The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - The Movie & My Thoughts!


I have been slightly absent on the blog this week, apologies! It has been a rather hectic week for me. I have had work and if I wasn't working than I was having a Harry Potter movie marathon with my friend, to distract us from the wait to The Hunger Games double bill last night. I am seeing Catching Fire again tomorrow after work and so blogging won't resume like normal until Saturday.

So luckily I am from the UK and was able to see Catching Fire at midnight last night. It was actually incredible. I have to admit that the first time I saw The Hunger Games movie, I was actually really disappointed. It just missed out so many great things from the book but it also just seemed to lack something. It didn't completely capture the magic of the book, nor did it show the true horror of the games. But the more I have watched that movie, the more I can appreciate how good it actually is. Catching Fire, it impressed me from the beginning.

They miss things out, which is always the case with movie adaptations, but got so much right that I forgave the things that had been omitted. Watching the movie, you were able to see why they had left it out or changed things. They worked so well in the book; but those same things wouldn't have worked so well on screen. This movie had my heart pounding with fear one moment, then laughing, then on the verge of tears; just like the book.

This movie did the book justice so much that I am sure I will see it multiple times in the cinema. I'm actually going to see the movie again tomorrow! I love the new characters, they are all played really well. Personal favourites were Johanna and Finnick; they were really great and lived up to how much I loved them in the books. 

Johanna was especially well played. She had the right attitude and had me laughing as much in the movie, if not more so, than she did in the book. I was so happy they kept in the lift scene with her, I was so worried they would cut it from the movie! 

The whole love triangle aspect of the book is played out perfectly on screen. My friend and I, we found ourselves switching from Gale to Peeta so fast our heads began to hurt. The movie did a great job of showing just how easily Katniss could find herself with either of them. 

The Games are done a lot better in this. In contrast to the book, the first film made the Games seem much less brutal. This isn't the case here, you feel it a lot more; the fear and panic of the tributes. I don't even really know where to begin with expressing my love for this film. I am just so happy they did such a good job. One of my all time favourite book to movie adaptations, ever!



  1. I am so excited to hear that you liked it! I was a bit disappointed in The Hunger Games as well. I am glad to hear that Catching Fire was better!

    1. It was so much better, they even included how the dead bodies are removed from the arena! They included so much and did really great with casting as well. Hope you enjoy it when you see it!

  2. I can't wait to see this and so glad it was a great adaptation! ~Pam

  3. I'm glad to hear that this film is a good adaptation of the book! I did like the first one but I was pretty disappointed with the things that were left out from the book as well. Looking forward to seeing this latest instalment now!

    1. I was disappointed with the first one too, they left out so many great scenes and characters and it didn't do the book justice in my opinion - I really enjoyed it but didn't think it was the best adaptation. This one does a lot better, although they still leave bits out. They did include how the bodies are transported from the arena, something that was strangely absent from the first. I hope you enjoy it more than the first when you see it!


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