Empire of Storms Recap

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Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5)Empire of Storms


Princess Elena Galathynius is in her war tent before the battle with Erawen. His army is much larger, she knows her armies will be slaughtered. Gavin wants her to run, so that she can live. Her father's powers are failing, they can't beat Erawen. Elena tells Gavin she wants to get close to Erawen to kill him and that she needs him as a distraction. Gavin says they can't kill him, they'd only trap him and move this war/battle on to someone else in the future. Elena says that if they succeed, no one can know what they have done.

Part 1: The Fire-Bringer

Chapter 1: Elide has been in Oakwald forest, where Manon left her, for weeks. She is trying to follow Manon's advice to find Aelin & Celaena Sardothien to repay the debt she owes Kaltain Rompier. Elide still has the stone Kaltain gave her. Elide can sense that someone is following her.

Lorcan Salvaerre is being hunted by witches after sneaking into one of their camps, killing 3 Yellowlegs and kidnapping, interrogating and killing a fourth. He learnt that twin witch armies are poised to take the continent - one in Morath, the other in the Ferian Gap. Yellowlegs don't know about the Wyrdkeys. Lorcan thinks Elide is possessed because he can smell the stone, thinks she is possessed by the valg.

Chapter 2: Aelin & the others have been left gifts by the Little Folk that follow them. Aedion has sent messages to the Lords he can trust and asked them to come for a meeting. We also get kissing and endless cringy inner monologue! Kill me now.

Chapter 3: Manon's grandmother arrives at Morath with her coven. Manon remembering what her grandmother did to Asterin - branded her, threw her stillborn in a fire without allowing her to hold the baby, beat her and left her to die. 

The High Witch suspects that Manon and her Thirteen were behind the destruction at Morath as they were against the breeding of witches with the Valg. 

Erawen now in a different body. He is planning to send the witches to take Rifthold, cause destruction and bring Dorian to him if he can be captured alive. Manon advises him to act as though he is 'liberating' the city from Dorian and not destroy the city too much - more likely to make allies of Anielle, Melisande and Fenharrow that way. Erawen orders her to bring down the glass wall in Rifthold that Aelin created. 

Ghislaine tells Manon all she knows of Erawen - one of three Valg Kings who entered their world at the dawn of time. Two were killed or sent back. Erawen fled the continent when Maeve and Brannon defeated his forces. He spent thousands of years rebuilding his numbers. He launched his attack when King Brannon's flame was dimming. Legend was always that Gavin & Elena destroyed him.

Chapter 4: Aelin and the others go to meet Lords Ren, Murtaugh and Darrow. Aelin recognises Murtaugh from the warehouse back in Crown of Midnight. Introduces Lysandra to the men as the Lady of Caraveire, a name she made up.

Darrow tells Aelin she is not yet Queen, rule of Terrasen must be approved by the ruling families of each territory. Darrow doesn't like her or want her as Queen, and calls Lysandra a common whore and Rowan Maeve's minion. Aelin tells him Rowan is her carranam and his loyalty can't be questioned.

Image result for applause gifDarrow reveals Aelin and Aedion were going to be betrothed but Wendlyn rejected the offer to unite their kingdoms at Maeve's request. Aelin gets angry at Darrow, stabs a blade between his fingers as Lysandra shifts to ghost leopard form. Darrow calls her spoiled and arrogant - well, he's not wrong. 

Darrow doesn't recognise her as Queen and neither do the Lords of Slaone, Ironwood & Gunnar - the majority. He tells her that if she tries to return to Orynth and seize the throne then it would be an act of war and treason.

Chapter 5: Aelin is told that the Ironteeth witches fly for Rifthold to sack the city. She sends Rowan to save Dorian and bring him to meet them at Skull's Bay. Aelin asks Aedion to get the Lords to write a letter of recommendation for them for Captain Rolfe. 

Aelin leaves Evangeline and Fleetfoot with Murtaugh to keep them safe and makes a blood promise that she will burn them all if Evangeline comes to any harm whilst in their care. Little Folk leave another message - a replica of Brannon's temple, they are telling her where to go.

Chapter 6: Dorian is in Rifthold, told his mother and brother to stay in Ararat. The army of witches and wyverns arrive in Rifthold. Iskra's legion have beaten Manon's there.

Chapter 7: Dorian begins using his magic to kill the witches. A witch and wyvern break into his tower and attack him. Manon and Abraxos arrive, Manon beheads the witch and Abraxos throws her wyvern from the tower. Dorian has been injured by the wyverns venom, his magic is keeping him alive.

Manon tells Dorian that Perrington is a demon in a mortal body and that he has changed body and that he plans to take Erilea. She tells him to escape as four Yellowlegs witches appear. Rowan arrives and kills the Yellowlegs witches. Dorian stops Rowan from killing Manon; Dorian and Rowan escape.

Chapter 8: Dorian and Rowan leaving Rifthold in a boat.

Chapter 9: Elide hears a creature in the forest, coming towards her and it's not whoever has been following her. Lorcan reveals himself and tells her to come with him, he knows she is human. Four beasts find them, the ilken, creatures made by Erawen. Leader of the ilken reveals they have been sent to retrieve Elide.

