

Chapter 16: Darrow summoned Aelin/Lysandra so that they can meet with the other Lords. They vote on where to take their forces next, decide on Orynth. A stranger enters their tent, a Valg, who attacks Lysandra/Aelin, says Erawen sent him.

Chapter 17: The Valg scents Lysandra's blood, now knows she is a shifter and not Aelin. Sends a message through his bond to other valg to tell them. Valg has them kill the valg before he can expose her to everyone.

Aedion reveals he is going to ignore the Lords vote and will move the legion to the border instead. 

Nox finds Lysandra as Aelin, tells her he knows she is a shifter and not Aelin. He knew Celaena Sardothien, as they fought together in the competition in Throne of Glass. Nox was working as a spy for the rebels that whole time. 

Lysandra tells Nox she needs his help and he agrees. Nox gives Lord Darrow, Gunnar, Sloane and Ironwood wine laced with something to make them sleep. Their men are also given the same thing. They awake the next day to find the army gone.

Chapter 18: Chaol & Yrene arrive at Anielle and meet with Chaol's father, inform him 10,000 troops march for Anielle and to ready their men.

Image result for helms deep battle gifChapter 19: The ruks arrive, the foot army is still a week behind them, they need to hold the army back on their own. Morath's army is three days away. *** This is not the first time we get major LOTR vibes from this series, but this whole thing turns into the battle for Helm's Deep. 

Chapter 20: Maeve is giving Aelin false memories, what could have been if Erawen never came to Erilea. In the fake memory, Maeve tells Aelin her story. Says a young Queen was born in a world where power is not inherited but born. She had power stronger than all others. Three Kings came to find her and get her hand. She picked the eldest brother for his library (smart woman!) and what she could learn from it. 

She learnt that there were other worlds than her own, worlds where the sky is blue and the land green - so unlike her dark world. Creating doors between worlds had been outlawed long ago but she found the spells to be able to do it within the library. 

She came to a new world and became Queen there too. The Three Kings found that world and she fought them, they did not know it was her. She sent two back and the last was left so broken that he hid. The Three Kings had found a way to permanently open a gate between worlds and made three keys to do so. 

She says she wants the keys to banish the King back to his world, so she can keep this one new and lovely. Sweetly asks Aelin where she thinks the keys are. Trying to trick her with false memories so she will reveal the true location of the keys. Aelin refuses to tell her. 

Maeve says she does not want to destroy this world, she wants to save it. Maeve tells Aelin she has heard a Valg commander has been caught with a collar. She plans to go and retrieve the collar and then put it on Aelin. Cairn is moving her while Maeve is gone, to somewhere more secure.

Chapter 21: Rowan knew Maeve would want a collar, had Elide travel to a tavern to spread fake rumours of a captured Valg Prince. Elide plans to go into the city and ask after Cairn, so they can figure out where Aelin is being kept in Doranelle.

Chapter 22: Lysandra is scouting ahead in bird form, she sees 50,000 troops being led by 5 Valg Princes marching towards them. They only have an army of 25,000. They begin fighting and they are being destroyed by the Valg. Still Lysandra/Aelin doesn't use her fire, soldiers notice this.

Chapter 23: Elide finds a tavern with fae soldiers stationed there. She lies and says her name is Finnula, and that Cairn told her to meet him here. They won't tell her where Cairn is but reveal Maeve has left Doranelle. Elide leaves and one of the fae follows her, says her name is Essar and that she should stay away from Cairn.

Essar reveals Cairn is at the eastern camp. She knows that Elide is with Rowan and Lorcan, recognises their clothes on Elide. Essar was Lorcan's lover for a while. Essar and her sister Dresenda tell her that the watch is weakest at dawn. Essar reveals she visited Mistward in the Spring, met Aelin when she was there and that is why she is helping them. 

Rowan will break into the camp at the southern entrance. Gavriel and Lorcan are waiting for his signal at the east entrance, they will create a diversion there so he can sneak in.

Chapter 24: Crochans, Manon, Dorian and the Thirteen now at an ancient camp where the seven Great Hearths have a fire each. Dorian still trying to learn to shift. Glennis gives Manon three brooms to deliver to Crochans throughout the camp, Manon knows they must be important in some way.

Karsyn, a Crochan watching the wyverns, reveals that Abraxos and Narene, Asterin's wyvern, are mates. Rhiannon Crochan's crown of stars was stolen from her dying body by Baba Yellowlegs and hasn't been seen since.

Dorian and Manon get into a fight, he says that she cares and she argues, saying that she doesn't. Dorian tells her he cares about her, she calls him a fool. Dorian wakes up, has successfully shifted his eyes from blue to brown.

Chapter 25: Aelin still in the box, has been moved to a camp. Cairn plans to burn Aelin with fire. Aelin believes she has found a way she can get Cairn to kill her and end this. Rowan hears a voice, Lady of Light, urging him to hurry up and go now, so he breaks into the camp early. 

Chapter 26: Aelin toys with Cairn, says the guards talk about him and call him spineless. He hits her, unlocks her from the table and is pushing her face towards the fire to burn her. She hits him and attempts to run, but he grabs her. 

Fenrys tries to fight against the blood oath, refusing to obey it. Severing the blood oath will kill him but he does it anyway. Fenrys attacks Cairn, severing the blood oath completely.

