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Heir of Fire Recap

Hey guys, I recently finished my Queen of Shadows recap and added it in with the other three recaps I have done on this series. I love the post, but these are long books and so those posts are very lengthy. I understand it might be easier to just have an individual post for each book. So I am going to be separating them and then keeping one master post of every book recapped as well.

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Heir of Fire

Chapter 1: Celaena is in Varese, the capital city of Wendlyn. She wants an audience with Maeve, so she can ask her about the Wyrdkeys. She sees Galan Ashryver and how the people of Wendlyn love him. She decides to do nothing, doesn't feel she can actually make a difference. 

Chapter 2: Fae man corners her in an alley - has silver hair, tattoos cover one side of his face, words written in Fae language. All Fae have a secondary animal form, Celaena's is human. She follows him. His name is Rowan.

Chapter 3: Chaol is having a recurring nightmare where he sees Celaena kill Archer, before Archer transforms into Dorian. Aedion Ashryer, Celaena's cousin, is at the castle. Aedion is one of the King's fiercest generals. The King gave Aedion the Sword of Orynth, heirloom of the Terrasen royal family. 

Chapter 4: We are introduced to Manon, who is hiding in the closest as three men break into her cottage. She is Manon Blackbeak, heir to the Blackbeak witch clan, who pretends to be a Crochan witch in order to draw others out of hiding, so she can kill them. She killed her first Crochan witch at sixteen, still wears the witches cape.

Chapter 5: Makes camp with Rowan, notices faeries watching her.

Chapter 6: Dorian goes to healer for a cut on his hand. Her name is Sorscha, and she has healed Dorian, Chaol and Celaena before, has seen everything. Sorscha is in love with Dorian, has been for six years.

Chapter 7: Rowan takes Celaena to a fortress in the mountains, where Maeve is waiting for her. 

Chapter 8: Rowan is a Prince, from Mora's bloodline and a distant relative of Celaena. Fortress is called Mistward. Maeve wants her to learn to use her powers. Rowan will train her and then bring her to Maeve when he believes she is ready, then Maeve will give her answers. Maeve wants Celaena to become Queen.

Chapter 9: Manon misses flying, unable to fly for ten years since magic disappeared. The Thirteen are who Manon has fought and flown with for over a hundred years. When magic disappeared ten years ago, the witches began ageing like mortals. She is to travel to the Ferian Gap where all the Blackbeak clan is gathering. The King says he has a gift for them there, he has been breeding Wyverns and wants them to ride them. Wyverns are basically dragons. 

Chapter 10: Chaol goes to Aedion's party to track down his guards who abandoned their post, realises that Aedion isn't there.

Chapter 11: Celaena goes by the name Nehemia gave her, Elentiya. Works in the kitchens with an old man, Emrys, and a young boy named Luca. Fae have mates, which is an unbreakable bond that lasts beyond deatg,

Chapter 12: Blackbeak clan arrive at the Ferian Gap. Had once been 20,000 witches in three clans, now there is only 3,000 left. Witches don't have feelings, they don't love or care. Asterin is Manon's second, has had her back for a century. Yellowlegs heir is Iskra. Blueblood heir is Petra. The Blackbeak clan have 20 covens, Manon rules them all with the 13. They get to see the Wyverns, the biggest is Titus and he is the one that Manon wants.

Chapter 13: Rowan wants Celaena to shift, but it isn't something she knows how to control. Rowan takes her to grave barrows where Wights are found.

Chapter 14: She sees a man wearing an onyx torque around his neck, suddenly surrounds her in darkness. Makes her see the room her parents died in, sees them dead in their beds. Then shows her Nehemia's dead body. Celaena begins quickly shifting back and forth between her human and Fae form. 

Chapter 15: Chaol is still trying to help Celaena. Dorian is trying to find rebel group to see if they can really free the magic. Sorscha is called up to his room to heal him, learns she was originally from Fenharrow and her parents were killed and her village burned.

Chapter 16: Manon and the thirteen ride for the first time. Mother Blackbeak reveals that there will be war games to determine ranks and that she expects Manon to win.

Chapter 17: We meet Malakai, Emrys mate. Emrys spends his evenings in the kitchen, telling stories to the others. Celaena realises that Rown's second form is a hawk.

Chapter 18: Dorian begins visiting Sorscha a lot. His magic erupts in from of her. Chaol follows Aedion when he leaves another party, goes to the slums. Chaol is caught.