Chapter 10: Elide tries running but an ilken finds her. She holds the stone so he can sense the power and pretends she has also been sent by Erawen. Lorcan finds her, asks why she smells like the creatures. She tells him she spent months in Morath amongst them, lies and tells him her name is Marion. Elide tells Lorcan about Morath and that she is heading for Terrasen.

Chapter 11: Iskra smells her dead witch on Manon, so Manon lies and says the witch attacked her and that Dorian escaped whilst she was killing the witch. Tells her the four other Yellowlegs were killed by a fae warrior, Rowan. 

Manon heads to her grandmother, where the other Matrons wait too. Petrah is also there, the witch Manon saved during the War Games of Heir of Fire. The Blackbeak, Yellowlegs and Blueblood Matrons have gathered for Manon's trial, she is on trial for killing Zelta Yellowlegs. Manon lies again, sticks to her story that she was attacked first. Petrah defends Manon.

Grandmother says that Manon will not be killed but blood must be paid. She orders that Asterin be killed at sunrise the next day.

Chapter 12: Aelin, Aedion & Lysandra arrive in Ilium, where the Temple of the Stone is - it is built around the first rock Brannon placed his foot on. Lord of Meah, Roland Havilliard's father, marched his troops over the border and claimed port of Ilium as his own. They're using the temple as their barracks. 

Image result for i see what you did there gifIlium was once the stronghold of the Mycenians - crime lords who helped win a war so the King ruled them legitimate. Mycenians were exiled for refusing to come to Terrasen's aid. The Mycenians disappeared long ago, along with their sea dragons.

Kingsflame is mentioned - a blossom that bloomed during Orlon's reign but hasn't bloomed since - calling it now, Kingdom of Ash is probably gonna end with this fucking flower blooming!

Chapter 13: Rowan explains to Dorian about his magic and how it feeds off of him, that he will need to master it before it devours him. Dorian tells Rowan about how he couldn't save Sorscha, and Rowan tells him he also couldn't save his mate when she was killed. Rowan tells Dorian to help get Rolfe on their side. Dorian asks Rowan to teach him about his magic, help train him.

Chapter 14: Aelin and Aedion have sent letters to Wendlyn asking the Ashryver's for help. A merchant tells them that 50 fae warships have been spotted on the Western Coast of Fae territory. 

Aelin, Lysandra and Aedion make their move on the temple. Aelin uses her fire, giving herself a crown of fire. Their are fifty soldiers, many see Aelin's power and drop their weapons and run. Thirty five soldiers remain. Aelin burns the commander from the inside out, burns him to nothing but ash. They take the temple in twenty minutes, all soldiers are dead or surrendered.

Chapter 15: Aelin steps onto the rock in the temple and Brannon appears. She asks is Maeve can be killed but he doesn't know. Brannon says the Lock is hidden in a sunken city in the Stone Marshes and it is needed to bind the keys back into the broken Wyrdgate,

Erawen has sen a Valg after her, in the body of the Chief Overseer of Endovier - Erawen knows who she is and her past. She tries attacking him with her power, it causes her to vomit. Realises he has a heart of Wyrdstone. Heart punches through his chest, reveals the eyes of Erawen.

Chapter 16: Erawen knows that Rowan has Dorian and that he has men tracking him and they will hurt him. Aelin destroys the overseers body and Erawen leaves.

Chapter 17: Manon plans to make Words of Request, meaning she will be the one to execute Asterin, so that she doesn't suffer. Manon's grandmother allowed Asterin to be beaten, as punishment for the four sentinels Rowan killed. Asterin's execution means any witch who wishes to beat her can. Manon invokes Words of Request and Cresseida Blueblood allows it, as Manon saved her daughter. 

Manon knows Asterin could save herself if she would just reveal Manon's lies but she doesn't. The Thirteen raise two fingers to brow for Manon - a symbol used to honor a Witch Queen. Manon tells her Thirteen to run and then turns and attacks her grandmother rather than executing Asterin.

Chapter 18: Manon and her grandmother fight with just their nails and teeth. Grandmother reveals that she killed Manon's mother, even though she was always told she died birthing Manon. Manon is stripped of her title of heir, Wing Leader, Grandmother tells her she will be known as Manon Witch Killer and Manon Kin Slayer.

Her grandmother whispers in Manon's ear that her father was a Crochan Prince and that her mother intended Manon's mixed blood would be the key to break the curse. Manon has been a kin slayer her whole life, killing Crochan's when she is one. 

The witch who was spying in the Ferian Gap was actually searching for Manon, as they had learnt the child of their dead Prince was alive. The witch was called Rhiannon and she was Mannon's half sister. - she killed her and wears her cape. Manon is the last Crochan Queen.

Manon's grandmother slices her across the stomach. Manon throws herself from the balcony, Abraxos catches her. Edda and Briar come back to retrieve her and lead her to the Thirteen. Six Yellowlegs are in pursuit, they take on two each. Manon manages to kill both witches chasing her and then faints whilst flying over Oakwald forest.