Chapter 27: Cairn and Fenrys fights. Aelin uses a burning poker to break the chains on her feet and run.

Chapter 28: Aelin escapes, fighting soldiers, heading in the opposite direction of Rowan. Lorcan sees Aelin. Ten soldiers surround her, she kills them all and runs for Lorcan. Rowan finds them, Aelin pleads for Rowan so Rowan and Gavriel head back into the camp for him.  ***It felt like they found and got her out super quickly but it has been 250 pages.

Chapter 29: Rowan & Gavriel find Cairn and Fenrys both injured in the tent, Fenrys is slowly dying. Rowan tells Gavriel to heal Cairn, then chains him to the metal table. Rowan is going to torture Cairn.

Chapter 30:Elide sees Lorcan arrive back with Aelin. Aelin is screaming for them to remove her shackles but they cant. Has to teach Rowan the wyrdmarks for open in order to remove them. All of Aelin's scars have gone - Maeve erased them all when she had the healers heal her after every torture session.

Chapter 31: Every scar of Aelin's are gone - the ones from Endovier, from when her and Rowan became caranam, from her oath to Nehemia, from Baba Yellowlegs - they're all gone. They also removed her tattoo. They'd given her entirely new skin to replace the skin they had destroyed. 

Aelin goes to Fenrys as he lays dying, has him swear the blood oath to her as it is the only way she can save him. Orders him to live. 

The Little Folk appear, asking them to follow. They lead them to a save with a fire, a stream and a great lake. Aelin lays down, having said nothing to Rowan.

Chapter 32: Dorian still learning to shift, took three days to change his eye colour back.

Chapter 33: Manon and the witches reach Eyllwe too late, many Crochan witches there are dead and only a few have gotten away. Manon begins digging, her and the Thirteen will bury all the dead Crochans. 

Four Crochan covens made it to the King and Queen of Eyllwe and are now aiding them. Eyllwe are still fighting against Morath's army.

Dorian goes to summon Gavin but Kaltain is summoned instead. Kaltain says she is forbidden from telling him what it is like after death and who is with her there. Kaltain confirms the final key is in Morath, tells him to go to the Keep there as it is the only place Erawen would keep it. Kaltain warns him to go, grab the key and leave, otherwise he will have a collar placed on him again. 

Dorian finally transforms fully, into a raven. Sees Manon, she saw the whole thing and knows he plans to go to Morath. 

Image result for why gifChapter 34: Aedion and their armies are still fighting Morath's forces, has been three days of fighting. Men have started to question why Aelin doesn't use her fire. Aedion says they can retreat northward to Perranth, across the river and pick of Morath's forces as they follow.

Lysandra finds Aedion, shifts back to human form and is naked. They fight. Aedion tells her that her & Aelin's plan was bullshit, can't pretend to be Aelin when their armies are relying on her fire power to save them. Aedion says she agreed to let Aelin go to her death and told no one. He tells her that she has ruined everything and throws her out of his tent and into the snow... naked. *** Aedion, I love you but, WHY!

Chapter 35: Aelin doesn't believe that they are real and that she has been rescued, the Little Folk promise her it is. Rowan tells her that Cairn is dead, that him skinned him alive, like Aelin once told him she would do to him if he ever whipped her. He then cut off Cairns head and burnt it.

Aelin is told she has been gone for two months and three days. A boat appears on the lake, two forms under the water are pulling it. Little Folk have brought it for them, they can sail underground through the caves and out to the sea and not get caught. The Little Folk give Aelin the Crown of Mab, as she is both Brannon's Heair and Mab's, making her the Queen of the Little Folk too.

Chapter 36: Lorcan tells Elide he wasn't crawling towards Maeve on that beach, but crawling for Aelin. Then endless Aelin inner monologue  ***Maas still can't edit herself. 300-350 pages of this book are unnecessary, probably more.

Chapter 37: Aelin and the others entering a barrow, wight territory. They are creatures of malic and thought that covet treasure and hate light of any kind. Aelin leaves the boat and enters one of their caves,. Fenrys, Gavriel and Rowan follow, Lorcan and Elide stay on the boat.

Image result for fucking stop gifAelin has come to the cave to take gold for their journey, the others take it too. Fenrys finally turns back into his human form and hugs Aelin. He tells the others what Maeve made Connall do. Aelin finds rings for her and Rowan to wear as wedding bands. Rowan tells her he will redo her tattoo and add a new one for them.

Chapter 38: NOTHING, 4 PAGES OF NOTHING! Maas stop!

Chapter 39: Erawen's army has taken five days to reach Anielle. Chaol's mother left Anielle with Terrin, Tarrin left a note. Chaol's father tells Chaol that Yrene is pregnant, has noticed her touching her belly often.

Chapter 40: Manon wants to go to the Ferian Gap, to the host under Petrah's control and will ask them to join her. Manon sees Dorian talking to Kaltain, fights with him about his plan to go to Morath. Tells him to prove himself first, shift and sneak into the Ferian Gap and tell them who is there. He agrees.

