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20 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Yes, I did start singing the song from The King & I because of the above words, that's just who I am. Rachel was kind enough to tag me for the 20 things tag. So now you shall get to find out a few things about me that you might not have known, and probably didn't really care to know. But it's happening, so get ready!

1. How tall are you?

Could you define tall for me? I'm going to be honest here, the word tall has never been used to describe me, unless it was in comparison to a really small child. I am 5ft and 0.1 of an inch short. And yes, I do think that 0.1 of an inch is important enough to mention. It means buying jeans is a nightmare, I can't reach the top or middle shelves of my kitchen cabinets and I get asked for ID for almost everything. 

2. Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

no animated GIF Yes, it's so hidden that I am yet to find it! I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the guitar, but my guitar playing abilities is limited to that. I'm incredibly talented in the art of pen losing, I don't think there is anyone better at it in the world. I've also got quite a talent for making my monthly pay suddenly disappear within a week of receiving it. And then all of a sudden all these books appear in my life, but I am sure that's just a coincidence. 

3. What's your biggest blogging related pet-peeve?

Is this my pet peeve in regards to my blogging and blog, or other blogs. I'm not sure. I'd have to agree with Rachel on this one, it's when I have scheduled a post whilst it was half finished, been too busy to complete it and then it's gone live half-finished. But that's more like a pet-peeve about my own stupidity, so not quite sure that counts.

4. What's your biggest non-blogging related pet-peeve?

I have far too many of them. My biggest one is rude people, especially when I'm at work. I work in a library, but not the nice, quiet library you're probably thinking of. It's a busy library in London and some of the people I come across make me want to hurt them... a lot. The worst one is a guy that comes in a lot who basically snaps his fingers at you, never says please or thank you, and is just a really rude person. So biggest pet-peeve will go to arseholes who don't say please or thank you.

5. What's your favourite song?

Is it even possible to pick a favourite song? I have been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran lately, who I absolutely love. And I'm incredibly excited for Imagine Dragons new album. But there's no way I could pick a favourite song. 

6. What's your favourite Etsy shop?

Etsy is a rather new discovery for me, I've only recently started using it and it's terrible for me. So far I have only purchased one thing, all from the same Etsy shop. And that's bookmarks from Lillytales. I've ordered 8 bookmarks I think, which is disgusting but I can't stop myself. 

7. What's your favourite way to spend your free time when you're alone?

I feel like this is some kind of weird trick question. We all know the answer would be reading, and if I'm not reading then I'm blogging. Those are the two things I love doing the most. But if I've got the house to myself and I'm not doing either of those things then you'd probably find me watching a TV show or film. Or sleeping.

8. What's your favourite junk food?

My metabolism must be really good because I should probably ridiculously fat if you take into account how much junk food I eat. If I had to pick one thing then I would pick pizza. Hmmmm pizza. I WANT PIZZA NOW!

9. Do you have pets?

I have two wonderful kitties and I love them both. Sephy, real name Persephone (named for the Noughts & Crosses character), is the eldest cat who's almost 10. Lilo is the youngest and is still just a kitten, she's just reached six months. 

10. What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?

11. What are your favourite beauty products?

I am obsessed with bath bombs from Lush. I LOVE THEM! Not only do they smell amazing and make my skin feel super smooth, they also mean I can bath in any colour water I want. Although I've learnt not to get the glittery ones, because you will be finding that stuff around the house for weeks afterwards. 

12. When were you last embarrassed?

I feel like I should have so many options to choose from, but I can't think of one. Maybe I have blocked all of the embarrassing incidents out of my brain. It's for the best. I probably should have been embarrassed that when I went to the tour with my sisters we were the only people dressed in robes. But I wasn't because I had fun and dressing up like a witch made me happy.

13. If you could drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I could... not if I had to. That makes me feel like I get a choice in this and I'd honestly not want to be limited to one beverage for the rest of my life, you'd get sick of it. But the smartest option would be water because it's the healthiest option. But then I'd miss orange juice and hot chocolate far too much.