Chapter 19: Lorcan and Elide plan to find a travelling carnival to travel with. Lorcan uses his magic to make Elide's limp less noticeable, as it makes her recognisable - helps ease some of the pain it causes her too. They go to a tavern for food, he pretends to be human and Elide tells him to pretend they are a married couple. They overhear a traveling troupe (what are the odds!), Elide asks to join and tells them Lorcan is a sword thrower. They agree to let them join temporarily. Troupe tell them of the attack on Rifthold and rumours of Aelin and her court.

Chapter 20: Rowan and Dorian have arrived in Skull's Bay. Captain Rolfe, a character first introduced during Assassin's Blade, is in charge of Skull's Bay. Has hands tattooed with map of the worlds oceans. Rumour is that they would move, showing enemies, treasure and storms. The price for the tattoo was supposedly his soul, they stopped moving when magic fell. They go to his personal tavern, The Sea Dragon, and Rolfe is waiting for them.

Chapter 21: Rolfe revelas that Duke Perrington has issued a decree, signed by the majority of Adarlan's Lords and ladies naming Dorian an enemy of his Kingdom and that Perrington has liberated Rifthold from him. Hollin, Dorian's brother, has been named as Perrington's heir and the Crown Prince. 

Rolfe has lost part of the easternmost archipelago, his map now moves but whatever has that territory has magic that shields it, and any scouts sent don't come back but they hear beasts there - men that are no longer men.

Rolfe lost most of his crew in the Spring, fighting to get the island back from Perrington's general. Perrington has Dead End, they have beasts called sea-wyverns with poisoned tails and they're hald the size of a ship. Rolfe's crew - many were captured and returned with wyrdstone rings, under valg control and he had to kill them.

Rowan tells Rolfe about Erawen, the Valg and the Valg Princes. Two fae males appear, Rowan throws a dagger at one.

Chapter 22: The two fae are Gavriel and Fenrys, two of Rowan's cadre who are still blood-sworn to Maeve. They reveal that Maeve's amada sails for the continent and is headed for Eyllwe. Fenrys's twin Connall is back with Maeve - a way to ensure that he comes back. Fenrys originally refused to join Maeve, so she went for Connal, who swore the blood-oath. Fenrys then agreed to join her if she left his brother alone. Fenrys and Gavriel have been sent to find and kill Lorcan.

Chapter 23: Fenrys and Gavriel say Vaughan has also been sent to kill Lorcan. Rowan agrees to tell them where Lorcan is, but only if they send him an army of Doranelle warriors. Rowan is trying to convince them to help fight with Aelin, as it isn't technically against Maeve's orders. Rowan tells Gavriel that he has a son, not who he is but that he is on his way to Skull's Bay with Aelin. He threatens to kill them and break their deal if they tell Maeve about Gavriel's son.

Chapter 24: Aelin, Lysandra & Aedion are on a ship sailing for Skull's Bay - mostly just more endless inner monologue of no real importance. 

Chapter 25: Manon wakes in Oakwald forest, a beautiful naked woman appears. An illusion, hiding Erawen's Bloodhound. She escapes on Abraxos and he hits the creature with his poisoned tail.

Chapter 26: Dorian and Rowan have been in Skull's Bay for two weeks. Rifthold is under witch control and shops from the Ferian Gap now sail towards it. Part of Erawen's fleet is in the Gulf of Oro. Dorian writes a letter and has Rowan deliver it to him, acts like it is important news - a trick to get Rolfe to meet with them. Rolfe leads them to his office, where Aelin is seated behind his desk.

Chapter 27: Rolfe remembers her as Celaena Sardothien, doesn't know she is Aelin. 

We get more talk about how she is currently Celaena and not Aelin, as they're totally two different people. Aelin should get checked for dissociative identity disorder.

Aelin revels she asked around to check that Rolfe kept to his promise not to trade in slaves - events that happened back in the Assassin's Blade.

Rolfe tells Gavriel, Rowan and Fenrys that they will have his help, men and ships if they kill Celaena. Celaena then introduces Aelin and another Aelin walks in, Lysandra shifted as Aelin. Lysandra shifts back and Aelin reveals who she really is to Rolfe.

Chapter 28: Aelin tells Rolfe she will make him the Pirate King of Skull's Bay and the Dead Islands if he fights with them. Rolfe refuses, tells them to leave and they do. Rowan and Dorian tell them about what happened in Rifthold, she tells them about Ilium, Brannon and the Lock.

Chapter 29: Rolfe's map is only one Aelin can use to the find the Lock. Lysandra and Aedion are tempting Rolfe with the Amulet of Orynth, so Aelin can see if map is working. Aedion can't hide his hatred for Dorian, Lysandra tells him to forgive him and not blame him for what his father did or what Dorian did under Valg control. Aedion asks Lysandra to go with him when he decides to meet Gavriel. 

Chapter 30: Elide and Lorcan barely speak but she tells him of Morath, he wants information on guards, armies and the layout. She struggles to tell him about the dungeons and the torture they did there. She refuses to tell him everything, as he will leave once she does. They are given their own tent and she hides the stone under the bed, he hears her doing it. She tells Lorcan her uncle is a commander at Morath and he locked her in the dungeons once. Tells Lorcan of her uncle's plan to breed her with the Valg. Reveals the ilken aren't the creatures bred in the dungeons, they come from the mountains around Morath and are made through darker methods.