Image result for gag gifChapter 41: Aelin and the others have reached the sea through the caves. Aelin and Rowan talk about the fact they are mates. Then we get another sex scene. ***Maas is right back to the sex scenes that make you cringe and are so cheesy it hurts. It is all 'claiming' 'primal' and declaring people are 'yours'.

Chapter 42: Aelin speaks to Lorcan, tells him she can't trust him fully. Tells him to swear the blood oath and then he will be welcome in Terrasen and can go where he wants. If he refuses he will never be allowed in Terrasen, meaning he won't see Elide again. Lorcan swears the oath and promises to protect Terrasen, he does it for Elide.

Chapter 43: Dorian on the way to the Ferian Gap with Manon and the Thirteen. He is shifting to make himself look like a valg. He flies in on Narene. Comes back, says the Matrons aren't there - just Petrah and 300 Ironteeth.

Manon and the Thirteen enter the Omega to see Petrah, ask her to gather her host. Manon reveals that her grandmother plans to rule the witches as their High Queen, only Queen. Wants to get rid of Yellowlegs and Bluebloods, make them all her subjects. Manon gives a speech to the witches and asks them to join her and then Manon and the Thirteen leave them.

Chapter 44: Aelin dreams she is still captive. She is angry that she was chosen to pay the price, she hopes Dorian finds the third key and forms the Lock so she doesn't have to. Rowan is training Aelin so she can build back her strength and muscle. Aelin has been teaching them how to draw wyrdmarks.
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Chapter 45: Battling for 5 days in Anielle. Eretia tells Yrene she knows she is pregnant, but Yrene still hasn't told Chaol and he hasn't told her he knows. A horn sounds, Hasar has arrived with Darghan cavalry and foot soldiers. ***This is basically Helm's Deep!

Chapter 46: Aedion and his armies are nearing Perranth, Morath soldiers are a day behind. Morath's soldiers finally reach them. Aedion has Rhoe's shield, which belonged to Aelin's father - he never told her he had it. Morath's army is coming towards them across a frozen river, the fae on Aedion's side use their magic to break it, drowning some of Morath's soldiers.

Lysandra is fighting in a wyvern form. They are losing, Morath has too many soldiers. Many of Aedion's soldiers start fleeing. Lysandra knows she must do something.

Chapter 47: Lysandra enters the battlefield as Aelin, with a sword. Is going to fight the Valg, a way to give the soldiers hope and stop them fleeing. Lysandra is fighting two ilken, Aedion is running for her as he thinks she is going to die. Aedion is regretting all the things he said to her. Lysandra is hit by the ilkens poisoned claw. Aedion reaches her, knows he needs to get the poison out before she dies.

Some of Morath's witches arrive and bring a witch tower. A witch is Yielding in the tower, sacrificing herself so they can amplify the power with the witch tower and use it to destroy Aedion's army. One blast completely destroy 4,000 of Aedion soldiers.

Chapter 48: Chaol, Nesryn, Sartaq and Hasar are discussing battle strategies. Aelin, Rowan and the others arrive. Aelin cries at seeing Chaol walking and hugs him. ***YAY! Finally a nice Chaol & Aelin reunion. Aelin recognises Yrene, Yrene gives her the note that she gave her years ago. Chaol reveals they are married, Aelin tells him she married Rowan. She reveals that Gavriel is Aedion's father.

Chapter 49: Falken arrives at the tent, he suddenly turned young again. Aelin met him long ago in Xandria. Nesryn tells Aelin that Falken is Lysandra's uncle. Nesryn explains that the stygian spiders are actually valg and that they answer the only Valg Queen - Maeve.

Chapter 50: Nesryn tells them everything the spider told her about Maeve. She tells them the valg are parasites and that Yrene has found a way to rid human hosts of them. Aelin tells them she was kept captive by Maeve for two months. Aelin is struggling, feels like Maeve has broken her.

Chapter 51: Elide and Lorcan fight, she can't understand how he loved Maeve. Lorcan tells her she is jealous. She tells him she doesn't care if he makes it off the battlefield alive or not.

Chapter 52: Manon and the Thirteen return to the Crochans. Manon asks Glennis if Rhiannon, her half-sister, believed the Ironteeth could change. Glennis says she did, and wanted to find Manon as she believed they could rule the witches together.

Dorian is practising how to fly as a raven so that he can eventually fly to Morath.

Chapter 53: Lysandra wakes up in a tent, Aedion is with her. He tells her they yielded Perranth and have been on the run for two days and are three days from Orynth. Lysandra shifted back to her body whilst injured, all the soldiers now know Aelin isn't with them.

Aedion apologises for everything he said. Lysandra tells Aedion that despite everything she was made to do when with Arobynn, she has never felt more degraded and humiliated than when he threw her from his tent. She is angry that it took her almost dying for him to realise he was wrong. She tells him she has wanted to be with him in the end but that is ruined now. She doesn't want to speak to him any more.

Ren and Darrow have reached them. Darrow says Aedion is stripped of him rank for his rebellion. Darrow says they will execute Lysandra if she shifts to Aelin again. Darrow demands that Aedion hand back the Sword of Orynth. Aedion does that. They realise their army is now trapped.

Chapter 54: Chaol tells Yrene he knows she is pregnant. Aelin meets Chaol's father, she humiliates him and tells him to rot in hell. Aelin would be Heir to Doranelle, as Maeve isn't really the Fae Queen.

