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Crown of Midnight Recap

Hey guys, I recently finished my Queen of Shadows recap and added it in with the other three recaps I have done on this series. I love the post, but these are long books and so those posts are very lengthy. I understand it might be easier to just have an individual post for each book. So I am going to be separating them and then keeping one master post of every book recapped as well. 

Crown of Midnight

Chapter 1: Making her way to a manor house, on a mission for the King. She is to kill Lord Nirall. Ends with her raising her sword above him as he sleeps in bed.

Chapter 2: Presents Niralls head and seal ring to the King, as well as his wife's hand. Given her next target - Archer Finn - someone she knew from her past. She is told he is part of a rebel movement. Her and Chaol are continuing their friendship and are closer. We realise that Celaena hasn't been killing her targets, has them fake their deaths and flee.

Chapter 3, 4 & 5: Dreams of Cain and the ridderak. Hear that more and more Eyllwe rebels are being sent to Calacula - another mine. Meet Lord Roland, Dorian's cousin, who has been appointed to the council. Celaena is spending most nights in Chaol's rooms. She reveals to Chaol that Sam was killed by a man named Rourke Farran. A man named Wesley then killed Farran, so Arobynn had him killed. Chaol shares that he once liked a girl called Lithaen, but Roland slept with her. 

Chapter 6, 7 & 8: Visits the tomb, where the door knocker begins talking to her and reveals his name is Mort, and that there is still evil that she needs to stop. She gets Chaol to go in to town with her so she can find Archer - hasn't seen him since she was thirteen - where she convinces him to take her to dinner.

Chapter 9, 10 & 11: Celaena visits Kaltain in the dungeons, realises that the Duke visits her and rapes her. Hollin has returned to the castle, will have a court dinner in his honour. Celaena goes to dinner with Archer, tells him the King wants him dead. Archer tells her of rebels who are aiming to get Aelin Galathynius, the lost heir of Terrasen, on the throne. They say she is alive and building an army. 

Chapter 12: Goes to a masque ball with Archer, in a man named Davis's house. Finds a book in his study, filled with Wyrdmarks. Has a phrase written in it - It is only with the eye that one can see rightly. Davis catches her and attacks her, cuts her with a blade that is tipped with gloriella, poison that causes temporary paralysis. She kills him and makes her way to the castle, she goes to Chaol for help. 

Chapter 13: Lots of Chaol and Celaena moments that just make my shipper heart sing! 

Chapter 14: Celaena finds a hidden door in the library, follows the passage down and finds a giant door made entirely of iron - iron is the one element that is immune to magic. 

Chapter 15: Goes to great hall to see famous singer Rena Goldsmith perform. She sings a song about Fae and magic. Rena sang the song because the King had killed her daughter, her sister and many others. The King has her beheaded. 

Chapter 16: Tells Nehemia that she has not been killing the targets. Tells her about the tomb and Elena.

Chapter 17: Celaena is put on guard duty at the royal ball, where Chaol and Celaena dance together. Dorian and Nehemia see them dancing together, Nehemia tells Dorian that he has powers within him. 

Chapter 18: Dorian is in a meeting about the Calaculla mines when he notices his father, Roland and Perrington are all wearing matching black rings. He storms out of the meeting in anger and punches a wall, that cracks the stone and explodes a window. 

Chapter 19: Chaol is told to watch Nehemia, a threat has been made on her life. A carnival has arrived in celebration of Hollin's return, where they find a Baba Yellowlegs, an Ironteeth clan witch. Dorian gets Chaol an Asterion stallion for his birthday, Celaena reveals she once stole and Asterion mare. 

Chapter 20: Takes a day off and leaves the castle on the tenth anniversary of her parents death. 

Chapter 21: We get a flashback to the day she tried to 'escape' the mines, was the ninth anniversary of her parents death. Chaol stays with her that night.

Chapter 22: Dorian is realising that he has magic that he can't control. Celaena takes Chaol out for his birthday, something she has planned for weeks. Takes him to a enclosed glass greenhouse on the roof of a building. Tells Chaol that she hasn't been killing the targets.

Chapter 23: She tells Chaol that she wants to leave, go far away from Rifthold when she gets her freedom. Chaol says that when she does he will go with her. They kiss and return to the castle, where Celaena loses her virginity to Chaol. 

Chapter 24:  Dorian goes to Baba Yellowlegs to try and get answers about the magic. Nehemia tries to get Celaena to promise to help her free Eyllwe, when she doesn't, they fight and Nehemia calls Celaena a coward and storms out.

Chapter 25: We see Nehemia in the tomb, talking to Queen Elena. Tells Nehemia that either Dorian or Celaena needs to break, and that Dorian is not ready. Asks Nehemia if she knows what she has to do, Nehemia says she does. 

Chapter 26: On a hunting party, the King tells Dorian that they are going to have Nehemia questioned. Chaol goes for a walk and is captured. 

Chapter 27: Celaena finds a note that has been left for her, realises that Chaol has been taken by the rebel group.

Chapter 28: She goes to rescue Chaol, finally get to see why she is the world's most feared assassin. Archer is there, realises he is part of the group and that he set her up. Archer says that he has been working with Nehemia for six months, leading the rebel movement together. He tells her the King doesn't want to question Nehemia, they want to kill her and pins blame on Chaol, says he knew there was a threat to her life.

Chapter 29: She runs all the way back to the castle and discovers Nehemia has already been killed.