Chapter 31: Fenrys asks about Aelin's Settling - if she has shown any sign that she may be immortal or not, she hasn't. Maeve's blood oaths are made with the intention of ruling them in mind, which is why she has such control over those who swear it to her, whereas Aelin does't have that kind of control over Rowan. If any tried to break the oath with Maeve the magic that binds them would kill them.

Chapter 32: Aedion meets Gavriel, tells Gavriel that his mother died so Maeve would not get her hands on him. She could have been healed by the Fae but she would not risk that. Aedion is angry and blames Gavriel.

Aelin finds Rolfe, Fenrys and Gavriel looking at a map with the locations of Morath's armies - Ferian Gap, Gulf of Oro, Melisande, Fenharrow and Eyllwe - making it impossible for them to get aid from the North. Armies are poised to take Eyllwe.

Chapter 33: Aelin knows Erawen is planning to massacre the people of Eyllwe as a message to her for Ilium - he knows it matters to her because of Nehemia. Aelin tells Rolfe that he will give her his armada and arm it with firelances and ship any extras to the Mycenian Fleet. He tells her the Mycenian fleet is a myth. Aelin says she knows he is the heir of the Mycenian people and that she believes they are hiding in the Dead Ends.

Aelin reveals she has liberated Ilium, the Mycenians ancient home, and he can claim it for his people.

Aelin sends a blast of her power out, across the city. Aelin and the others turn to leave when the warning bells begin ringing, the Valg are attacking.

Aelin sent a blast of her power out on purpose, to bring the Valg to Skull's Bay. Eight warships arrive with 100 soldiers on each and they've come with two sea-wyverns too. Aelin threatens to leave Rolfe to deal with it. Rolfe finally agrees to join them but he wants to be admiral, control of whole archipelago, he wants Ilium for the Mycenians (his people) and also wants to be made a lord.

Aelin wants Rowan, Lysandra, Fenrys and Gavriel with her. Aedion to be on north watchtower to use the mounted harpoon and she sends Dorian to the south tower. Aelin asks Rolfe to get her iron chains, to keep a check against her magic if she loses control. Aelin plans to sail Rolfe's ship into the heart of the enemy fleet and blast them all.

Chapter 34: Aelin sees the fight as not just a way to get Rolfe's allegiance, but also to send a message to the world that she is a force to be reckoned with, a way to show off her power and gain more allies.

Lysandra jumps into the water and shifts into a sea dragon -  a way to get the Mycenians out of hiding, as legend is they will not return until sea dragons do. Lysandra needs to kill the two sea-wyverns. Lysandra studied the life-size, detailed carvings at Brannon's temple in order to shift into them.

Chapter 35: Rolfe's ship sails out past Ship-Breaker, the chain that lies across the bay and prevents ships from getting in. His other ships stay behind the chain to guard the town. Aelin shackles herself with the chain. Aelin and Rowan cut their palms and link their hands, so she can use his power. 

Aelin is wielding the wyrdkey, losing herself to its powers. Her power melts the iron chains off of her. Deanna takes over Aelin, refers to her as the Queen that was Promised. Deanna tells Rowan to tell Aelin to retrieve the Lock. No number of allies will matter unless she has the Lock and puts the keys in it. She tells him 'flame and iron, together bound, merge into silver to learn what must be found. A mere strip is all it shall take.'

Deanna uses her moonfire. She turns her hand towards the bay, thinking to destroy Skull's Bay and all the innocents there. Rowan jumps in front of Aelin's hand and Aelin takes back control, turning her power towards the enemy fleet.

Chapter 36: Aelin has destroyed Rolfe's boat, and all but three of Morath's ships. Lysandra saves Rolfe and his crew from the water. Lysandra sinks one of the enemy ships. The sea-wyverns attack and she kills them easily and sinks another ship.

Chapter 37: Three fully grown sea-wyverns are heading for Lysandra, they realise the other two were babies. She attacks a Morath ship, breaking the mast and making on the sea-wyverns impale itself on it. Dorian uses his power to freeze one of the sea-wyverns and then shatter it. Lysandra leads the final wyvern to Aedions tower and he spears it through the throat.

Aedion runs for the beach, needs to get to Lysandra. He finds Lysandra and tells her he is going to marry her one day.

Chapter 38: Rolfe tells Aelin the cost for his map - he was 16 and barely more than a slave on a ship. His Mycenian heritage got him beaten and all his money went back to his mother sister. Ship was caught in a storm and sank, he drifted for a day before washing up on an island with a man staring down at him. The man asked Rolfe what he wanted for himself - he said he wanted to be Pirate Lord of Skull's Bay. The man told him he could grant his wish but the price was that he would take what Rolfe valued most. Rolfe knew he has no wealth or belongings, so he agreed. Rolfe returned home to find that his mother and sister were killed at sea trying to find him. He realises that was the real price he had to pay.
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Rowan and Aelin proclaim they love one another. Then we are blessed with one of the cheesiest sex scenes in history. I cringe my way through it - she actually uses the phrase 'velvet-wrapped steel'.