Chapter 55: Dorian has shifted into a female witch. Dorian confronts Manon, says she is too afraid to ask him to stay and not go to Morath even though that is what she wants.

The three Ironteeth Matrons have found them.

Chapter 56: The Yellowlegs matron is wearing Rhiannon's crown of stars. Manon fights them. She kills the Yellowlegs matron and takes the crown. Manon tells Petrah's mother to go, to tell Petrah their life debts are paid and she can decide what to do with her. Manon's grandmother flees on her wyvern. Glennis then crowns Manon, names her Queen of Witches.

Chapter 57: Rowan doesn't know if Aelin can use her powers, hasn't done so since they saved her from Maeve. Fenrys tells Rowan that Cairn burned her with fire. Rowan, Aelin & the others take swords and armour from Chaol's fathers keep.

Morath's forces begin attacking, Rowan notices Aelin hasn't returned from the keep and isn't fighting. Aelin finally appears on the battlefield, in golden armour and begins fighting with a sword, not with her power.

Chapter 58: Morath's soldiers are planning to break Anielle's dam, which will destroy their forces but also Aelin's. Sartaq & Nesryn attack the soldiers trying to use a battering ram to break the dam. Lorcan is on the battlefield, fighting against ten Valg. One cuts open his back and then plunges a sword into his gut.

Chapter 59: Sartaq & Nesryn arrive back to the keep to tell them to get their soldiers off the plains as the dam is damaged and will soon collapse. Many will not have time to escape, they will lose most of their forces when the dam breaks.

Elide realises Lorcan hasn't returned with them. Rowan tells Fenrys to use his magic to jump to the field and find him. Fenrys says he can't jump to the field. Elide takes Chaol's hose and rides out onto the plain to find Lorcan herself.

Chapter 60: Fenrys hasn't been able to jump since Connall died - it was the power they shared and he doesn't know if he still can. Elide finds Lorcan, his wounds are very bad. She gets him onto the horse and they race for the gate, need to get there before the dam breaks.

Image result for dam break lotr gif
Chapter 61: Lorcan tells Elide to leave him, as he is weighing the horse down and slowing them down. Lorcan tells Elide that he loves her, tells her to let him go but she refuses to let him off. They're still a mile from the keep when the dam bursts.

Aelin is riding Borte's ruk out into the plain. Rowan realises that Aelin has been making the descent into her power for the past three months, it is why she hasn't been using it. Building it up so she could use it against Erawen to kill him. Instead she uses it to blast the water coming from the dam, turning it to steam and saving their forces.

Chapter 62: Manon goes to Dorian and apologises for how she acted when she learned that he was going to Mortath. Dorian plans to leave for Morath the next day. Manon asks him to stay, says they can form an alliance between Adarlan and the Crochans, they would marry. Dorian doesn't believe she would be happy being confined by marriage. They sleep together and fall asleep, when Manon wakes up, Dorian has left with the two Wyrdkeys.

Image result for gondor calls for aid gifChapter 63: Aedion tells Ren to send out messengers saying that Terrasen calls for aid. They begin fighting Morath's army but are likely to lose. Rolfe and the Mycenians finally arrive, firing their firelances at the enemy. Aedion and his men run for the boats, will escape on them and head for Orynth.

Chapter 64: Lorcan wakes up, Elide is beside him. She tells him she loves him. They kiss.

Related imageChapter 65: Manon and the Crochan's get the word that Terrasen is calling for aid. Manon says she will answer their call, so do the Thirteen and so do the leaders of the Seven Great Hearths of the Crochans. Manon lights the Flame of War and each of the Seven Hearths, summoning them to war. The final clan takes the flame and will take it to light them fires across all the Crochans camp, to call them all to war.

Chapter 66: Aelin tells Rowan that she sent letters to Aedion, as well as Rowans uncle and Essar, saying that she was imprisoned by Maeve and heard Maeve's plans during this time. She is trying to convince them to disband Maeve's army and start a revolution in Doranelle. She told them in the letter that Maeve is Valg.

Kashin and his soldiers have arrived. Hasar, Kashin, Sartaq and their armies will go with Aelin to Terrasen. Yrene is currently healing people infected by the Valg.

Chatper 67: Aelin is wondering if Yrene can use her power on Erawen and Maeve to get rid of them, that way Aelin would not need to forge the Lock. Aelin is looking at the books written in Wyrdmarks that Chaol and Yrene brought with them, but finds nothing important.

The Wild Men in the mountains of Anielle want a part of Anielle's territory and then they will guide their forces through secret paths to Terrasen, so they can avoid enemy forces. Chaol's father refuses, but Aelin points out that Chaol outranks him, as he is Hand of the King.

Chaol's father shows him a trunk of letter from his mother, she had wrote to him for years while he was in Rifthold. His father never sent them, letting his mother think Chaol never wrote back and making Chaol think his mother didn't care.

Chaol gives the Wild Men the territory and then they follow them into the mountains. Half of the ruks and Dhargan riders will march under Kashin's banner on the eastern side of the mountain, to draw out the forces from the Ferian Gap.

Part Two: Gods & Gates

Chapter 68: Dorian arrives in Morath, sneaks in as a mouse. Dorian sees Maeve and Erawen together, Maeve has come to talk to him.