14. What's your favourite movie?

These favourite questions are killing me. How can you pick a favourite movie, as in just one. I did a post about some of mine, but even then I did about 50 films and still missed out ones I love. That posts here.

15. What were you in high school? Jock, geek, cheerleader etc.

None of them. I don't know. I'm from the UK so those mean nothing to me. Sports isn't a big deal in schools here so 'jocks' aren't a thing, which means we also have no need for cheerleaders either. 

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I'm like Dean when it comes to planes.
I'm actually not very fond of travelling, I panic far too much about every aspect of it - booking, packing, flying, etc. I absolutely hate flying, something that's got worse in the last few years or so. That fear probably quadrupled this year when a plane just disappeared, followed closely by two other major plane disasters. NO THANK YOU! 

If I could magically transport myself, my entire family and all our stuff somewhere else then possibly. Somewhere less mental than what the rest of the world seems to be becoming lately. Somewhere that probably doesn't exist. 

17. PC or Mac?


18. Last romantic gesture from a crush/date/boyfriend?

My boyfriend is so good at doing small romantic gestures every day that I think I take them for advantage. Like the fact he got up this morning and went and got me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. He also bought me over 50 books for Christmas, which is the most romantic gesture a guy can do for a total bookworm. A million points for him. 
19. Favourite celeb?
Another one where I don't really have a number one favourite celeb, although there are a lot that I love. Today I'm going to pick Dylan O'Brien, because he plays Stiles and Stiles makes Teen Wolf awesome. Try to imagine watching Teen Wolf with no Stiles. 

20. Which bloggers do you secretly want to be friends with?

All of them.

Here comes the part where I am supposed to tag people, but I am so behind with this one that I'm sure everyone else has probably already been tagged. Here's your chance if you haven't though.

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  1. OMG HALF FINISHED POSTS THAT GO LIVE :OOOO ME. ME. ME. ME. Oh god, I relate so much to that. I no longer use the schedule button. Now I know it may probably be me BUT I swear, one of the times was totally blogger's fault. I watched very closely as I put in the scheduled time AND STILL IT SPAT OUT MY POST EARLY. I'm kind of scarred LOL

    Your cats are absolutely adorable!

    AND LUSH BATH BOMBS YESSSSS I always stock up around christmas BECAUSE THOSE ARE MY FAVOURITE. I think I've hoarded enough to last me for the first half of the year.

    Your boyfriend is kind of the best. 50 books for Christmas? What a keeper.

    Thanks for sharing Charnell! I adore this tag so so much :D

    1. I'm getting better at only scheduling posts that are completed. But that probably won't last. I am terrible when it comes to scheduled posts going live unfinished. I've even had people comment on them. NOT GOOD!

      Lush is becoming an addiction. I can't get enough of the bath bombs.

  2. 50 books! Wow! Your boyfriend is awesome! :)
    Love all the gifs. Great post!

  3. Hahahaha I love how strong a word disgusting is for ordering eight bookmarks. You have a jillion books, of course it's not disgusting that you would need eight book marks :p

    Also where did you find your boyfriend? As if he was just lying around somewhere and you happened upon him... haha. I think all bookworms need a guy like him!

    I was totally just looking at a not even half finished post for next week thinking I better remember to finish that shit and now you've got me even more freaked out! I really should just leave things as drafts rather than scheduling...

    1. Haha, the amount I spent on those 8 bookmarks is probably what's really disgusting! And it's up to 14 now. OOOPS!!! >.<

      I found him whilst at school 8 years ago now. I think he'd just finally gotten used to my bookworm ways and completely embraced it. WHICH I ADORE ABOUT HIM!

      FINISH IT ;) Don't be like me. I have had people comment on half-finished published posts and it's so embarrassing haha.

  4. Hehe, I think I also have the hidden talent of disappearing money. Rude people are terrible. How hard is it to behave like a normal human being? I wish I could magically transport as well. I've always been afraid to fly (hence, I've never been in a plane before) and with all these disappearing planes lately..

    1. I have been on a plane but I find it's a hellish experience every time. Last time I cried and needed a drink to get through it.