Chapter 39: Here we get all the talk of 'primal rage' and how no other male is able to look at 'your mate' and all that other possessive shit that is totally romantic and not at all controlling. 

Aelin tells the others that she discovered that the Amulet was a wyrdkey back in Wendlyn. She explains to Dorian that she tricked Lorcan with a fake amulet. Aelin draws a wyrdmark to summon Elena. Elena tells her what they did to Erawen was their only option. She tells them the remnants of the Lock are in a great city in the heart of the marshes, in a temple in the very center. Elena's father obtained the Lock at the cost of her mother's mortal life.

The Lock could only be used once - could seal anything you wished. Elena stole it and used it to seal Erawen in his tomb. Laid the used lock in a temple of holy city - the city sank and marsh water now covers it and the city was forgotten. Elena's mother was Mala Fire-Bringer, who bound herself in a mortal body to be with Brannon. 

They plan to head for the Stone Marshes to get the Lock. Rolfe sails to find the rest of the Mycenians and then head to Terrasen. They set sail, see a wyvern flying towards them. Manon falls from the saddle and into the water.

Part 2: Fire Heart

Chapter 40: Elide and Lorcan are in their tent and suddenly hear screaming, Lorcan tells her to hide. Four ilken have arrived, hunting for Elide. Lorcan pretends to be in charge and tells them no one matching Elide's description is among them. They reveal they are looking for Elide Lochan, niece of Lord of Perranth - Lorcan realises Elide lies to him.

Chapter 41: Lorcan has killed the ilken. He confronts Elide, asks what she keeps hiding. She says it is a gift for Celaena Sardothien, from a woman in Morath and refuses to show him it. Tells him her mother was called Marion and that she died giving Aelin time to run from her assassin. Tells him that her uncle watched and smiled as her father was executed. He took her father's land and titles then locked Elide in the highest tower of Perranth. When she broke her foot and ankle, he did not trust healers to treat it. He shackled her ankles so she couldn't run, was kept that way for ten years.

Lorcan tells her that he is over 500 years old, blood sworn to Maeve and her second-in-command. He has done great and terrible things in Maeve's name and will do many more. He was born a bastard on the streets of Doranelle but realised he could kill faster than others, he could sense when death was near. Reveals he is here on the behalf of the Queen but without her permission and she may kill him for it.

Chapter 42: Manon wakes up on the boat, chained. Aelin tells her she is now their prisoner. Rowan and Aelin healed the wound on her stomach. Dorian realises that Manon's grandmother was the one who cut her - punished for saving him. Manon tells Dorian to find out if her Thirteen are alive and she will be his to command. Manon tells him the price for saving him was the life of her second and she refused, attacked her grandmother to the Thirteen time to escape. Manon tells Dorian to tell Aelin that Elide Lochan is alive and looking for her,

Chapter 43: Elide and Lorcan enter a tavern hoping to find news; learn that Aelin isn't in the North but that she is rumoured to be heading for Eyllwe. Elide needs to get to Banjali in Eyllwe. Lorcan says he will get her a map, but she reveals she can't read. Guards are heading for them, they run. They take a barge and Lorcan forces the man on it to get them safely out the city. Lorcan kills the man rather than set him free.

Lorcan finally realises the amulet that Aelin gave him is a fake. Elide is angry that he killed the man instead of freeing him like she had promised him. Lorcan reveals that Celaena is an assassin who has killed many innocent people and that Celaena is Aelin. Tells Elide Aelin is an assassin, trained to kill since Elide's mother died to save her - tells her Aelin is no better than the man who killed Elide's mother and royal family. Elide tells him she will judge Aelin when she meets her. Lorcan tells her will take her to Aelin, as he now has business with her - he found a wyrdstone ring inside the fake amulet and a note from Aelin. Lorcan plans to find Aelin and kill her.

Chapter 44: Another cheesy sex scene. Dorian comes to see Manon - she tells him of the Yielding, where a witch can use their bit of magic that can be summoned once and unleash great power on her enemies but it is suicide and incinerates the witch - (Feel like this is foreshadowing for what Manon will have to do and if that happens in KoA I will scream - Manorian must live). Dorian kisses Manon and leaves, toying with her.

Chapter 45: Manon has told Aelin about Elide and what Vernon tried to do to her. Aelin slaps Manon for abandoning Elide in Oakwald Forest. Dorian convinces Aelin to give Manon time on the deck. Rowan, Aelin & Fenrys go to Manon's cabin, Manon says it isn't Fenrys. Fenrys attacks.

Chapter 46: Erawen's Bloodhound was disguised as Fenrys, real one still on deck. Bloodhound now knows on what ship Aelin travels and who she is with. Bloodhound throws Asterin's leather strap to the ground, tells Manon that Erawen broke her and that she begged for her baby. Dorian kills the Bloodhound. Ilken are on the ship. Fenrys gets cut and poisoned by one of the ilken. Ilken came to give Aelin a message - Skull's Bay confirmed to Erawen that she has a wyrdkey.