Chapter 30: Celaena snaps and tries to kill Chaol, blames him for Nehemia's death. Dorian uses his powers to stop Celaena stabbing Chaol.

Chapter 31: Chaol has Celaena placed in the dungeons. 

Chapter 32: Returned to her rooms, but won't get out of bed. 

Chapter 33: We see a girl in the Calaculla mines and truly see how much Nehemia means to them, what a symbol of hope she is. Word begins to spread that Nehemia has been assassinated by Adarlan. The girl kills her overseer.

Chapter 34: Dorian curious about his powers. Celaena suspects Grave killed Nehemia.

Chapter 35: Leaves the castle to hunt down Grave. It was him. Celaena begins torturing him for answers, is very brutal. 

Chapter 36: Celaena brings Grave's head to the King and the ministers. Reveals that minister Mullison hired Grave to kill Nehemia. Archer and the others wanted Celaena to see that Chaol was the enemy, that he is loyal to the king. Chaol dines with his father, who wants him to come back to Anielle.

Chapter 37: Celaena burns clothes that remind her of Nehemia, also burns the dress she wore on Chaol's birthday. Works out the riddle she found in book at Davis study, and leads her to a lengthy poem that speaks about three powerful objects. Celanea sings song at Nehemia's grave, and Chaol overheards. 

Chapter 38: Chaol looks in library to try and find song and language that Celaena was singing in. Finds out it was the language of the Fae, and that she must be someone of nobility. 

Chapter 39: Celaena dines with Dorian.

Chapter 40: Celaena goes to see Baba Yellowlegs for help with the poem. It talks of Wyrdkeys, which are used to open Wyrdgates. Years before, Valg (demons) came from another realm and tried to destroy Erilea. The Valg took pieces of the Wyrdgate and split it into three, and made three rings to give to three Kings. Could be used to open gates and use its power. The Fae set out to steal the keys, then Queen Maeve of the Fae had the Valg banished. Poem gives clues to where the keys were hidden. King already has at least one key, which is why he became so powerful ten years before. Celaena wants to kill Baba Yellowlegs, she reveals she knows secrets about Dorian and so she wants to kill her to protect those secrets. Ends with Yellowlegs knocking Celaena out. 

Chapter 41: Celaena is tied up, but frees herself and kills Baba Yellowlegs.

Chapter 42: Mort reveals that Crochan witches still exist, they are just in hiding, and that Baba Yellowlegs was a leader, Queen to her clan.

Chapter 43: Celaena returns to the door at the bottom of the secret passage in the library. Uses the book The Walking Dead and uses a spell in it that says it unlocks doors. Behind door is a stairway, leads to a corridor filled with 99 numbered doors. One at the end of the corridor opens to another hallway with 66 doors. Then next opens to a corridor with 33. Then 22. Then 11. Then 9. The next leads to a room with three doors, one has been busted open and something has broken out. Final corridor leads to the clock tower.

Chapter 44: Dorian had followed Celaena into the stairway. Celaena turns back, realises she is not alone and there is a monster down there with her, something that was once mortal. She runs and tells Dorian to run. Sees Dorian use magic to try and seal the door. She beheads the creature, realises it used to be human and thinks the King created it. Dorian tells Celaena about his magic.

Chapter 45: Revealed that Kaltain has been taken to Morrath with the Duke. 

Chapter 46: Realises first Wyrdkey was in Elena's tomb. The King found that one when he was twenty. Mort hints that the King used it to stifle magic. Celaena wants to open a portal so she can try to talk to Nehemia. Dorian dreams, Gavin comes to him to warn him about Celaena and what she is about to do. Tells her where to find her and that he must stop her.

Chapter 47: Sees Nehemia, who tells her to never open the portal again. Nehemia tells her that she embraced her fate, knew she was going to die. Archer is waiting for Celaena in the chamber.

Chapter 48: Archer knows about the Wyrdkeys and wants to find them. Realises that Nehemia had been trying to warn her about Archer. Archer was the one who ordered for Nehemia to be assassinated. Kidnapped Chaol to get Celaena away from the castle. Planted the threat against her life, so that Celaena would come to mistrust Chaol. Dorian gets Chaol and tells him they have to find Celaena. They find Celaena, Archer and Fleetfoot by the portal, along with a monster.

Chapter 49: The monster takes Fleetfoot through the portal. Chaol jumps through after Fleetfoot. Celaena goes through the portal after both of them. It is here that she transforms into a Fae form, where Chaol realises that Celaena is really a Fae.

Chapter 50: Manages to kill the monster.

Chapter 51: Kills Archer

Chapter 52: Explains that her great grandmother was Fae and she inherited the ability to shift between human and Fae form. Chaol goes to his father for help to convince the King to send Celaena to Wendlyn, agrees to go back to Anielle with his father if he does.

Chapter 53: Celaena is told she is to go to Wendlyn, to kill the royals there.

Chapter 54: Makes bloodoath at Nehemia's grave that she will free Eyllwe.

Chapter 55: Tells Chaol everything about the Wyrdkeys and Wyrdgates. Chaol tells her that he loves her. Celaena whispers something in his ear before she leaves.

Chapter 56: She whispered a date in his ear, day her parents died. Chaol realises that Celaena is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and rightful Queen of Terrasen. 

Hope you find this helpful!

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  1. This is great. I recently started the series and am on Heir Of Fire and my brother is waiting to start Crown Of Midnight until he can get a paper copy, and I wanted to know what chapter Nehemia died in without going through the whole book. This was lots of help :)

  2. Amazing work
    I makes things easy for me😊


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