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Throne of Glass Recap

Hey guys, I recently finished my Queen of Shadows recap and added it in with the other three recaps I have done on this series. I love the post, but these are long books and so those posts are very lengthy. I understand it might be easier to just have an individual post for each book. So I am going to be separating them and then keeping one master post of every book recapped as well.

Throne of Glass

Chapter 1: We meet Celaena Sardothien in the Salt Mines of Endovier, where she has been for the past year. We learn that she is Adarlan's most notorious assassin. Being escorted through a building by Chaol Westfall, the Captain of the Royal Guard. Led to see the Crown Prince of Ardalan (Dorian - who is not end game... Okay?)

Chapter 2: Dorian surprised to find her so well after a year, when average life expectancy in the mines is a month. She once tried to escape, four months in, where she killed her overseer and twenty-three sentries, and almost reached the wall - over 363 feet from her shaft, others have never made it passed 3 feet before being taken down. Dorian says he has a proposition for her.

Chapter 3: The King wants a Champion, is holding a competition to find one. Twenty-three members of his council each sponsor a would-be-Champion to train at the castle, and compete to become the King's Champion. Dorian wants Celaena, but she will compete under an alias to hide her identity. Dorian says that if Celaena wins then he will get the King to grant her freedom after four years of service.

Chapter 4: Travelling through Oakwald Forest, making their way back to the King's glass castle. Learn that Chaol is twenty-two - became Captain at twenty - and Celaena is eighteen. 

Chapter 5: Learn Celaena had been eight when Arobynn Hamel, King of the Assassins, found her on the banks of a frozen river. He trained her as an assassin and never allowed her to return home to Terrasen. Erilea was once filled with magical creatures, the Fae fled when the King outlawed magic and removed any trace of it ten years before. 

Chapter 6: After two weeks they can see the glass castle of Rifthold in the distance. Celaena reveals she expects she was betrayed by another assassin, that was how she was captured. 

Chapter 7: Celaena gets chambers in the stone castle - complete with bedroom, bathing chsmber, dressing room, dining room, music and gaming room. Meets Philippa Spindlehead, her personal servant. Dorian goes to see his father, the King, who warns him to keep his distance from Celaena. 

Chapter 8: Celaena gets Chaol to give her a tour of the castle. Learn a little of Queen Georgina and Dorian's younger brother Hollin, who comes across like Joffrey from Game of Thrones (evil!). Walk past the clock tower in the gardens, made of black stone, with eight gargoyles on it, and finds a mark on the floor near it. Chaol shows her the library, with over a million books, and we learn Celaena loves to read. Sends Dorian a letter, requesting to borrow some of the books. Gets a reply, sends her books he recently read and enjoyed so she can read them and they can discus them. 

Chapter 9 & 10: People in the palace think Celaena is Dorian's lover. Taken with the other competitors to see the King. Will compete for thirteen weeks, will be tested every week and people eliminated during each test. Four remaining competitors at the end will compete in a duel to win the title. Celaena will be known as Lilliam Gordaina, daughter of a wealthy merchant and a jewel thief. Meet Lady Kaltain Rompier,

Chapter 11 & 12: Celaena trains with Chaol. Theodus Brullo - Weapons Master and judge of the competition. Has them introduce themselves. Cain is Duke Perrington's competitor. Xavier Forul, Master Thief. Nox Owen, thief. Bill Chastain and Ned Clement - murderers. Grave, another assassin. Pellor, the youngest assassin.

Chapter 13: Celaena meets Nehemia Ytger, Princess of Eyllwe. Celaena can speak Eyllwe to her. Nehemia there by request of her father, wants her to learn their ways. 

Chapter 14: Bill Chastain found murdered, ripped wide open. Celaena begins helping Nox with his training. Chaol reveals more of his childhood - been friends with Dorian since they were young boys, father moved him back to Anielle at thirteen. He abdicated his title of Lord to his brother and came back to Rifthold to train with the Captain of the Guard. Celaena reveals her parents died when she was eight. Has a scar on her right hand from where Arobynn made her break it, so she could learn to use her left. 

Chapter 15 & 16: First test is an archery contest. Cain does well, Celaena too but she holds herself back. Has scars on her back from when she was whipped in Endovier, left three enormous scars along her back. One competitor tries to escape and is killed by the guards. 

Chapter 17 & 18: The Queen wishes for Dorian to marry, would be happy for him to marry Lady Kaltain if she didn't already have an arrangement with Duke Perrington. Learn Dorian had his heart broken by a woman named Rosamund. Dorian finds Celaena and Nehemia sparring together. 

Chapter 19 & 20: Kaltain had convinced Duke Perrington to bring her to court, she has her heart set on marrying Dorian. Wishes to get the Duke's help in getting rid of Celaena, as she still believes she is Dorian's lover. Celaena begins playing the piano, something she once loved to do. Thinks of Sam, her first love. Dorian sees her playing. She tells him a little of Sam, that he died thirteen months ago. 

Chapter 21 & 22: Scaling the castle to reach a flag, another one of the Tests. Grave pushes Nox off the wall, then starts cutting his rope. Celaena risks her life and place in the competition to save him. Discover more about her time with Arobynn - was trained by him, but didn't tell her till she was fourteen that she was expected to pay him back. Another Champion is found dead. 

Chapter 23: There is a feast for Samhuinn, but she is not allowed to attend. Nehemia wants Celaena to teach her to read and write better in her language. Nehemia reveals the marks near the clock tower are Wyrdmark, part of an ancient religion. 