Chapter 47: Aelin heals Fenrys, talks to him to distract him. Fenrys can use his power to instantly travel short distances, but has no other special powers. Fenrys and Connall are sons of nobles and his parents were warriors. Gavriel came from a noble house and he believes that serving Maeve is a great honour. Gavriel had only wanted to leave once, for Aedion's mother. Aedion's mother didn't want him to stay, so he left.

Chapter 48: Dorian and Manon having their usual back and forth. Dorian says he has no interest in human women, as they're too breakable. Manon tells the others that she is Crochan and that her father was a Crochan Prince killed by her grandmother for conspiring to end the feud between the witches and break the curse on their land. Manon is the last Crochan Queen and rightful heir to Blackbeak clan.

Fenrys comments that Maeve's allegiance can't be boughy, says 'nameless is her price' and that reminds Aelin of something Baba Yellowlegs says. Aelin runs off and is vomiting, Rowan hears her and thinks she could be pregnant.

Chapter 49: Elide has not spoken to Lorcan in three days, only speaks to him because she needs to stop for supplies. Elide goes to try on clothes at an inn, led to a room and locked in. Vernon is there waiting for her.

Chapter 50: Vernon has four ilken with him, and tells Elide Lorcan was spotted leaving on their boat. He tells her Manon is dead, gutted by her grandmother and thrown from a balcony in Morath. Vernon plans to put her in an iron box and fly her back to Morath. Elide fights back, grabs Vernon's knife and turns it on herself, plans to stab herself through the heart and kill herself rather than go back.

Lorcan is watching from a rooftop, he throws his hatchet and hits Elides hand with the handle to stop her killing herself. He attacks three of the four ilken, one escapes with Vernon. Elide kills one of the ilken he injured. Lorcan heard Vernon talking Elide about Manon and Kaltain, she explains who they are. She shows Lorcan the stone that Kaltain gave her - he knows it is a wyrdstone. He explains about wyrdstones and wyrdkeys. Lorcan promises to always find Elide, she kisses him on the cheek and promises the same.

Chapter 51: Erawen's forces have set Eyllwe on fire, but they can't find any trace of Erawen or Maeve's forces. There are rumours that Aelin is the one setting the fires - as a punishment for Eyllwe not helping ten years ago.

Aelin and the others arrive a the Stone Marshes. Aelin isn't pregnant. Manon is to go with them but has to send Abraxos off on his own. She takes just a strip from her red cloak and ties it round her braid, drops the rest in the sea.

Chapter 52: Elide and Lorcan arrive at the marshes, Lorcan feels led there by Hellas himself (god). They spend days inching across the marshes. Elide asks Lorcan about Maeve - reveals he has loved her since he first saw her. He once offered to be her lover and she laughed at him, so tried to prove invaluable in other ways,

Elide says she will hide Lorcan in Perranth from Maeve. Kisses him and tells him that he will always have a place in Perranth. He kisses her. An army of ilken appear, flying for the marshes.

Chapter 53: A beast from the swamp tries to attack Manon and Dorian stops it. Aelin realises Rowan let the beast through his shield, to serve as a lesson for Dorian but also so Manon could see him 'save' her. Manon sees the Eye of Elena and recognises it as a witch symbols called Eye of the Goddess. Talks of the battle at the Crochan city. Nothing grows on the killing field because of the curse. Rhiannon Crockan held the gates for three days and nights against the Ironteeth Matrons. She fell on the fourth day and cursed all the Ironteeth. Rhiannon swore they would win the war but no the land - the land would wilt and die, beasts would shrivel and keel over, their witchlings would be stillborn, fish would rot and rabbits and deer would flee and the Witch Kingdom would become a wasteland.

The Ironteeth had laughed until their first witchling was born dead, followed by more and more. Cattle rotted in the fields, crops withered overnight. The witches eventually had to leave and have been wanderers for 500 years. Humans eventually took the Wastelands and the land responded to them.

Rhiannon said there was only one way to break the curse: 'Blood to blood and soul to soul, together this was done, and only together it can be undone. Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood - let the land be witness, and return home' (Is the Kingsflame gonna blossom at the end of a final battle in KoA, breaking the curse?)

Fenrys and Gavriel tell Rowan to take Aelin and run - they believe powers they can't understand have led Manon and Aelin here. Two Queens who can control half the continent, both half-breeds who cover the three main races, one mortal and one immortal, one worships fire and the other Darkness. Fenrys reveals Maeve has already replaced Rowan with Cairn, a sadist. Fenrys asks Rowan to kill him if Maeve orders him to kill Aelin, Rowan assures him he'd be dead before he could ever touch her.

Chapter 54: They finally arrive at the temple, find a chest covered in wyrdmarks. The sense magic, Lorcan has sent out a warning signal. They spot the 500 ilken flying towards them.

Image result for so weird gifChapter 55: Aedion is angry, blames Aelin - says her constantly showing off her power to Erawen has worked and this is his response. Lysandra plans to anger the beasts of the marshes so they'll attack any ilken that land. It's revealed that Rowan put salt in the wounds on his back from Aelin's nails so they'd scar - you know, 'cause that's hot and romantic and not at all weird. Aelin heads out into the marshes, so she can send a full blast of her power at the ilken.