  5. LOL oh that scheduling a post but not finishing it. That kills me! I managed that this year already. *hangs head* Had finished the review but not pulled a quote for it so my title had a big ***NEEDS QUOTE** in it then a nice old big empty green box in the post for the quote. Heh.

    1. Haha, that sounds about right for me too! >.< It's so embarrassing, but I am getting better at only scheduling posts I'd finished.

  6. I collect bookmarks, it's nice having a variety. Well, that's the excuse I tell myself haha! ;D Your cats are really cute! And WOW, your boyfriend bought you 50 books?! That's so cool! :')

    1. It really is, although I still haven't organised my bookshelves and found space for them all. I NEED TO DO THAT ASAP.

  7. 2. The book/money thing probably is just a coincidence. ;)
    4. I work at a library too and the number of rude patrons I see is sad.
    8. I eat pizza once a week every week like clock work.
    18. Breakfast in bed and 50 books for Christmas?! Keep him.

    1. It totally is!
      FAR TOO MANY! I hate them all, haha.
      I feel everyone should.
      I have for 8 years and don't plan of losing him any time soon :)

  8. Love these answers! And I am only a few inches taller than you so I know all about the nightmare of trying to find jeans you don't swim in!

    Rude people are a huge pet peeve of mine as well. HOnestly, they just isn't any reason to act like a turd. ;)

  9. Pizza is my all-time favorite junk food too! It's dough with cheese. CHEESE! Haha! And your kitties are adorable! They look so cute and snuggly! This 20 questions looks like fun and I actually might take you up on that offer and answer this! I love that pic with you and your bf. You two look so cute together ^.^

    1. I'm not sure that anything could beat pizza. Just mentioning pizza makes me want pizza. Thank you!!! :) I hope you take part and I'd love to read your answers.

  10. wow so jealous. Over 50 books! I got like 7. LOL. I would love to see the list of what you got. I am also 5ft so I get it. Jeans yes a nightmare. Everyone also comments on my size too. Hate that. Yes I know I am short but does every joke have to revolve around my height. Sorry. little tangent there. Water is a great choice, the right choice i am sure but not sure I can live without my coffee. loved getting to know you. great post.

    1. Haha, I got so many and I still have no clue where to put them all. Will definitely need to do some serious shelf reorganising. I KNOW! It can suck being so tiny, haha!

  11. Your kitties are so adorable and your boyfriend sounds so sweet!! I definitely laughed at your hidden talent! Love it!!

  12. Loving your kitties - how did the 10 year old adjust to the newcomer?? Also, loving your bf (but not in that way) for 50 books, that's pretty damn amazing!! Love reading questions about my favourite bloggers. I think I take part in these tags just so I can tag everyone else and be nosy! R x

    1. We thought that the cat wouldn't mind, as we had another cat when we first got her - she had to be put down a little while before. But, nope, she was not impressed. The kitten wants to play and she doesn't, but sometimes they'll play together. They don't fight or anything, but they could never be considered friends, haha.

  13. The pet peeve one... oh my word, that is me. It's annoying and embarrassing and yep, I also curse my stupidity. Like Jess said - I'm making myself not use the Schedule button anymore unless it is 100% finished. By the way, I empathise with your Rude Customers problem. I can only imagine what it's like in a Central London library. As you know I work in a bookshop. It's not in Central London but we still get a lot of crazy/antsy/bitchy/moody/picky customers. I could tell you some CRAZY STORIES but I not even going to because I'll feel angry and upset all over again!

    OH MY WORD, LUSH. I get my Mum bath stuff every other birthday. When I was a kid, she always used to buy the bath bombs that fizz and break it in three for me, her and my brother. My skin smelt like heaven afterwards! The guy in the Lush shop is Westfields was like, "Yeah... all of the staff here are addicted to Lush products. Everyone." That made me laugh.