Chapter 24: Notices a tapestry in her room is billowing, finds a secret door behind it. Follows the passage down, finds a sewer that leads to a fence and leads out of the castle. Follows another passage and finds a room that allows her to look down on the Great Hall. Dorian goes to her rooms after the feast, but is found by Chaol and told to leave. Chaol gives Celaena an amethyst ring that he got from the feast. 

Chapter 25: Celaena dreams she is walking down the passage again and finds a tomb, two sarcophagus of a King and Queen are found within. Finds more Wyrdmarks here and the Ah! Time's Rift! written at the feet of the Queen's tomb. Realises the tomb is that of first King of Adarlan, Gavin, and his wife Elena. Sees Queen of Elena in the tomb who talks to her. Says the gargoyles of the clock tower are eight guardians, guard the portal between their worlds. Tells Celaena something evil dwells within the castle and she has to destroy it, and she must also win the competition, then hands her something to protect her. She wakes in her bed, believing it is all a dream, until she finds an amulet necklace in her hand.

Chapter 26 & 27: Xavier is found dead, body found half eaten. Sees Xavier's body and Wyrdmarks on the wall next to it. Realises that Cain knows who she really is. Celaena tries to do research on the Wyrdmarks and what they are. Finds out about Wyrdgates: can be accessed and summoned by using the Wyrdmarks. They open into other realms and can let other creatures and beings through. Finds a book called The Walking Dead.

Chapter 28 & 29: Dorian and Celaena play billiards together in her room. Next test is sparring against one another. Kaltain is more determined then ever to become Dorian's bride, especially as the Queen approves. 

Chapter 30 & 31: Another body is found, with Wyrdmarks near it and scratch marks on the wall. Dorian and Celaena spend more time together, tells him she used to want to be a healer. Celaena wakes to find Elena in her rooms, tells her she must win the competition and to look to her right, she will find answers there. The next test is poisons, and Celaena has to get help from Pelor in order to get it right, he was the man to her right. 

Chapter 32 & 33: Nehemia takes Celaena to the kennels. Dorian tells her they plan to kill one of the pups, but she begs him not to. Kaltain has been smoking an opium pipe, to help with the headaches she keeps getting. Nehemia comes to Celaena, says the King captured 500 Eyllwe rebels and killed them all. 

Chapter 34 & 35: Dorian opens up to Celaena, says he doesn't agree with the things his father does. Tells her there is going to be a masked ball at Yulemas, but she is not allowed to attend. Dorian notices the amulet, says it looks like the Eye of Elena. An amulet that a spirit gave her in battle against the Dark Lord. Celaena finds Wyrdmarks drawn on the floor under her bed, she washes them away. Goes to the library, finds Nehemia there reading a book, Nehemia leaves and drops a piece of paper. Celaena opens the paper, finds that Nehemia has been writing down Wyrdmarks.

Chapter 36, 37, 38 & 39: Dorian gifts Celaena the puppy she made him promise not to kill. Thinks Nehemia is behind the deaths, so she decides she will have to go to the ball and keep an eye on her. Dorian and Celaena dance at the ball, he follows her back to her rooms when she leaves and kisses her. 

Chapter 40: Celaena names the puppy Fleetfoot. Duke Perrington tells Lady Kaltain who Celaena really is. Tells her they want her to slip something into Celaena's goblet before the duel, drug her so it guarantees that she loses and Cain can kill her.

Chapter 41: Celaena does research, finds the Wyrdmarks that were near the body. Says they are for sacrifices to the ridderak, summons the creature who eats the sacrifice and grants the summoner the victim's strength. Goes down into the passage, sees that it is Cain. 

Chapter 42 & 43: Sees that Cain is summoning the ridderak, he locks her in with it and intends to kill her. She manages to escape the room and runs for Elean's tomb. She uses King Gavin's sword, Damaris, to kill the ridderak. Tells Nehemia that she is Celaena Sardothien, Nehemia names her Elentiya. 

Chapter 44 & 45 & 46: Filler chapters. Celaena warns Nox that he should leave the castle, Celaena and Dorian kiss again. Last Test is cancelled and Celaena told she is to duel the next day. Her, Grave, Renault and Cain are remaining. 

Chapter 47 & 48: Cain and Renault duel, Cain wins. Celaena duels Grave, wins duel within two minutes. Is then offered wine, which Kaltain poisons with bloodbane. The poison makes her weak and disorientated, gives Cain an advantage. Cain is talking to her, asks her what it was like waking u between her parents, covered in their blood. Cain is winning, as she lays defeated on the floor Chaol keeps telling her to get up. Celaena is seeing creatures surrounding her, knows they aren't hallucinations. 

Chapter 49 & 50:The others can't see the creatures as they attack her. Elena sweeps in to save her, gets rid of the creatures and takes the poison out of Celaena's body. She wins against Cain. Everyone notices that she has a Wyrdmark on her forehead, that shows when she is dueling. Cain tries to stab Celaena in the back, so Chaol kills him (first man he has ever killed). Perrington tells the King that Kaltain drugged the assassin.

Chapter 51: Nehemia reveals that what Celaena saw at the duel was real, that she can see it too. Nehemia drew the marks under her bed, to protect her. Nehemia opened the portal to the realm with Elena in, that was how she came to help Celaena during the duel. 

Chapter 52, 53, 54 & 55: See the Duke and the King talking, talk of the Duke using 'the power' on Lady Kaltain. Realise the King knew what Cain was doing, that the King is using these powers. Celaena tells Dorian that they can't be together. Dreams of the tomb again, Elena appears and Celaena thanks her for saving her life. Elena responds: Blood ties can't be broken. Signs her contract with the King, will be Champion for four years and then get her freedom. 

Hope you find this helpful!

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  1. Thanks so much this really helped me understand this book and hope you continue doing this and help more people.


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