The Switch by Dawn Pendleton and Andrea Heltsley

The Switch
Dawn Pendleton & Andrea Heltsley

Title: The Switch
Publisher: Createspace
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Honor and Faith are identical twins, but polar opposites in every other way. Where Faith is friendly and outgoing, Honor is sullen, moody and sarcastic. Faith doesn't like to admit that she thinks Honor's boyfriend Cameron could do better, especially since she has a crush on him. One night Honor asks Faith to go on her anniversary date with Cameron for her, she is unsure of their relationship and doesn't want to go. Faith agrees but when Cameron kisses her on the date it leave Honor feeling betrayed. Cameron and Honor break up, but Cameron is now calling Faith - telling her he has feelings for her. What can she do when the number one rule between sisters is don't date their ex?

I have never been one for not finishing a book. I always stick with it, but then if it's one I really have to force myself to read, I'm usually ridiculously annoyed at the end that I wasted my time on it. So for once, I was smart and quit this 26% in, with so many other books I need to read there is no point wasting it on something I know I am not going to enjoy. But I will try to explain why I quit.

Partly, this was my fault. I can't even comprehend why I requested this book, it doesn't sound like my type of book at all. I'm not the hugest fan of purely romance young adult books and this one doesn't seem like something I would enjoy. So it's kind of my own fault in that sense, but I thought I would give it a go; I don't hate all romance books.

But unfortunately, it really wasn't for me. My main issue started with the main characters, identical twins who are complete polar opposites. It is something you see so often and I don't see why they couldn't have at least one quality that was similar. First I must say that the spelling of Honor grated on me for the whole time I was reading this! But also the fact that on the one hand you have Faith the bubbly cheerleader, who loves bright colours and is always happy. Then we have Honor, who is sullen, moody and wears all black, all the time. It just seemed a little ridiculous to me.

Then we have Honor's relationship with Cameron, the guy she's been dating for a year. I can't comprehend why they are dating, she's pretty much always a bitch to him and admits she never saw them staying together. So the question remains, why are they together in the first place? She decides she wants to break up with him but first she must send Faith on their anniversary date instead. This, as well, made absolutely no sense to me. I know quite a few identical twins, but none of them are that identical that their mother wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them - which happens in this. 

My main issue, and the reason that I set the book down, was the dialogue. It didn't seem real to me, no one talks like that. A few examples:

"so they could get their drink on"
"Her eyes were nearly void of emotion"
"But first, my torn-to-pieces heart had to heal"

I mean, come on. My eyes have never rolled so much in half an hour! I could not go on and I didn't want to waste my time finishing it. It's just not for me. 

2/5 Stars

I would give it 1/5 because I didn't finish it and I didn't enjoy it. But, I kind of feel that's my fault for requesting it, I was never going to enjoy this book. But, I think there will be lots of people who will enjoy it. 

*I received a copy of this novel from the author/publisher/publicist via Netgalley in exchange for a free and honest review and received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry you didn't like the book. I got approved for it on NetGalley but now that I read your review, I'm kind of nervous lol

    1. Don't be too nervous. I am not sure why I requested this one now as it doesn't sound like my kind of book anyway. If you like teen romance you may love it, I'm not the best judge when it comes to that genre. If you write a review I'd love to check it out to see what you thought. Think I was too picky.


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