Chapter 56: Aelin unleashes her magic, Dorian and Rowan too. They kill all 500 ilken in one go.

Chapter 57: Elide and Lorcan head for Aelin and the others. Gavriel and Fenrys attack Lorcan in their animal forms. Elide jumps in to save him and is bitten. Lorcan will have to drop his shield to allow them to heal Elide but he will be killed, he does it anyway. Rowan uses his power to keep Lorcan & Fenrys from fighting. Rowan declares Lorcan and Elide under Aelin's protection, which is a way to delay the blood order for a while.

Aelin tells Elide her mothers last words were to tell Elide that she loved her. Elide sees Manon, finally knows she is alive. Elide gives Aelin the stone from Kaltain and the message that Kaltain gave her - she can unlock any door if she has the key. Aelin claims Elide for her court.

Chapter 58: Chest holds a mirror, not what they expected. It is a witch's mirror, some can see the future, past and present, some can speak between mirrors if someone possesses the sister-glass, some amplify and hold power. Manon explains Erawen was building large towers with witch mirrors, so he could send out huge blasts of power. They head back to their ship and are surrounded by Melsande's fleet. Aelin walks to meet the fleet, it is Ansel of Briarcliff, Queen of the Wastes - a woman that Aelin allowed to live years ago (an event from Assassin's Blade).

Chapter 59: Aelin introduces Manon & Ansel - Manon wants to kill her as she is proclaimed Queen of Western Wastes, which Manon feels belongs to the witches. The Wastes have now allied with Aelin. She sent a letter to Ansel revealing who she really was and giving her instructions. Ansel marched her army on Melsande, the Queen assumed they had come to offer aid and let them in. Ansel claimed Melisande's fleet for Aelin and Terrasen.

Lysandra and Aedion talk and both admit they want to try to be together. Aedion reveals he is bisexual.

Image result for rolls eyes gif
'Purely male'?
Chapter 60: Aelin tells Ansel that she wants her to find the lost Crochan witches - believes they're in hiding. Aelin knows the Ironteeth worked with Erawen because he promised to give them back the Wastes and break the curse. Aelin tells Ansel to give the Crochans the South and inland of the Wastes. Ansel reveals she attempted to get Aelin out of Endovier but Dorian had already come for her. Ansel reveals Maeve was the one setting the fires in Eyllwe and blaming Aelin for it.

Manon and Dorian have sex. Maas proves she is still unable to write a sex scene that doesn't make you cringe and the term 'purely male' gets used far too much.

Maeve's armada appears.

Chapter 61:  Maeves armada is three times the size of theirs and she has immortal warriors with magic. Maeve sends them a message, surrender or die. Gives them a day to decide. Rowan turns into a hawk and flies for her ships. Finds his cousin Enda, goes to all his cousins and asks the same thing of all of them - they all say they will consider it. (We don't know what the request is at this point)

Chapter 62: Dorian gathers Manon, Rowan and Aelin at the witch mirror. He believes it holds knowledge of how to bind the three keys. Dorian believes it is a travelling mirror. Deanna's words mean Manon and Aelin need to step into the mirror and learn how Aelin can wield the keys.

Chapter 63: Fenrys reveals that Maeve whipped them for aiding Rowan at Mistward - believes she is scared of how powerful they are together. Fenrys and Gavriel agree to fight with Rowan until Maeve summons them. Lorcan agrees to fight if Rowan sends Elide to shore with a guard of men.

Chapter 64: Manon and Aelin enter the mirror, into a memory from a thousand years ago of Elena Galathynius. Eye of Elena in center of sarcophagus, she turns it three times to seal it. They've had the Lock the whole time.

Chapter 65: Immortal figure appear to Elena - Elena's father had promised to use the Lock to wield the three keys and send the immortal figures back where they belong along with Erawen, the Lock was forged for them. Rhiannon Crochan helped Elena's mother Mala cast her essence into the lock. 

Mala appears and threatens to release Erawen and Elena begs her to wait. Mala agrees but at a price and a promise. Malas bloodline will bleed again to forge the lock. Elena will lead them like a lamb to slaughter to pay the price. They agree to take Erawen back with them, then the person will have to seal the gate behind them using their entire life force - so Aelin would have to die to seal the gate.

They then see Nehemia's memory - she wandered the Stone Marshes, had come to learn how to save them and seal the gate, Elena appeared to her, told her she had a different role to play. Tells Nehemia two branches of Mala's bloodline is in the North - Dorian and Aelin. Tells her to find Aelin at Dorian's Palace and that she will never see Eyllwe again. Nehemia went knowing she would die.

Chapter 66: Lysandra in sea dragon form, destroying ships Rowan mapped for her. Ships in Maeve fleet now raising Whitethorn flags and begin firing on Maeve's armada.

Chapter 67: Rowan went to his cousins, told them of Aelin and begged them to fire on Maeve and not them, an act of treason and all have done it. Maeve summons Gavriel and Fenrys. Gavriel looks at Lorcan and points to shore before disappearing. Lorcan realises Maeve isn't with the armada, she is on shore where he left Elide. Lorcan abandons them and sails for Elide.