Chapter 69: Aedion, Lysandra and their army arrive at Orynth.

Chapter 70: Maeve reveals to Erawen who she really is, that she is the Valg Queen. Maeve is no longer Queen of Doranelle - Aelin's letters works, her army rose up against her and refused to march. Maeve tells him she had Aelin but she has since escaped. Maeve wants to ally with him against Aelin.

Maeve creates a portal and shows him a spider on the other side - the kharankui. Erawen has struggled to find hosts for the last 6 Valg princsses but Maeve says he can put them in  the kharankui. Erawen plans to bring his two brothers back to this world. Agrees to work with Maeve and put the princesses in the kharankui.

Maeve leaves to go to the chambers Erawen has assigned her. Dorian follows but Maeve knows he is their and traps him.

Chapter 71: Maeve tells Dorian that they can work together, that she wants the keys so she can get ride of Erawen and his brothers for good. She tells him that Aelin is glad he has the keys and that he will be sacrificing himself rather than her, Dorian says he doesn't blame her.

Dorian tells Maeve to work with him, bring the spiders to his side and he will marry her, give her Adarlan as a new Kingdom for her to rule.

Vernon is also at Morath, which gives Dorian an idea. He shifts into Vernon in order to speak to Erawen and ask him questions. Doesn't find out anything important and doesn't find the key.

Chapter 72: Nesryn & Sartaq have reached the Ferian Gap but find no sign of the enemy army. Chaol and Gavriel talk about fatherhood - more wasted pages. Nesryn and Sartaq arrive back to inform them they found no trace of the Ironteeth at the Ferian Gap.

Chapter 73: Maeve brought 6 spiders to Morath and the princesses are now in them. Dorian is still hunting for the key. He finds a locked door and shifts so he can sneak in. He finds a black stone sarcophagus in it and rows of Wyrdstone collars. He has found the tomb where Elena and Gavin trapped Erawen. The collars are affecting him and Maeve saves him. Maeve tells him she doesn't want to be like Erawen and his brother. Dorian believes the final key is in Erawen's tower but he can't sneak in. He wants Maeve to try and seduce Erawen so she can gain entry.

Chapter 74: Maeve tries to seduce Erawen but he rejects her and doesn't let her in. Maeve meets with Erawen the next day, Dorian hides in her pocket as a mouse. Erawen wants Maeve to summon all the kharankui for him. Maeve tells him he should hold off, save them for another battle. She says she will demonstrate her power to him, by showing his brothers to him.

Chapter 75: Aedion and his forces are setting a trap for Morath's fleet. They set explosives underground, ignite them and it destroys two of the three witch towers they have brought, and breaks the other. Morath has sent 100,000 soldiers.

Chapter 76: Maeve plans to trick Erawen, show him an illusion of his brothers whilst Dorian sneaks into his tower. Maeve opens a portal to get him into the tower.

Chapter 77: Dorian finds a woman in Erawen's bed, realises the Wyrdkey is in her arm. Dorian is shifted as Erawen and pretends to be him. He cuts open her arm and takes the Wyrdkey. She begs him to kill her but he can't. Maeve appears, kills the girl and then uses her powers to enter Dorian's mind and try to control him.

Chapter 78: Dorian tricked Maeve into believing she could control him, the whole time he has been learning her power.  *** Can we just talk about how Dorian is a total badass and about 1,000 times for powerful than Aelin, as he has mastered so many different powers when she can only really use her fire.

Dorian now has control of Maeve's mind, reveals he used his magic to weaken Morath's foundations and will bring the whole place down. He leaves, gives Maeve back control of her mind but he takes away her ability to make portals  - see, Dorian is a fucking badass! Dorian now has all three keys.

Chapter 79: Yrene tells Elide that she could heal her foot, it will be painful and slow but she could do it. Elide says they will talk about it if and when they win the war.

Borte arrives and says they found Vernon in the mountains. Vernon tells her Perranth has been sacked and now belongs to Erawen. Vernon tells Aelin that Maeve went to Morath to unite with Erawen.

Chapter 80: Vernon tells them 100,000 soldiers are marching on Orynth. Aelin leaves him locked and chained in the room, as he did to Elide. They will leave him there to die of starvation.

Chapter 81: Darrow shows Lysandra the last of the sacred texts from the Library of Orynth. They ready for battle and see 1,000 wyvern and witches flying towards them. Aedion plans to fire Rolfe's firelances at them.

Aedion tells Lysandra to take Evangeline and escape through a tunnel at the bottom of the castle. Tells her that he is in love with her.

Wyverns appear from the North, it is Manon and the Thirteen and they have brought an army of Crochan witches with them, thousands of them.

Chapter 82: Over 5,000 Crochan witches came. ***Then we get more pages of nothing.

Chapter 83: Dorian summons Gavin to tell him he has the keys and plans to take them to Aelin so they can decide what to do.

Chapter 84: Lysandra goes into the tunnel under the castle and into the Florine river as a sea dragon, gets near to the enemy and waits for a signal.

Chapter 85: Lysandra gets the signal, jumps from the water and attacks the enemy as a sea dragon. Then jumps back in the river and moves up to attack more enemies. They shoot flaming boulders down on Morath's forces whilst the Crochans fight the Ironteeth. A siege ladder hits the wall, a Valg prince has arrived.

