Five Friday Favourites: Favourite Films (I Cheat... A Lot)

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So this weeks topic is favourite films, and this is Five Friday Favourites, which means I have to pick 5 favourite films. Five!

I'm sorry, but that's hilarious. And, yup, not going to happen!

Can you bear with me? I have wanted to talk more about movies on the blog, it's why I started Films for Thoughts on Thursday. But reviewing films hasn't been enough, I also want to showcase some of my absolute favourite movies. But FIVE? That's just not possible, you have to go in genre and then there's the consideration of newer movies and older movies, childhood favourites versus new favourites. So this is hard, I have separated them into genres and I really hope you can get through them with me.

I actually own almost 800 DVDs, so you can understand why picking my favourites is really hard for me. I LOVE MOVIES! I organise my DVDs by genres and things. For example I have Disney Classics, Live Action Disney, Pixar, then other kids films, romcoms and musicals, comedies, stand up, foreign, film series, general movies and on and on it goes! So I will use that sort of thing to figure out my list.

Disney Classics

I thought this would be easy, well easy enough. Nope! I own pretty much every single Disney Classic, I love Disney and just adore all the movies. Even being completely brutal I could only cut it down to 20 favourites. 20! That is crazy. And that still meant leaving out some of my absolute favourite Disney films.

Funniest Disney
Funny Disney is just the best Disney! It was so hard to pick 5, but others I wanted to use I knew I could use later in different categories. Emperor's New Groove has some of the best jokes in all of Disney, the same with Hercules. I also adored Lilo & Stitch, Mulan and Tarzan and thought they had brilliant funny moments too.

Older Disney
I counted older Disney as anything before The Little Mermaid. I have so many favourites, but these are definitely the five that I probably watched the most as a kid. There's also Lady and the Tramp though and The Jungle Book... and so many others! Can you tell I have a Disney problem? Bambi and Robin Hood were two films I used to watch every single time I would stay at my nan's house. I was obsessed!

Golden Age Disney
I really wanted to not cheat and have 5, but I couldn't do it!!! These are all just amazing movies and I definitely think that was the golden age of Disney. They've started making some amazing movies again, but I still think these guys win out over all.

Newer Disney
Tangled, Brave and Frozen were all brilliant! Frozen and Tangled were both just genius, with so many brilliant songs and characters. I adore Brother Bear, I love the soundtrack to that one as well. I also think that Treasure Planet was really underrated, I really enjoyed it. 

Live Action Disney
As I was coming up with the different categories that I wanted and the movies I wanted to pick, I realised one thing: I am a big kid. I was mostly picking movies that I adored as a child, ones I would happily rewatch. These five were ones I was absolutely addicted to, especially Hocus Pocus because that movie is just amazing. Pirates 1 is the best of them all, they pretty much ruined it all after that. Except for the jar of dirt bit in the sequel. 

Other Animated
Yes, I am addicted to kids movies! I am not ashamed, haha. I even did a post on my top 20 favourite non-Disney animated movies. So narrowing it down to 5 was really hard. For all 20 you can see part one here and part two here. But these 5 are all pretty amazing, I knew 100% that Anastasia, Quest for Camelot, Cats Don't Dance and El Dorado would make the list - I adore them all. Slot 5 should really have gone to Ice Age but I do think Spirit is amazing and really underrated. 

Robin Williams Films
This is especially sad to post now, but I new I wanted to include all my favourite childhood films in this post. Two men provided me with some of my absolute favourites: Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. They both did movies that kids loved to watch, but also films that your parents would happily watch with you and laugh just as hard at. Mrs Doubtfire, Jack and Jumanji tie for my top spot!

Jim Carrey Films
I love Jim Carrey! I find him absolutely hilarious and my family watched a lot of his films growing up, over and over again! I adore Liar Liar and Me Myself & Irene, those two are the ones I laugh at the hardest. The Grinch is amazing, I now the whole script to that movie. And The Truman Show showed off how incredibly talented Jim Carrey is, he totally deserved at least an Oscar nomination for that movie.

Baz Luhrman is a genius, Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet are definitely two of my all time favourite movies. My sister got me addicted to Dirty Dancing, she'd make me watch it over and over again. I just adore The Notebook and Titanic, even though they are so girly and romantic and everything... but I love them.


As someone who watches a lot of movies and loves so many, trying to pick 5 was tough. I still didn't get to showcase all of my favourites in here. But, when I really think about it, Fight Club and Boondock Saints are the two movies I know 100% would make my top 5 list. If you haven't heard of or seen Boondock Saints then I highly recommend. Most people know Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, but he will always be from Boondock Saints for me. Fight Club is just amazing, awesome, legendary, genius and everything else. And then we have the LOTR movies, I once watched Fellowship 3 times in one day whilst waiting for the second movie to come out. I could not get enough of those movies.

And because I can

Just a random selection of some others that I love. I felt really horrible having to leave off so many movies, the above ones don't even begin to cover all the movies I wanted to mention. I have a movie problem, I know, but I just can't get enough of them. I own way too many books and DVDs but I wouldn't have it any other way. 


P.S I promise I don't just watch kids movies all day, everyday.

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  1. I've always loved Jim Carrey, especially in The Truman Show!

