Musing Monday #6

This is a weekly meme hosted by shouldbereading, which is where you can post your musings of the week. This can be describing a reading habit, what books you've bought, what books you want, what you're reading or any rant you can think of book related.

So today I would have loved to give you a long interesting post, but alas this week is not my week! My laptop charger died last night, may he rest in peace, or pieces as the case may be. So I am having to quickly type this up whilst trying to eat lunch at work on a public PC. Not good. I feel kind of lost without the use of my laptop, as I can't blog without it and that is actually rather devastating. Luckily, I have an amazing sister who is coming down to meet me for lunch after work tomorrow and bringing a spare plug lead that should hopefully work! 

So if you comment or follow the blog and I don't get back to you, this is why. I will get back to you all as soon as I get my laptop up and running again, fingers crossed it's tomorrow!

So that will be my musing for today. Has anyone had this happen to them?

Leave a link to your own MM and will get back to you as soon as I can!

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