Chapter 86: The Valg Prince and Aedion fight, Valg stabs Aedion in the armpit. Ren saves him and kills the Valg with a firelance. Aedion is unconscious and sent to a healer.

Image result for i hate so much about the things you choose to be gif
My Maas thoughts at this point.
Chapter 87: Rowan has redone Aelin's tattoo and given her another one telling their story. Elide and Lochan get a fade to black sex scene ***So we get 500 awkward as fuck Rowan and Aelin sex scenes, but this she decides to fade to black!

Dorian finds them, tells them he has the three keys.

Chapter 88: Morath now trying to enter through the river that Lysandra used. Iskra Yellowlegs attacks Abraxos and Manon, her bull has Abraxos's throat in his jaws.

Chapter 89: Manon wants to save Abraxos, he is trying to dive for the ground so he can kill  the bull but save Manon. Manon plans to try to jump from Abraxos onto the other bull. Petrah appears and has brought her legions to fight alongside Manon. Manon and Abraxos are saved, so go to prevent Morath's soldiers getting in using the river.

Petrah kills Iskra and her wyvern, revenge for Iskra killing her wyvern back in Heir of Fire. Manon takes Abraxos back to the castle, needs a healer for the wound on his neck.

Morath have repaired one of their witch towers, plan to Yield more witches so they can blast apart the city. Manon is determined to break apart the tower, wants to fly to the tower to do it. Asterin and the Thirteen knock her down to keep her there, tell her to live and then all twelve fly for the tower.

Eleven of them, except Asterin, are taken down but Asterin makes it. She kills the witch who is about to Yield. Asterin and the other Thirteen all make the Yielding, blasting apart the tower and destroying a lot of Morath's army.  *** I am devastated, but only felt like I really knew two of these 12. Maas still can't kill big characters.

Chapter 90: Manon goes down to the blast zone. Everyone comes to lay flowers in honour of the Thirteen for saving them all. Kingsflame blooms *** called it!

Chapter 91: Dorian and Chaol reunite and it is everything I needed in my life. It is actually the only thing that made me cry in this book. Dorian meets Yrene. Dorian tells them about Morath and what Maeve was there for. Aelin wants to allow them to vote, on whether to create the Lock straight away or head to Terrasen fight. They vote to forge the Lock and send Erawen back the next day.

Image result for rolls eyes gifChapter 92: Rowan suggests that Aelin and Dorian can forge the lock together and each give half of their power. Aelin asks Dorian, he agrees to do that. They are going to forge the Lock now.   *** It is at this point where I finally started to realise we are 760+ pages in and it is obvious Maas still can't kill her darlings. I begin to truly fear this will be the disappointing, lacklustre finale like ACOWAR was. We are promised war and death and then get nothing but people coming in to save the day at the last minute, nobody dying and everyone living happily ever after. I was right! Can you tell I'm bitter?!?

Chapter 93: Rowan, Dorian, Aelin and Chaol head to Endovier to make the Lock. Dorian & Aelin cut palms and join hands. Aelin cuts open her arms, she realised that to open the gate she has to become it. She places the wyrdstones into her arm. They dissolve into her blood.

Chapter 94: The Lock is forming, draining both of their powers and killing them. Dorian's father appears from a doorway, yells stop.

Chapter 95: The King says he can pay the price, as he has no name and is nameless. Aelin tells Dorian that one of them needs to rule, then rips her hand  from his and sends him back. Plans to form the lock with his father.

Chapter 96: The King gives her a message from her parents, that they love her, are proud of her and that the debt has been paid enough. King uses the last of his power to forge the lock. The Lock is forged and sealed, and the rest of Aelin's magic vanishes.

Chapter 97: No magic left in Aelin, just a tiny droplet of her water power. Twelve figures appear from the portal behind Aelin - Deanna, Elena, Mala and the other Gods. They want her to send them back. Aelin wants to bargain for a trade, wants to trade Erawen's soul for Elenas. She says they will keep Erawen here in Erilea but they let Elena's soul remain in the afterworld. They destroy Elena completely, tell Aelin they don't make bargains.

Chapter 98: Rowan feels the mating bond getting weaker. The gods leave through the archway and seal it, refuse to take Erawen with them. Mala gives Aelin a piece of her power. Mala tells Aelin to seal the gate, think of home and that the wyrdmarks will guide her. Rowan inked wyrdmarks into her tattoos, a map home to him. Aelin opens a portal in the gods world, sends them into a hell-realm. Aelin begins sealing all the gates and archways. She throws her last piece of power into the Lock and then leaps through the gate back home.

Image result for are you fucking kidding me gifChapter 99: Aelin is falling through different worlds. She passes through what is obviously the Night Court and sees Feyre and Rhysand together, Feyre is heavily pregnant. Rhysand hits her with his power to help slow her down. Aelin returns to her own body, her power is gone and just a small ember remains. Aelin is now an immortal fae, gave up her mortality to forge the lock and live.   ***Fucking pointless! Had such a build up for books and books about how important the keys are and the Lock. And it was all for NOTHING! Nothing was gained by doing it, they didn't even get rid of Erawen.