    I find stereotype questions like #15 really shallow. How can you even fit someone into a generic label? -le sigh.-
    Oh man, I was just thinking about that plane. =(

    "He also bought me over 50 books for Christmas" - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Wow. Aside from the TBR list pain - that is bookworm heaven. (pic of you two is adorable.) That was a great tag, Charnell! I probably won't do it though because I am planning O_O - DUN DUN DUN... three 2015 reading challenges. And for some reason I keep taking overtime at work and then later wondering, "Why did I do that? Now I can't blog or do anything fun or have a life." I hope you had a great New Year!

    1. It's really embarrassing, especially when someone comments on that post. I am trying to stick to that too. People are so rude and get so angry over the stupidest things and it infuriates me.

      Lush is amazing. Every time I go in and buy something as a gift, I always end up buying something for myself. It's an addiction. They just smell so good.

      It was heaven, although I just wish I knew where to put them all.

  14. Nice tag! I have a lot of friends who are short but I'm not really one of them :P Rude people are mean people >.> Ed Sheeran is amazing as well <3 And wow, over 50 books for Christmas? Best husband ever. You should let him know about all the admiration he is getting right now ^^ I don't watch teen wolf but I did like Dylan's acting in The Maze Runner ^^

  15. OMG Charnell you and your bf are too cute! I saw your epic bookish haul and it was so sweet that your bf got you all of those books on your wishlist! I bet you'll have no shortage of books to read in 2015!

    Your kitties are adorable and I love Lush bath bombs as well! I went through and obsession with Lush products but there is only so much you can use at any one time.

    1. Thank you! :) I know, I am going to have too many to read and no time to read them, haha. Lush is bad for my bank balance, I am trying to steer clear.

  16. YOU AND ME BOTH FOR TRAVEL. I am such a wuss, but I don't really like travelling. It was always my "dream" to travel the world someday when I grew up, but either I haven't grown up (definitely probable) or I just don't want to. And oh. my. gosh. How many planes went missing this year?! Way too many to be okay. Not that any missing plane is ever okay, but you know what I mean.
    I don't want to go missing on a plane.
    ALSO I AM EXACTLY THE SAME HEIGHT AS YOU. I buy children's jeans....children's and yet they are still too long in the legs. People always assume I'm in school still. It gets embarrassing enough that they go "oh you must've just graduated?" And I'll be like, "Yeah. FIVE YEARS AGO." Yes, yes, calm down Cait.
    Why do people assume short people are young? It's a vicious stereotype. *stamps foot*
    Your kittens are adorable. And your boyfriend is definitely smart and amazing if he buys that many books. Well done. ;-)

    1. I know, far too many for me to ever feel comfortable getting on a plane. I hate plane travel, it makes me feel sick just thinking of getting on the plane.
      YES! I buy children's too and then get embarrassed when I have to roll them up. It's so embarrassing, especially when you go in the changing rooms to try them on.

  17. Oh dude yeah I published unfinished posts by accident a lot in 2013. I somehow got used to only every saving the draft until I was super sure that the post was ready to go live, heh. but OMG your boyfriend got you 50 books for Christms?! HOLY SHIIIIIIT wowowowowowow
    YES DYLAN O'BRIEN!!! He's such a cutie, seriously.

    Awesome post, Charnell! <33

    1. I am trying to do that more now, so hopefully I can not make the same mistake in 2015. FINGERS CROSSED! :)

  18. Love your answers! I struggle when people ask me about favorites too, I feel like my favorites change so often.

    I'm always so worried about half finished posts that I never schedule them and then they don't get posted in time.

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

    1. I know, plus it can be so difficult to try and pick one. I feel there are so many that I love.

  19. Cute post!! I completely agree with you about all of these favorite questions…how are you supposed to pick just 1? Or even 10? Impossible. ~Pam

  20. I'm super tall too! And the best bit is I don't wear nor will wear heels. So I'm super tall all the time. :P
    Agreed, there's more romantic than your partner gifting you a book(s). Books are immortal. Just like love should be. Lol!
    Great post! I love learning more about my blogger friends. :D
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

    1. Haha... I hope by super tall you mean super short ;) I don't wear heels either, I just embrace my shortness haha. Why lie to myself.


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