Chapter 19: Aedion is meeting with the rebels, the ring he wears that the King gave him is a replica. Aedion plans to kill Chaol, so he reveals that Aelin is alive. Aedion, known as Adarlan's whore, is acting and is still loyal to Celaena - working with two others, Ren and Murtagh, and the rebel group.

Chapter 20: Celaena trains with Rowan, they fight and she finally shifts.

Chapter 21: Celaena's power is fire, Rowan's can smother it as he has control of the air, wind and ice. She leaves in anger, packs her things and goes.

Chapter 22: Celaena is trapped by three skinwalkers. Rowan helps her, but she has to shift to escape. She incinerates the skinwalkers using her wildfire. Rowan tells her that her magic is like a well, that it has a bottom and it can be depleted, she could burn herself out.

Chapter 23: They choose their Wyverns. Manon still wants Titus. Iskra pushes Manon into the pit with Titus. The bait beast looks at Manon, she feels some kind of connection, so she frees the bait beast. Manon helps the bait beast kill Titus. She chooses the bait beast and names him Abraxos.

Chapter 24: Dorian overhears Chaol telling Aedion about Celaena and the Wrydkeys - realises who Celaena really is.

Chapter 25: Rowan takes Celaena to see the body of a dead woman, thinks she was killed by the same creature they saw at the barrows. It's the fourth body found like this, all look as though they have been drained of life.

Chapter 26: Dorian and Sorscha kiss.

Chapter 27: Manon feels like Abraxos is smarter than the other Wyverns, that he can understand her.

Chapter 28: Celaena remembers how her mother used to call her Fireheart, that Aedion was the only friend she had as a child.

Chapter 29: Aedion never knew who his father was. Chaol thinks of the force that Aedion and Aelin could be if they were ever reunited. 

Chapter 30: Chaol talks to Murtagh and Ren. When magic disappeared, two waves were felt across the realm. The different waves make up a rough triangle. 

Chapter 31: Manon trying to get Abraxos airborne. 

Chapter 32: Abraxos falls off the cliff whilst Manon is on his back. He finally opens his wings and flys, but his wings are damaged.

Chapter 33: Hear stories of Maeve from Emrys. Long ago, faeries still walked among them and were ruled by Maeve, and her two sisters. Mab and Mora. Mora took the form of a hawk, Mab a swan and Maeve had more than one form. Mora & Mab both fell in love with mortal men and gave up their immortality. Maeve once fell for a warrior, but he died without ever giving her the ring intended for her. We are introduced to Gavriel, a friend of Rowan's. Celaena sees Rowan tattooing Gavriel. Rowan tells Celaena that he does not care about her, that she whiny and self-pitying.

Chapter 34: Emrys begs Rowan to help Celaena, to stop pushing her down when she needs someone to help her back up. He knew Celaena's mother and who Celaena really is. Rowan takes Celaena to a cave, in the middle of a frozen lake he has Luca chained up. Celaena frees him using her magic. Sees giant red eye through the ice on the lake.

Chapter 35: They escape the lake and the monster. Celaena finds a sword in the cave with a ring on it, and she keeps it. Celaena argues with Rowan, over him using Luca. Tells him about Nehemia, and they end up fighting and hurting each other. Asks Emrys about the creature in the cave. Creature is said to be from another realm, that prays on human and Faes. A Fae warrior challenged it, carved out one of its eyes and cursed it so that it would forever stay trapped under the mountain.  

Celaena also has power to heal herself and others. Rowan explains his tattoo is the story of how his mater died of 200 years ago. Mated with a female, named Lyria, who Maeve didn't approve of and it cost him her favour. When she called him to war, he went to prove himself and left Lyria alone in their mountain home. Gone for months and returned when he heard the enemy had been trying to get through the mountain. Returned home to find they had killed her, and realises that she had been pregnant at the time. Spent ten years caring for nothing before Maeve tracked him down. 

Chapter 36: Chaeol and Aedion are trying to question soldiers. One reveals he spent five years in Noll, where the King had a tower built. Some men had gone mad, complaining of headaches, and they bashed in their own skulls. There is another black tower in Amaroth, form a triangle with Noll and Rifthold. 

Chapter 37: Manon and the thirteen train together. Eating mountain goats themselves and for the Wyverns. Meat and the men at the mountain taste and smell funny, Manon knows something is wrong with them but doesn't know what. Manon goes to the Ruhn mountains to get spider silk from the Stygian spiders. She steals the spidersilk from them. Wants it for Abraxos's wings. 

Chapter 38: Abraxos still won't make the crossing between the mountains. Iskra whips him, so Manon attacks her.

Chapter 39: Her and Rowan begin sharing stories.

