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A Court of Frost and Starlight: Recap / Summary

I have made no secret of the fact that I have a horrible memory when it comes to books. I can remember how a book made me feel, how I felt about it and what I rated it. I fail miserably at remembering anything more then the most basic details about a book unless I've read it more than once. I have started doing updates as I read over on Instagram and this really helps me: check those out here

I did a complete chapter by chapter series recap for the Throne of Glass books so that with each new release I could just go read through it without having to reread all the other books again. It was super useful and you can check it out here. Be warned: I wrote these with myself in mind so do throw in comments here and there and some thoughts I have. 

I am now going to do the same for the ACOTAR series as I wait for the next book, and will continue to do it with each new book released. I hope you find this useful, I will be summing up every single chapter and including all details that are mentioned. FYI: I also have a habit of saying man/woman rather than male/female for the fae sometimes and this also may have some spelling mistakes as I typed it up quite quickly.

A Court of Frost and Starlight

Chapter 1 Feyre: They are a week away from Winter Solstice and Feyre's birthday, she spent the last one in the Spring Court. They will all be exchanging gifts. Rhys is currently at Devlon's camp with Cassian.

Chapter 2 Rhys: Still fighting with Devlon about the women training. Rhys is mainly thinking about fucking Feyre. Dissension is brewing in the Illyrian camps, unhappy at how many of their warriors died in battle. Cassian and Nesta now don't speak t all. Nesta moved into an apartment in a slum part of Prythian and refuses to see anyone but Feyre.

Chapter 3 Cassian: Cassian goes flying and goes past Ramiel, the sacred mountain that the Blood Rite takes place on, has a shiny black stone at the peak. Cassian flies to the place where his old village had been, it was completely destroyed years ago. When he'd come back to find his mother they refused to tell him where they had buried her body. 

Chapter 4 Feyre: Her and Rhys host weekly open audiences at the House of Wind where people can come and ask for things they need. She goes for a walk through Velaris and sees a fae woman she remembers seeing the day Hybern attacked Velaris, Ressina. Ressina shows Feyre the studio place she works in and invites Feyre to come and use it whenever she was. She tells Feyre everyone remembers how she came and fought for them the day Hybern attacked. 

Mor comes to join her, Feyre is trying to find a present for Amren. Mor says her, Rhys and Feyre are going to heading to the Hewn City that night, a tradition to visit for Solstice. Mor has heard that Eris will be there and she wants to see how close he and her father are. 

Chapter 5 Feyre: Rhys comes home exhausted and Feyre brings him food. Then we get a pointless lesson on fae periods - they get one every 6 months. Feyre once again thinks about children, says she meant what she said when she told Rhys she didn't want kids anytime soon. Rhys is mad at Nesta for not helping Feyre when they were human. Feyre points out he has forgiven Elain and he says that Elain is Elain but Nesta is different (Nope, I wish people would stop making excuses for Elain like she is a child! If you hate on one sister for not helping, hate on Elain too!)

Chapter 6 Mor: She goes to the Hewn City to see Keir and Eris. She remembers the day Eris found her and left her for dead in the Autumn Court. He told all the guards with him that day to not touch her, said if they did then she became their responsibility. Then he leaned over her and asked her if she was correct, that she did not want to live in the Autumn Court and he could read in her eyes that she didn't. Eris then told the guards to leave her, that she had sullied herself and her family chose to deal with her like garbage. 

Seems Eris's father wants to expand his territory into the human lands. Eris tells them to speak to Tamlin as he'd be the one giving him permission to do it as the Spring Court borders the human land. 

Chapter 7 Rhys: Azriel has brought a list of clans where dissent is spreading. Jurian and Vassa both still in the human lands. Lucien is spending solstice with Tamlin in the Spring Court. Rhys needs to go visit Tamlin.

Chapter 8 Cassian: Goes to see the clothier Proteus, finds his daughter instead, Emerie. He buys all her winter clothes and tells her to give them to those in the village who need them most.

Chapter 9 Feyre: Goes to Ressina's stuidio space to paint. She is too scared to go in so instead winnow into an abandoned gallery and paints in there instead.

Chapter 10  Feyre: Painted how she looked in the mirror, the beast that she saw.

Chapter 11 Rhys: Goes to the Spring Court, the estate is completely run down and empty. Tamlin has destroyed almost every room in the estate. Rhys and Tamlin fight, Tamlin is feeling sorry for himself and Rhys tells him he deserves everything that has befallen him. Rhys tells Tamlin he hopes he spends the rest of his life alone. Then Tamlin leaves and goes to buy Amren a Solstice gift. 

Chapter 12 Feyre: Feyre and Cassian get drunk together while decorating for Solstice. Nesta told Elain she won't come to Solstice, doesn't want to see them at all. Feyre goes to see Nesta that night but she doesn't open the door. Feyre finds her in a seedy bar.

Chapter 13 Feyre: Nesta goes out drinking most nights and brings home men to sleep with. Feyre tries to get her to agree to come to Solstice but she keeps refusing. Feyre goes to say it is what their father would want but Nesta gets very angry at her for bringing him up. Feyre says she will only pay for Nesta's rent if she comes to Solstice.

Chapter 14 Rhys: Tells Mor he needs her help with treaty renegotiations with the other courts.

Chapter 15 Feyre: Feyre buys a tapestry and thinks about how she'd like to teach others to paint.

Chapter 16 Rhys: They all have a drink together on Solstice Eve, Nesta doesn't come.

Chapter 17 Feyre: She wakes up and Rhys gives her some birthday presents including a sketchbook, scarf and satchel for her paint supplies. Feyre wants to draw him nude. He leaves her to go off with Cassian and Azriel for a Solstice day tradition, doesn't tell her what. Lucien shows up for Solstice.

Chapter 18 Feyre: Lucien has been spending time with Jurian and Vassa. Mor takes Feyre to see Rhys, Cassian and Azriel - the tradition is a snowball fight. 

Chapter 19 Feyre: At the Solstice celebration they give Feyre a birthday cake to celebrate her 21st birthday. They then start exchanging gifts when Nesta finally shows up.

Chapter 20 Feyre: Nesta is silent the whole night, takes her rent money from Feyre at the end of the night and leaves. Cassian goes after her.

Chapter 21 Cassian: He has a gift for Nessa that it took him months to find. She says she wants nothing from him. But he remembers how she was willing to die for him in the battle. They have a fight and he ends up throwing her present into the river.

Chapter 22 Feyre: Rhys reveals the dresses that he gifted Feyre to wear were all made by his mother, she was a seamstress. Feyre tells Rhys she wants him to change the eye tattoos on her hands, wants him to make it the same as the tattoos on his knees - a mountain crowned by three stars. Then Feyre gives Rhys her gift, that she wants to get pregnant and have a baby. Then Rhys gives her another present, has bought an estate for them where she can build a house.

Chapter 23 Rhys: Goes to visit Tamlin, has asked the Summer Court to provide him with soldiers to protect his borders.

Chapter 24 Mor: Mor goes to her estate, she has owned it for 300 years and kept it a secret.

Chapter 25 Feyre: The closed gallery she has been doing her painting in belonged to a woman called Polina. They have gifted Feyre the studio.

Chapter 26 Rhys: Rhys is watching the females train at a camp.

Chapter 27 Feyre: She is now working with Ressina and have opened her studio up to teach children how to paint, it will be free.

Chapter 28 Feyre: The first class ends and then she goes flying with Rhys.

The End

Quite honestly the most pointless novella I have ever read. 

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