Chapter 100: A week since the Thirteen sacrificed themselves. Ansel of the Wastes tells Manon she will share the Wastes with her and the witches.

Chapter 101: Elide gives Aelin Silba's ring.

Chapter 102: Murtaugh was killed. Lysandra kisses Aedion. They have about four days of fighting Morath's army left before they will lose and all die.

Chapter 103: The Lord of the North and the Little Folk appear and tell Aelin to follow her as Doom is upon Orynth.

Chapter 104: Aedion's forces are out of arrows and firelances. Darrow gives Aedion back the Sword of Orynth and his title, then tells Lysandra he recognises Caraverre and her as its lady. Darrow names Evangeline his heir.
Image result for helm's deep gandalf gif
Chapter 105: Aedionm, Lysandra and the others are hours away from defeat. A horn blares and Aelin arrives, riding the Lord of the North and bringing her army with her. ***Say it with me, one more time: HELM'S DEEP!

Chapter 106: Aelin & their forces attack.

Chapter 107: A wyvern attacks Aelin, Lysandra appears in wyvern form and saves her. Aelin and Ansel use catapults to destroy two siege towers. The rest of Morath's Ironteeth host arrives. Gavriel arrives in Orynth and goes to find Aedion.

Image result for angry gifChapter 108: Gavriel tells Aedion they found Aelin, sealed the Wyrdgate but haven't sent Erawen back. Gavriel needs to help seal the gate to Orynth. He fights outside it and shuts the gate behind him. Aedion tries to get down to him but Aedion dies protecting the gate.   *** Don't get me wrong, I am sad. But that is all we get. Maas kills off twelve witches, only two of witch we really ever get to know and care for and then Gavriel. That is it. In this giant, awful battle. Clearly this is LOTR. I want a devastating, death-filled finale like Deathly Hallows. You know, REALISTIC when it comes to war.

Chapter 109: The six kharankui valg princesses arrive with Maeve and Erawen. Aelin is at the Southern gate, sword in hand and plans to fight them both.

Chapter 110: Aelin is playing Maeve and Erawen against each other - tells Erawen that Maeve planned to destroy him. Tells him they have healers here who will destroy him. Aelin begins fighting them.

Chapter 111: Lorcan and Fenrys head to help Aelin against Maeve and Erawen. An ilken appears to pick Erawen up.

Chapter 112: Erawen spotted a healer and has gone to try and kill her. Yrene purposefully tricked him to get him to come for her.

Maeve grabs Aelin, tells her to swear the blood oath. Rowan, Fenrys and Lorcan arrive and Maeve attacks them with her power.

Chapter 113: Erawen tells Yrene he has been looking for her. They have her kind in their world and called them death-maidens. They used her kind to unbind the wyrdgate and make the keys. Erawen gets trapped by a wyrdmark. Yrene then uses her healing to destroy him. Dorian cuts their palms and links hands, to lend his power to her.

Dorian demands that Erawen tells him his fathers name. Reveals that it was Dorian as well, his father only remembered that name briefly when he first saw Dorian as a baby and named him it.

Image result for this is bullshit gifThey destroy Erawen.   ***Yup! Seven books on this big, bad demon King and that is how easily he dies. Yrene gets rid of him in a few pages... But took her fucking months to fix Chaols injury. This whole thing is just bullshit.

Chapter 114: Maeve's power is showing Rowan, Lorcan and Fenrys different things. Rowan sees Aelin dead, spiked to the gates of Orynth. Fenrys sees his brother, who tells him that everything that happened to  him is Fenrys's fault. Lorcan sees Elide telling him that she will never be with him. Maeve is using this to try and get Aelin to swear the blood oath.

Aelin blasts the last of her power to Lorcan, Rowan and Fenrys. Aelin is creating portals, leading to different armies - a band of fae, wolf-riders who hate Maeve and the stygian spiders who also want to destroy Maeve. Aelin and Rowan distract Maeve, whilst Fenrys stabs her in the heart with Goldryn.

Chapter 115: Aelin places Silb'as ring on Maeve's finger and then beaheads her. The Valg armies instantly stop and collapse because Erawen and Maeve are both dead.   *** All so anti-cimactic and easy. Awful pacing once again where the book is too long and you feel yourself skimming at the end, waiting for it to end.

Chapter 116: Aelin enters Orynth.

Image result for eye roll gif
Chapter 117: Falkan finds Lysandra, tells her that he is her uncle and his fortune is hers. Darrow welcomes Aelin to Orynth as Queen. Aelin offers Gavriel the bood oath in death, to honour him. Lorcan asks Elide to tell him to stay, come to Perranth and marry him; she does. Lorcan plans to bind his life to Elide, so they will die together when she dies.

Chapter 118: Yrene wants to start her own Torre in the North. The Crochans find Manon, a flower has been spotted in the Wastes, the curse is broken.

Chapter 119: Rowan has told Sellene, his cousin, that she is now Queen of Doranelle. Aelin has her coronation as Queen. Aelin has Aedion swear the blood oath. The Little Folk come and give her Mab's crown, she is also Faerie Queen of the West.