Chapter 40: Chaol and Aedion meet up with Ren and Murtagh. Hear that General Narrok was making monsters on Dead Islands, they were like men but were wearing black collars. Narrok has taken some and plans to attack Wendlyn. 

Chapter 41: Rowan gets her to keep bonfires going using her magic, but she almost burns out. He sees Celaena's scars and learns of her time in Endovier.

Chapter 42 & 43: Rowan tells Celaena about carranam - your carranam can give you power if you're compatible and share a blood connection, it is rare and many don't meet theirs. Celaena turns nineteen. Celaena learns to make shields of fire.

Chapter 44: Manon and Abraxos make the crossing.

Chapter 45: Another body is found. Celaena asks Rowan if Chaol could still be her mate, even though she tried to kill him - mates are unable to harm one another. 

Chapter 46: Celaena and Rowan find caves where Narrok, soldiers and three creatures are, realise they plan to attack Mistward.

Chapter 47: They are almost caught by one of the creatures, so they use skinwalkers to kill it.

Chapter 48: There was an uprising in the Calaculla mines after Nehemia's death, so King had every slave in that mine and Endovier killed.

Chapter 49: Chaol, Aedion and Dorian find out about the deaths in the camps.

Chapter 50: Mistward start preparing for the upcoming attack.

Chapter 51: Narrok and the creatures appear, they prepare for attack.

Chapter 52: Realises that the creatures are the Valg.

Chapter 53: She becomes lost in the Valg darkness.

Chapter 54: Flashback to when the King of Adarland and Dorian visited Celaena and her parents when she was a child. She couldn't control her magic, used it in front of the King. Realises that the King had used his own powers on her then to make her lose control. Her mother had given her the Amulet of Orynth, that she lost when she fell into the river. Aelin wakes up in the night during a storm and climbs into her parents bed. Wakes her to her maid Marion screaming, her parents are dead in the bed and she is covered in their blood. A man arrives to tell them that King Orlon is dead. Someone shows up to kill Aelin, so Marion tells her to run for the bridge, cross it and hide. Marion sacrifices herself to save Aelin. The man had cut the bridge, that was how she ended up in the river that night.

Chapter 55: Rowan claims her. They are carranam and this makes her powerful enough to destroy the Valg.

Chapter 56: ***filler***

Chapter 57: Realises that the amulet her mother gave her as a child was the third and final Wyrdkey, realises that Arobynn must have it.

Chapter 58: News is spreading that Aelin is alive.

Chapter 59: She finally goes to see Maeve to find out about the Wyrdkeys. They can't be destoyed, but can be put back in the gate. Mark on Celaena's forehead is the bastard mark, from Brannon. With all three keys, the King could raise an army of the dead. 

Chapter 60: Celaena covers Maeves entire island in wildfire, but so it doesn't burn anyone. Threatens to burn everything and everyone. Realised that Maeve killed Athril, the man she loved, in order to get the Wyrdkeys. Brannon escaped with them. Shows Maeve the vision that the Valg showed her, with Celaena in power and how the people love her. The ring Celaena found in the cave was Athril's. She uses the ring to bargain for Rowan's freedom from the blood oath that he has with Maeve. Rowan makes a blood oath to Celaena. Gets Rowan to tattoo the name of dead on her. 

Chapter 61: War games beging. Iskra tries to kill Petrah. Manon saves Petrah, but couldn't save her wyvern. 

Chapter 62: Manon is crowned the Wing Leader. Grandmother brings a Crochan witch out for Manon to kill. Crochan witch says they pity the other witches. That they aren't born evil, but are made evil by their families. Manon is now a threat as she chose to save Petrah's life.

Chapter 63: Chaol is called in to see the King, Aedion is there surrounded by guards. Dorian and Sorscha also brought in.

Chapter 64: King has spies who have told him about Aedion and Chaol going out together a lot. Also revealed that Dorian had planned to leave with Sorscha. Aedion says he is the traitor, the King plans to have him executed as a way to bring Celaena back to Rifthold. Sorscha is revealed as a real traitor, who had been sending information out of the castle. The King has her beheaded.

Chapter 65: King demands that they kill Chaol. Dorian stops the arrow using his magic. Dorian helps Chaol escape, gives him time to run. The King places one of the black collars on Dorian. Chaol escapes with Fleetfoot, meets up with Ren.

Chapter 66, 67 & 68: Want Manon to go to Morath. Celaena leaves Wendlyn to go back to Rifthold, and finally accepts that she is Aelin. 

Hope you find this helpful!

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