  2. I do love me some Disney. :) I'm never ashamed to admit how much I listen to Disney music and rematch the movies over and over again.

    1. Haha, me either! I don't think I will ever stop watching, listening to and loving Disney! :)

  3. I pretty much had to stop myself from doing what did, I had about 25 photos saved with only 2 genres done so far and I just thought that if I carry on I'll have about 60+ because I, like you, am a total film fanatic. I would say yes to pretty much every film on your list, there is only about 7 I haven't seen haha.

    But I would like to give an honourable mention to these ones. Dirty Dancing, Lord of The Rings, Moulin Rouge, Fight Club, Interview with The Vampire, 13 Going On 30, Drop Dead Fred and THE CROW <3 (I cant believe I forgot that one).

    Great list Charnell, I bet you're a great film buddy to have.

    1. I absolutely adore all the ones you gave a special mention too, they were ones I really wanted to add to my list! I am a great film buddy, haha! I like to go cinema all the time, watch movies at home and have movie days with my friends in our PJs.

  4. THIS IS THE BEST. Because firstly I'm like reliving my childhood there with Spirit and El Dorado and Anastasia and Brother Bear and Treasure Planet (completely underrated movies. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH). And omg, Easy A?! I can't love that movie more. Pirates, Catching Fire...okay, okay. But least to say YES AND YES TO THIS. Except for Jim Carrey. >-< I can only stand him in A Series of Unfortunate Events (he made a very good Olaf) and the Grinch. And possibly Mr. Popper's Penguins, but that was a little...heh. I'm not so much into family movies. I like action or comedy. XD

    1. They really are underrated, so don't know why they don't get all the love they deserve. EASY A IS AMAZING! I love that movie far too much.

      Your dislike of Jim Carrey is shocking, haha. How can you not love Jim Carrey?!!? Haha. I shall forgive you because you have impeccable taste in kids movies. A Series of Unfortunate Event is amazing, he makes such a great Olaf.

  5. Renaissance (aka Golden Age Disney) is the best Disney. Forever. No comparisons. GOODBYE :P

    Oh, God, Robin Williams . . . especially Hook. I LOVE Hook. Hands down my favourite Peter Pan movie ever.

    Also: I SPY 10 THINGS. Bravo on that choice!

    1. It is definitely the best Disney!!!! I adore all of those movies, not one bad one among them. I couldn't stop watching Robin Williams movies as a kid, Hook was a brilliant film and one of my favourite Peter Pan films too.

      10 THINGS!!! LOVE IT :) :) :)

  6. ANASTASIA. I love that film. Also the song in the credits just makes me smile every time.

    1. Me too! I even have that song on my MP3. I was way too obsessed with Anastasia as a kid, then I bought it on DVD and realised I was just as obsessed as an adult.

  7. I see a lot of my favorites in this list as well! It is really hard to pick just five isn't it? I don't think I would have been able to do it either.

  8. This is a lot of films! A LOT MORE THAN FIVE! Woman, you fluked your way into getting away with it, but this is too many films to comment on! I have to say though, your love of Disney is immense, I don't think I love Disney anywhere near as much as you! :D

    1. I am obviously still a child at heart! <3 I know... I really, really cheated this week. But I couldn't physically stop myself, I tried!!!!

  9. Oh my gosh I seriously LOVE all of the movies you chose ;) Mulan and Hercules and Mean Girls would be my top 3 maybe ;) Lovely post!

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun picking all my favourites, still feel like I left so many off.

  10. LOVE this post! So many good movies, I want to go home and stay in bed and watch Disney for a week now! Lol R x

  11. I agree, five is impossible. I love movies too and I don't even know where I would start. Great movies you posted! Homeward Bound…I love that movie!! And of course Titanic, 13 Going on 30, The Breakfast Club. I could do a whole post just on great 80s movies. Two of my favorite Robin Williams movies are Good Will Hunting and Dead Poet's Society. Great post! ~Pam

    1. I am glad that everyone else would struggle to pick 5! It's impossible to choose 5, even though I kind of did at the end ;) I haven't seen Dead Poet's, I don't know why I have put it off for years but I just get a horrible sense that it will make me sob like a baby.

  12. Disney Movies? It would be impossible for me to choose a favourite, let alone just 20! I have to admit., Hercules was done amazingly well. Meg, Hercules, the Muses? <3 Love 'em! And too many other good ones to mention them all :) Lion King is awesome, and the Little Mermaid! Those are two Disney movies where I will love the sequels too. As for Brother Bear, I remember sitting down and watching that as a young child with all my cousins (trust me, there are a lot) and every time I rewatch it I end up crying and missing old times. Frozen is good, Tangled was AMAZING as was Enchanted.

    For Robin Williams, I best know him from Jumanji which scared the living daylights out of my younger self. Mrs. Doubtfire <3 The Grinch <3 Truman show <3 Moulin Rouge <3

    And all those others you did just because you could? Don't even get me started xD

    1. Hercules is just such a fantastic film! I will never, ever get bored of watching those. I adore Brother Bear, I think that one is terribly underrated and needs more love. Enchanted is just the best, I can;'t get enough of that film.

      I was a little scared of Jumanji as a kid too. Especially the giant spiders and crocodiles!


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