Chapter 68: Aelin now knows Nehemia went to Rifthold knowing she would die. Sees another memory of Rhiannon explaining how the mirror works. Then Brannon at Elena's tomb, she gave up her immortal life for Gavin. Brannon forging the amulet of Orynth, he left the messages and clues in Elena's tomb. Brannon makes Mort, the knocker at the door to the tomb. Brannon hid the wrydstone in Elena's crown and put the final key in Mala's temple.

Elena shows Aelin another memory - the night she fell into the Florine river escaping the assassin. Elena was allowed to form a body to save her. She put her on the bank but the cold killed her. Elena brought her back to life and Elena tugged Arobynn from bed and her power led him to Aelin. She believed Aelin would be the one to save them, not Dorian. Elena will pay for bringing Aelin back - will go with the others when the gate is sealed and will never see Gavin or her children again. Elena shows Aelin what she must do but we don't see. 

Manon and Aelin are sent back - not to the ship but right in front of Maeve, who has one of her warriors holding a blade to Elide's throat. No idea why the mirror magically sends them here other than that is what the plot needs - deus ex machina!

Chapter 69: Gavriel placed a shield round Aedion to protect him before Maeve summoned him away. Manon's thirteen arrive with Abraxos.

Chapter 70: Rowan realises that Aelin and Manon are on the shore with Maeve and that the armada was a distraction.

Chapter 71: Lorcan had summoned Maeve - when he first spotted Ansel's ships he thought they were an enemy fleet and he summoned Maeve to save Elide. Aelin's magic is depleted from killing the ilken, all a part of Maeve's plans. Gavriel asks Maeve to spare Aelin and return home. Maeve severs the blood oath with Gavriel without honor or good faith - knows how it will hurt him. 

Aelin asks why she is doing this to her. She saw that Aelin would be born and lead her to the keys. Maeve saw that Aelin's mate would be powerful and that their children could be powerful enough to rule an empire. Reveals that Rowan is Aelins mate. She made him believe that Lyria was his mate and then she led the enemy forces to her to kill her and break Rowan (How 'special' is the mate bond if she can just trick Rowan into thinking he found his mate?)

She made sure Rowan swore an oath to her, knew she could use Rowan and Aelin's mating bond against them. Aelin has known Rowan was her mate since Manon shot him with the arrow. Maeve reveals Aelin is about five years away from Settling, she has the immortality of the Fae. Tells Aelin she will willingly go with Cairn or Maeve will also bring Elide with them.

Chapter 72: Aelin agrees to go - tells Elide to tell the others that she is sorry, to tell Lysandra to remember her promise, tell Aedion is is not his fault and to tell Rowan she is sorry she lied but it was all borrowed time and she knew it, she just wished they'd had more of it. Tells her to tell Rowan to fight and save Terrasen. Maeve plans to wield Aelin and the wyrdkeys. 

Maeve brings out an iron box with chains within and an iron mask. Maeve makes Aelin remove her shirt and Cairn whips her. Maeve tells her to count ten lashes but she refuses, so is whipped over and over again. Manon knocks out Elide and takes her away. Maeve puts the iron mask on Aelin.

Chapter 73: Manon has the wyrdkeys, Aelin slipped them in her pockets so Maeve won't get them; it is why she had to get away and act uninterested. Manon watches as they place the mask on Aelin, chain her wrists, ankles and neck and lock her in the box. Maeve strips Lorcan of his oath, assets, titles and properties and exiles him from Doranelle. They load Aelin onto Maeve's ship and then it disappears. 

Chapter 74: Rowan arrives, holds a dagger to Lorcan's throat and demands to know where Aelin is. Rowan refers to Aelin as his wife - she marries him knowing Maeve was on the way, leaving Terrasen with a King. Elide tells them what happened and tells Rowan that Aelin is his mate. Aelin had asked Lysandra to promise her that when Aelin died to forge the lock that she would shift into her form and pretend to be her and lead Terrasen. She would have children with Aedion so they could be passed off as Aelin and Rowans. 
Image result for don't you dare gif
Aedion is angry, calls Lysandra a lying bitch for agreeing, knowing and saying nothing. Elide tells Lorcan that she hopes he spends the rest of his life suffering.

Asterin and the Thirteen spent months looking for Manon and then Abraxos found them and led them to her. Manon plans to find the Crochans, raise an army for Aelin and her people. The Thirteen agree to follow her. Manon gives Dorian the keys, as Mala's bloodline runs in his too - Seriously, if she kills Dorian to forge the Lock I will lose my shit.

Chapter 75: Rowan and Aelin married two days before, with Aedion and Lysandra as witnesses. Aedion has the formal documents. Galan Ashryver, Crown Prince of Wendlyn arrives. Aelin sent a letter to him, not his parents. Ilias, son of the Master of Assassins is here with his army - Aelin called in her life debt with the Silent Assassins.

Lysandra appears and pretends to be Aelin - will pretend to be her to their allies. Lysandra tells the armies they will go north to Terrasen. Gavriel, Lorcan and Elide want to go with Rowan to find Aelin, they believe Fenrys will try to leave tracks to follow. Dorian is heading North with the witches and will try to find the third key. Rowan is determined to find Aelin.

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