Chapter 120: Some of the rukhin have found wyvern eggs and want to stay behind to train them. Chaol's mother sends a letter, wishes for her & Hollin to come and live with Chaol. Dorian finds Manon and says the rukhin will train wyverns to be his new aerial legion, he wants her to come back from the Wastes to help them. She says she will.

Chapter 121: Everyone is departing: the Crochans, the khaganate royals, Ansel, Silent Assassins, Prince Gallan and more. Dorian, Chaol and Aelin say goodbye to one another, Aelin tells them she loves them both. ***The trio back together!


Elide and Lorcan are married. Aedion and Lysandra plan to marry. Book ends with the Kingsflame blooming  ***Predicted that as Maas doesn't know how to subtly drop hints.

The Very-Disappointing-But-Not-Surprising End


  1. I agree...way too easy, so many things stopped making sense after the dam flooded Anielle.

    1. Yeah, wasn't what I was expecting at all. Also mostly wrote this for me and was surprised how many people found it.

  2. Even the minor scenes you think don't matter do quite a bit. They add depth to the characters, and provide background. War is a long process, and it doesn't happen overnight! Of course there are going to be lots of scenes that are not action packed. However, of course, nothing compares to Harry Potter, particularly the finale which as you so wonderfully put it, was soul-crushing. To be fair, if the standard is Harry Potter, no book would make the cut!

    1. Honestly never expected many people to find this. I mainly wrote them for myself, which is why I added in little personal comments. It definitely is a satisfying conclusion for some but I just expected more.

    2. harry potter is a good read and all but....
      if you read the lord of the rings/hobbit first you can see that its writing style is nealy the same as harry potter

  3. I agree 100% that is read like LOTR. Literally she re-wrote Helms Deep and many, many sentences were only a word or 2 different from dialogue in the movies. I have seen them easily 30x and can recite the movies. It drove me nuts how much was taken from LOTR

    1. Same for me. I think where I am soooo familiar with LOTR it made the copying of Helm's Deep even more obvious to me.

  4. I completely agree with this whole summary, out of everything that I was disappointed with, the keys and the gate was the big let down for me. I felt the whole goal was about the wyrd keys and locking the gate and than it just doesn’t even matter? They just disappear? I felt hugely let down that all the books were just building up the importance of the keys for that? This was a great overview and I applaud you. Also the whole romance scenes were so cheesy. She uses the same quotes over and over like, “I am yours” or “You are mine” and it gets very boring and unentertaining quickly.

    1. Thank you. I came back to the blog after a year away and didn't expect this to have been seen by so many people. My blog was relatively small so didn't know why this blew up. I mainly wrote it for me, which is why I added in little personal thoughts. Thankful to find someone else who felt the same as a lot of people seem pissed.

  5. You can't really compare Kingdom of Ash to Harry Potter which is a one in a generation type of series. However I agree, for all the build-up the ending isn't the most satisfying. I find that the lead-up to the end is fantastic in some places, however the ending was rather simple, unrealistic and unwholesome. However, I find the pleasure came in seeing the characters finally get the happy ending they deserved, instead of focusing on how, yes, the Valg King who was built up to be some immortal, invincible monster was killed very easily.

  6. I think that, yes, Erawan was killed unrealistically easily, especially after the build-up, however I enjoyed the happy-ending and the rest of the story was more than enough to make up for perhaps a not-so satisfying ending. I was wondering how everyone (Aelin, Rowan, Lysandra, Aedion, Manon, Dorian) survived and made it through, however I did enjoy this series and feel the positives outweigh the negatives.

  7. I literately predicted the ending when the lock was first introduced. I wish the book wasn't so long.

  8. Thank you so much for this recap/review. You are awesome. I stop reading at book 4, but want to see the end without read the unnecessary parts. Thank you again and please keep writing ^^

  9. I find it disappointing that you skipped so much of the book and basically said some of the characters didn’t matter. You didn’t consider how Maas may have felt killing off characters, and that the story needed to go that way for it to continue smoothly.

  10. You aren’t to found of Adeline and Rowan relationship

  11. i got soooo tired of it so i just read the kingdom of ash here! life saving and thank you sooo much<3
    the ending was surely just too simple.

  12. I love your chapter summaries! I always listen to the SJM audiobooks instead of reading it (too long, can’t focus without Elizabeth Evans’ entertaining voices), so it’s nice to have this to refer to when I miss something or when I zone out of entire chapters. On chapter 108 it says “Aedion dies protecting the gate” and I had to do a double take. I was like WHAT how did I miss that lol. I think it’s just a typo.

  13. I'd like to weigh in on this. My job is extremely dangerous and I see horrible endings all the time. I love to read fantasy/science fiction, and definitely want happy endings. It's escapism and after living in this messed up world, it's nice to have everything work out and none of the main characters killed. I was sorry the 13 died as they were favorites of mine. So we all see and need different emotional experiences from what we read. Try not to be so biting and unforgiving. There are plenty of books out there that kill the hero's off, or better yet get a job like mine and live it daily!

  14. You know, I was mad at first that Maas was deciding to go with dooming the main character (who's already suffered enough) to forfeit a happy ending, but I don't know what's worse, presenting it as the only option, or back-tracking once she realized she couldn't bring herself to do it.
    But I think the worst part truly is that the Lock was a completely worthless plot line since it didn't even get rid of the valg anyway...


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